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Challenges That Sales Managers Face When Implementing Salesforce

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Sales managers try hard to ensure that their sales teams implement salesforce effectively. These sales managers are looking for better solutions to organize their sales and provide better service to their customers. Sales managers want better processes that are not tedious and that have better results. Although salesforce is just a tool, it can help a business in numerous ways. Bringing in salesforce to a company means that managers have to change the old cultures and learn how to implement new technologies.

Here are some challenges that sales managers face:

• Activity tracking
Sales people do not want to be held accountable for tracking activities. As a manager, you have to change this culture by ensuring that tracking activities are in place. There are several ways to ensure that:

a) Type of activity– To ensure that the sales people are doing all the right activities, managers need to set goals depending on daily activities. This way, sales managers can be certain of the type of activity everyone is doing. They can also be able to handle other activities.

b) List of activities –This means setting daily or weekly activities such as sending emails, making calls or attending meetings.

c) Point system – Different activities have different weights. There are some activities that can only be done by sales managers. When you create a point system, you need to tell your team to reach that number every week or month. You also need to carry your responsibilities and show more points than the rest of the team so you can lead by example.

d) Dealing with different salesforce tools –It can be difficult for managers who are not used to different salesforce tools such as salesforce dx and salesforce thunderto work with them.

e) Sales people–Some sales people do not want to login to their CRM. They do not want to be held accountable for anything and managers havea hard time dealing with this. They also have to convince them of the importance of updating their CRM. If the sales people provide the wrong information, the data collected will also be wrong.

f) Weak pipelines –Managers have set goals for their sales teams. When a team is getting good reports, it is easy to create salesforce. Setting pipeline quotas for sales people should be the most important thing.

g) Dirty data– If you are managing a sales pipeline, you will definitely get dirty data. There are many cleaning tools to ensure accounting and data are clean andsales managers must always ensure that the pipeline data is clean. If sales people forget some important details, the pipeline data will be affected negatively.

h) Getting rid of spreadsheets– When you implement salesforce, you need to ensure there is no spreadsheet. Relying on spreadsheets to get your sales metrics and to run sales meetings is going to compromise credibility. When culture is changed, this too will change.

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