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Sleeping Tips And Ideas Backed-up By Science

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If you have been finding it hard to get sleep after a marathon on Netflix or wake up feeling tired in the morning, then chances are you aren’t getting good quality sleep. Discussed below are a few scientific hacks that can help you sleep better at night.

1. Turn off your laptop screen and phone just before bedtime
According to research, electronic devices emit light that keeps you awake for longer by suppressing melatonin production.  Smartphones, TVs, and laptops emit blue light that interferes with your body's internal clock, hence making it hard to fall asleep. Switching these off a few hours to bedtime is therefore recommended to help you fall asleep faster. If you however have to work late, then adjust your screen setting to the lowest brightness possible.

2. Block out annoying sounds and noise
Anyone living in urban centers knows how noisy it can be at night. Noise pollution can come from anything ranging from drunk crowds to cars on a busy road.  These noises make it almost impossible for one to get good sleep. Although you may not know this, your brain is always scanning or listening to sounds and noises that may mean danger, thus impacting your sleep pattern. Nevertheless, blocking out these noises by either soundproofing your house, or playing nature sounds or white noise in the house can help you sleep better at night.

3. Take a hot shower
Studies show that most people fall asleep faster after having a warm bath as compared to taking a cold shower.  Taking a warm bath raises your body temperature slightly, which makes it easy for the body to produce melatonin. The natural drop in temperature after hopping out of the shower also helps the brain drift off, causing you to fall asleep eventually.

4. Use lavender in your bedroom diffuser
Lavender not only comes in handy in aromatherapy but also produces a pleasant bedroom scent. The sweet smell of lavender is known to cause the brain to drift into sleep, thus recommended to all including those suffering from sleep apnea.

5. Wear socks to bed
Your grandma was probably right when she told you to put on a pair of socks to bed. The trick is to create an extra layer to help your feet feel warmer. Warm feet will almost always cause you to fall asleep faster even in the coldest weather. Pull on a pair of socks the next time you go to bed to see the difference.

6. Don't snooze the alarm
Although most people set their alarm to avoid getting late, many will hit the snooze button when it comes on. Research however shows that sleep caught after hitting the snooze button isn’t high-quality sleep. This only increases your chances of waking up feeling tired. Instead of hitting the snooze button, step out of bed immediately. This should help you wake up feeling energized and even fall asleep faster at night.

7. Buy a New Mattress
A new mattress can make all the difference to a good night’s rest and if you have a mattress that’s over 10 years old then it won’t support you. A costco mattress can be a good purchase as it’s inexpensive but gets great reviews.

These tips will help you sleep and have a good rest and can make all the difference to your quality of life.

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