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They've Got Your Extra Space at Loc&Stor 24/7 Self Storage

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I'm an obsessive-compulsive hoarder!

It's because I can't find myself throwing away stuff even though I have more of the same in my possession. I just believe that I will soon find something useful for everything so I keep them, either boxed or on display, until I would suddenly realize I'm sacrificing a more pleasing appearance with all the clutter, and no more room to move freely around. My room is all cluttered up with boxes and all sorts of knick knacks like tokens that came from the lootbags or complimentary gifts given away, or as prizes raffled off at events. It also includes my other stuff that I collected throughout my childhood days like comic books and pop culture magazines, old gadgets like smartphones and watches, my audio and movie CD and DVD collection plus a lot more weird but wonderful items that I found along the beaches, countryside and everywhere else I traveled to. For me, everything could be someday useful, so I store it in my room for future use. Also, I find everything to have a sentimental value too, especially the ones I collected from childhood. I don't have the will enough to say goodbye to my personal stuff.

Now, you could imagine my room almost half-filled with these stuff that I could hardly breathe and don't have enough space to make the room a lot more useful for me. My children have been teasing me as a box collector since I carefully organize all my stuff in boxes so they would be neatly categorized properly and stored safely away from dust or pests. Once you step inside my room, you'll get a glimpse of these towering boxes all stacked up and almost touching the ceiling.

The worst thing is that my storage space has already reached the other parts of the house. It's definitely becoming a disastrous sight to behold. I may wake up one day with mountains of boxes filling up our home and extending all the way outside. Whew!

This is why I wanted so much to win a storage space at a recent event that I attended where every attendee got to see the huge area filled up with storage space of different sizes. I'm sure there would be a space fitting enough to put all my stuff, and I could always upgrade or get additional space if ever my "collection" grows. The best thing about Loc&Stor 24/7 Self Storage is that it's 24/7 under security watch via CCTV, and maintained regularly to assure their clients that their cherished items will be well taken care of.

At an event organized by Loc&Stor 24/7 Self Storage, the fabulous Tessa Prieto-Valdez hosted the program where she introduced the Sam Peterson, the visionary owner of the business. But before that, we got to see how Tessa, along with her husband and staff, acts in a video commercial they made for Loc & Stor. I was smiling from start to end of the video,

Later on we got to learn that he used to worked for a company that provides the materials to setup facilities similar to what they used in their business. He also introduced his wife and co-owner Anna, and her sister, Reina Licauco, who is also co-owner. But I've learned from them earlier (since I was the early bird) that they have a fourth but silent partner. Could I be the fifth?

The reason I am asking if I could be a business partner is because the business seems to be doing well. They say they've been in the business for only 3 years yet they expanded already and their units are 80% occupied as of today. Wow! Now, that must be a very profitable business! I would love to have a piece of the earnings if only I have enough capital to invest and maybe get a franchise from them to setup in other areas.

Since I was the early bird (but I didn't get a prize for being too early), Reina was welcoming enough to give me an exclusive tour of their facilities. I have it on video so I can show it to you once I've uploaded it on our YouTube channel soon. She said it was not the full tour so I should join the tour again when everyone else is there. Later on I got another tour from one of their staff so I will also upload the video of it soon.

They also had a special guest from the Rufino clan who also shared a few messages and vita information why the business is something to watch out for. We also learned why we need to clear up and declutter our homes and offices so we would have more space for the more important assets, and in my case, more room for my children to move and play. They deserve to be freely able to maximize the use of our home so we would have space for our "life."

But let us not forget the man of the hour that I met even before the program started. No less but the iconic cosplayer who is best known portraying the Man of Steel - Superman. They call him Gerard but I can't stop myself calling him Superman for he is the most visible among the many cosplayers that I've encountered. When others would flaunt their lavish outfits, Gerard stands out because of his face fitting to take on the identity of Superman or Clark Kent. For me, he is the only one in the Philippines successful enough to make it a memorable experience for every fan of the superhero. I can imagine how many have wanted a photo ops or selfie with the guy while he wore the Superman costume. Later I've learned he also cosplays other characters like Hercules from the Disney animation, Dumbledore from the Harry Potter movies, and  a lot more when he showed me his photos saved in his smartphone.

Now why is Gerard, or Superman at the event. Well, he earned the right to become one of the ambassadors of Loc & Stor too. Just like Tessa who needs room for all her gowns, shoes and headdresses, the iconic Superman cosplayer also needs plenty of space for his numerous cosplay outfits. The humorous video commercial ad starring him was also shown where I can't help but laugh as well, especially when a guy was pushing him in a push cart but he was posing like he was soaring high and flying like a bird, a! He's checking out the storage spaces at Loc&Stor 24/7 Self Storage!

Well, at least three of the attendees will get to have a free six month use of their storage space when they won in the raffle. The rest of us went home with our little version of a storage space filled with "abubots" like a tape, a padlock, a bungee cord, an umbrella, a mug, and even a Chocnut courtesy of Loc&Stor 24/7 Self Storage.

It's not my first time to hear about self storage especially that Storage Wars TV series have been very popular abroad, and it's also fascinating what people store away at these units when one gets opened because the owner couldn't pay the rent anymore and left for auction. To reveal what items are inside is like a treasure hunt. We get to see that many are most important and valuable only to the person because of sentimental value but there are several items as well that are worth so much that they could be considered a gold mine.

I'll be extra happy if I could avail of the self storage units which has rates depending on the size. They also have climate-controlled areas (airconditioned) that will cost a little more but offers you better maintenance of your items. The most affordable (Locker) will cost you Php1,925 per month, and the biggest (Jumbo) will cost around 15K per month. You can check out the videos as the tour guide speaks of the sizes and prices. But why make it difficult for you? I've posted the storage unit sizes and prices contained on the chart below:

What else is neat about Loc&Stor 24/7 Self Storage? Well security is definitely tight here. They do monitor what's going in and out of their place but you still have enough privacy for your personal stuff, may it be kinky or naugthy. Lol!

They can assign several pin codes per storage unit so even a group of friends or colleagues could share one unit. They just need one name for their documentations, but rest assured that everyone gets convenient access.

You'll have very little problem moving your items as they can recommend several movers to pick-up your stuff, and they could accommodate large trucks for big deliveries. They also have ample parking space for your vehicles. BTW, it's roofed so you, as well as your items, are protected from both sun and rain.

Superman can make a storage unit his Fortress of Solitude where he can store all the other significant stuff from his lifetime. He can go there to meditate or work on organizing his cherished possessions.

As what Tessa said in her video, you can also now go back shopping for more items as there's now more space for you with Loc&Stor 24/7 Self Storage. Unlike warehouses, there's a much more personalized arrangement using self storage units that makes it seem like an extension of your home that's always open to you 24/7. Now, I'm just waiting for them to setup a cafe nearby so I could drink my favorite coffee and eat some pastries after a few hours of organizing my stuff at their self storage unit. I forgot to ask at the event if I could eat and drink inside the self storage unit...Hahaha!

I',m sure someday I would find myself finally requiring the services of Loc&Stor 24/7 Self Storage. I just hope it's soon enough before I drown in a sea of boxes.

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