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How to Strengthen Phone Signals at Home with 8 Powerful Gadgets

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Losing cell phone signals can be frustrating especially when you are in the middle of an important call. Spotty reception, dead zones, and poor coverage can cause phone signals to drop out instantly. However, there is no need to worry since various gadgets can boost your signals from any place.

Whether you want to use a signal booster for your home or any other place, we have rounded up the best offerings that are available in the market!

SolidRF SOHO 4G Signal Booster

If you are looking for something that is light on the pocket, this one is for you. SolidRF SOHO is a great signal booster that has the coverage of up to 3000 Sq ft. These are the official numbers; however, its actual coverage is dependent on the outdoor signal level. So, the stronger the outdoor signal level is, the better the performance. This device is compatible with all the major carriers and supports every generation of internet technology including the LTE as well.

Like with all the signal boosters, it is recommended that you hook up SolidRF SOHO on the exterior of the residential complex. Through this way, it will be in a better position to receive and rebroadcast signals. 

SureCall Flare Booster Kit

SureCall Flare Booster Kit is ideal for corporate and residential usage since it has the coverage range of 2,500 Sq ft. This results in improved battery life, enhanced audio quality, and fewer dropped calls. This booster kit amplifies the cellphone signals in an omnidirectional pattern and is compatible with every North American carrier. It allows eight individuals to be connected simultaneously and enables them to benefit from the increased signal activity.

The SureCall Flare Booster has an aesthetic appeal to it and fits right in with any modern furniture. So, place it where you need to amplify signals and the omnidirectional antenna will do the rest for you!

HiBoost Home 15K

HiBoost Home 15K is a little on the expensive spectrum of the price range; however, the features packed into it will deliver all your money’s worth.

This unit offers a 12 dBm of downlink output power that is similar in function to that of the more expensive offerings of SureCall and Wilson. It boosts signals for all the generations and supports every North American carrier. Moreover, it has the coverage range of 15,000 Sq ft. and works perfectly when larger complexes are in question.

weBoost Connect 4G-X

weBoost Connect 4G-X is an insane unit that offers 32x stronger signals to all the major US carriers. Because of its massive capabilities, it is ideal for startups, larger homes, or small residential places. It has the coverage range of 7,500 Sq ft. and transmits signals from an outdoor antenna to an indoor antenna through a coax cable connection.

weBoost supports a state-of-the-art technology which is known as the Automatic Gain setting. What this does is that it reads the condition of the outside signals, determines its strength, and then redirects the signals with a necessary boost. All in all, it provides a stable environment with better coverage quality.

Wilson Pro 70 Plus

For a powerful signal booster, one that is fit for luxury homes and commercial places, Wilson Pro 70 Plus is a suitable choice. Its boosting capabilities are pushing the broadcasting rules set by the FCC since it delivers 10 dBm downlink output power with 70 dB gain.

Its specs mean that it is capable of delivering strong boosting signals with solid coverage of 20,000 Sq ft. It comes with a graphic signal meter that is capable of determining the strength and the direction of the signals. That said, it delivers strong signals in areas that experience strong outdoor signals.

Wilson Electronics DT

Another Wilson product, this unit is well-suited for smaller spaces since it provides a coverage range of 1,500 Sq ft. With an economical price tag, Wilson Electronic DT boosts the existing signals to let individuals enjoy more bars. At the same time, it maintains a strong data speed that makes streaming a hassle-free process.

It works with all the American carriers and comes with a money-back guarantee if it fails to improve the signals’ strength for you. Keep in mind that it only works with 3G and lower internet connections. So, if you have 4G LTE, you might want to check some other unit!

zBoost ZB575 Trio Soho

With strong coverage of 2,500 Sq ft., zBoost Trio Soho is ideal for small houses or apartments that have a strong outside signal. It is compatible with 4G LTE and only supports AT&T and Verizon. zBoost comes in another model as well that supports a coverage range of 5,500 Sq ft. So, if you think the previous one is not for you, you can opt for the latter one!

With easy installation instructions, zBoost reduces the amount of dropped calls and provides a reliable data performance to multiple users at the same time.

SureCall Fusion4Home

For smaller apartments/houses where the outside signal is the strongest (at least 2 bars), Fusion4Home will help improve the signal quality with a coverage range of 1,500 Sq ft. This unit is capable of boosting 4G LTE and lower generations and supports all major Canadian and US carriers.

SureCall Fusion4Home comes in four particular models, with each one specializing in different sets of qualities. All the models come with stealth technology which allows the unit to become dormant when not in use. This practice not only saves energy but it also helps in saving up money. That said, Fusion4Home extends battery life and improves the signal quality for all carriers and cellphone models.


In a way, cellphone signal boosters act like Bi-directional amplifiers as both of them target communication channels in a bid to improve it for a better experience. That said, choosing a signal booster for your property can be a tricky matter despite knowing all the specifications. In such cases, you may want to catch up with additional material, like this guide, that will steer you in the right direction.

With this, we conclude the article. We have mentioned only eight powerful gadgets; however, if you think we missed out on something that deserves a mention, then let us know about that unit!

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