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Why Mattress Brands Pick Weird Names like Koala or Ecosa

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What’s in a name? Businesses invest quite a lot in finding the right brand name. The sleep industry is no different. I have been in the industry for a decade or so, and one of the things I’ve noted is how the brand names have evolved. As newer companies enter the market, they come with interesting “weird” names.

I’m the exploring the reasons why mattress brands pick weird names like Koala or Ecosa. They are both from Australia and among the top beds on the market. Do their names have anything to do with their success? Well, let’s find out.

To Stand Out
Your name is your identity; it's what identifies you from the rest. It's the same case for businesses. The sleep industry can be described as flooded with companies, and I think every year new brands are entering the market. With this in mind, these companies must come up with names that make them stand out from the rest of the competition.

These companies adopt unusual names that make an impression with their consumers. Take examples of the two names – Ecosa and Koala. We are familiar with Koala the animal, and when you give a mattress such a name, it's difficult to forget it. Ecosa too is different; you can read the review here.

Research has shown that some vowels relay attractiveness, taste, and size. Examples ‘a,' ‘o,' and ‘e.'

It’s Easier to Get a Domain Name
Among the top highlights in the sleep sector is the migration of the majority of brands to online retailing. They have to get domain names, and it can be a challenge at times. Businesses are often advised to get a domain name similar to the brand name. It’s a portrayal of corporate strength. When the domain and brand name are different, it can be confusing for your customers.

With weird names, getting a domain becomes easy since nobody else will have thought of it. It also sets you apart from businesses outside the industry. When you search a name like Ecosa on search engines it automatically brings up the mattress because the name is unique only to that company. There’s a lot in a brand name which these companies consider, and that's why they are often ‘weird.' The name is vital especially if your business is online.

An organization that succeeds in its marketing campaign relies on the strategy they adopt. That means companies will invest in a marketing strategy. The best strategies focus on the target audience appealing to their needs and preferences. It uses human behavior to figure out our needs.

Weird names play with our psychology. When ‘something' is normal, it doesn't have much impact. Out of the ordinary stuff is easier to remember and captures our interest more.

Another reason why brands go for weird labels is to dominate social media. In today’s world, the internet is a critical platform for them to showcase their products and access the market, SEO is a crucial issue. Weird titles make social media domination easier.

It Helps Avoid Trademark Issues
Several brands have had to change their brand or product name, while some even faced lawsuits because of trademark issues. Having a unique or weird name helps avoid such a scenario.

Brands in the sleep industry trademark their unique names to avoid such lawsuits or changing their identity which negatively affects the business. Therefore, once you identify a name, experts advice trademarking it.

Names Tell a Story
Getting market isn’t a challenge; the test comes when you want to retain it. It’s as they say: becoming the first is easy, the problem is maintaining that first position.
One way companies attract consumers is through their label. A catchy phrase, with a backstory, can help achieve that. Take the Koala mattress for instance. It’s Australian, which is home to the Koala.

What’s even more exciting is that the brand helps protect these animals from extinction. They make donations to Koala charities. Their weird choice of identity combined with the work they do for the animals attracts a lot of consumers. Plus it will be difficult not to consider that brand when thinking of mattresses.

Koala and Ecosa are among the best of Australia's bedding. They both have attracted a huge following thanks to their quality products, unique naming, and marketing strategy. You can find more on the two here: Koala vs Ecosa.

So, why do mattress brands pick weird names? There are different reasons the primary ones being to have a distinctive identity, avoid trademark issues, to acquire domain names quickly, to tell a story and for market domination.

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