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Erroneous Zone about Gold Jewelry

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Gold has a natural currency attribute and has been loved by people since ancient times. It can not only be used as jewelry, wedding supplies, but also a good collection, so it is increasingly popular.

Along with the constant attention of gold, there are still some misunderstandings. If you don't know these, you will not have a correct understanding of gold projection necklace and you will probably be cheated during the purchase process.

As we all know, gold has a monetary attribute, which can be preserved and value-added. It is a kind of investment product. Since ancient times, people love to collect and invest gold bars and coins.

Many people think that buying gold bracelet for girlfriend jewelry is equal to saving money. When the price of gold rises, the price of gold jewelry will also rise. In fact, this is a completely wrong cognition.

First of all, gold jewelry is not the same as gold. Its price includes raw materials, crafts and other costs, so it is higher than gold. Secondly, gold jewelry is sold at all times at the price of handicrafts, which include high processing costs.

In the gold jewelry industry, there has been a saying: "The higher the purity, the more value it keeps." This sentence sounds basically no problem, but the status quo is that many people are over-pursuing the ultimate in the "pure", and feel that the gold is not pure enough, so they pursue inlaid metal cheap personalized necklaces. 

Then they feel that in laid metalit not pure enough to start pursuing thousands of pure gold... This is indeed a mistake.

In the end, the industry regulators can no longer stand it, so they abolished the saying of in laid metal and thousands of pure gold, and stipulated that the content of gold more than 99% is called pure gold personalized photo pendant necklace. 

In addition, the recovery price is also calculated in accordance with the pure gold recovery price. Therefore, it is not correct to say that thousands of pure gold is more valuable than inlaid metal or inlaid metal is more valuable than pure gold.

In addition, the statement that "high purity gold does not fade" is also wrong. It is true that pure gold is not easy to fade compared to K goldinfinity necklace with names, but the pure gold jewelry will fade after wearing for a long time.

There are many reasons for fading, such as long-term exposure to human sweat, chemical reactions such as daily chemical products.

Especially after exposure to chemicals containing mercury and other substances, there will be some degree of fading. These are all normal phenomena; just send them to the merchant for cleaning and renovating.

Many people believe that the white spots on the surface of gold jewelry are the embodiment of cosmetic corrosion gold. Indeed, cosmetics contain chemical components.

Some also contain lead and mercury, which will react chemically with gold jewelry, but it has been confirmed that those white plaques are only oxidized films that "float" on the gold monogram ring surface, and it will disappear when burn with fire. 

The process of corrosion is irreversible, so the statement that cosmetics can corrode gold is wrong.In fact, there are not only white spots on the surface of gold, but also black spots and green spots. These are normal phenomena, all of which are chemical oxidation reactions. 

These oxide films are only attached to the surface of gold and will not corrode or invade the gold itself. It is also very convenient to clean.Just use a high-temperature gun 

(temperature about 2000 degrees) to burn on the "spot", after a few seconds, the original spot can be completely removed, and the gold bracelet has no signs of burning or destruction. 

As the saying goes, real gold is not afraid of fire, but ‘stubborn stains’ will quickly vaporize at high temperatures. getnamenecklace

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