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Do You Want To Cut Your Electricity Prices?

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There are quite a few ways you might cut down on your residential energy spending, but most of them start with the realization that you can make relatively small adjustments in your lifestyle that produce dramatic results over time. When you change something that seems small or even unimportant in your daily routine, you might start cutting down on your electric bill. In fact, the stress you feel over your power bill every month might start becoming something of the past. Keep reading to learn 5 specific things you should look into.

1) Install Solar Panels On Your Rooftop: This is sometimes the best way to wipe out a large portion of your utility bill, and sometimes you can eliminate it entirely. Solar panels on your property turn the sun into electricity you can use. Admittedly, the upfront costs of this option are pretty high, especially compared to other items on this list. Having said that, the long-term potential for savings also outweigh what you might get from the rest of the list. That's because when you have your own solar panels, you get to generate your own juice, rather than shelling out your hard-earned dollars for a utility to do it for you. If you'd like to avoid eating the upfront costs of solar panels, look into the various options available for financing a solar panel system while enjoying the benefits they provide in the meantime.

Electricity rates typically go up over the passage of time, so when you have the capacity of self-generation of your own solar installation, particularly if it's financed at a locked rate, you start distancing yourself from the annual cycle of rising utility rates. As the prices of electricity go up, so too do your savings from having a solar panel system, assuming of course that your home's energy usage rate remains stable. Of course, there are ways to make that go down actually...

2) Buy Appliances And Systems Certified As ENERGY STAR: Devices and machines certified with the federal government's ENERGY STAR label are known to use less power than conventional or standard appliances. If you want to make the most impact possible with ENERGY STAR products, upgrade your HVAC system with them. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. An ENERGY STAR gas furnace has different specifications contingent upon its location in the United States where it might get installed, but it can typically cut your heating bill by around 14 percent. You can likewise enjoy 8 percent savings on a central air conditioning unit that is certified with an ENERGY STAR label. If you want to lower the costs of both your heating and cooling by as much as 20 percent, then upgrade the actual ventilation system of ducts networked throughout the home that bring you cold or hot air.

In general, an ENERGY STAR appliance is going to cost anywhere from 9 to as much 25 percent less to actually operate compared to standard appliances. You can find ENERGY STAR certifications on dehumidifiers, dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, and more. Many ENERGY STAR appliances will not only reduce your electricity use but also cut down on how much water you use, which can reduce power use even more since less water is heated.

3) Think Energy Efficiency In Other Products Too: How many products in your home are functional, yet not efficient? You can replace incandescent light bulbs, light switches, and power strips without spending a lot of money to modern technology that drastically reduces your power consumption. For instances, swapping out a traditional incandescent bulb with an LED light reduces your power consumption by 75 percent. You save again from the fact that it lasts 25 times as long! Think about how many light bulbs are in your home, and you'll easily see how the multiplication means a lot of savings piling up.

Cut down your power bill more by using motion-sensing dimmer switches. Low-flow showerheads don't just cut down on your water use, but how much water has to use power to get heated, and you can still shower just as much as you like every day.

4) Insulate And Weatherize Your Home: If your home is weatherized, it means you seal the air leaks surrounding it. That drastically reduces the energy you have to put into keeping it cooled or heated. Common areas susceptible to leaks are doors, windows, and vents. All of them can be weatherized to substantially reduce air leaks from happening. Stationary objects might get sealed with caulking, such as walls and window frames, whereas movable objects like doors and windows need weather stripping.

Past just weatherizing, fully insulating your home means you help it retain winter heat and summer cool. The specific kinds of insulation you might need will be determined by where you actually live and what part of the home you are insulating. Common areas frequently needing insulation include crawl spaces, basements, floors, walls, and attics. When your home is properly insulated, your air conditioner and heating system will last longer, and they'll use less power when they do have to run.

5) Consider Daily Energy Savings Through Routine Adjustments: When you think about home energy use actively, you're then mindful of what lights you leave on and how long you might run appliances. This requires spending no money, and the results can add up. Turn down your thermostat when you leave home, or if there are no pets or anything sensitive to temperature, maybe just turn it off. You can turn it back on when you get home. Do dishes by hand rather than using your dishwasher all the time. This will help. You should also compare energy suppliers yearlyYou can utilize utility company comparison websites to find the best energy plan for you.

Now that you have read this list, you know 5 specific things you might be able to do in order to reduce how much power you use at home. Use every item on the list you can to save money, stress, and even some of the environment.

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