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Resume of a Sought-After Specialist as a Key to Success

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Many modern people are looking for a job, since it is an essential part of human lives; we spend the third part of our time at work. For this reason, the question “How to become a sought-after specialist?” is topical for the majority of people. First, you should certainly define what sphere inspires you. Then, you should choose the educational institution according to your future profession and finish it successfully. And only after that, you will be able to set about the process of searching for a good workplace. It seems to be simple, especially if you have substantial support in the form of good education, but it is not enough. There are also too many people who have different troubles with the process of looking for a job. According to sociological surveys carried out in different countries, unemployment is one of the most serious problems all over the world. It may happen so that even a well-educated and qualified specialist will not be able to find a job suitable for him/her. And the reason for such a situation is… a resume.

Composing a resume seems to be a simple task to do, but sometimes it makes too many troubles. Resume is the face of the specialist that is why resume writing needs very responsible attitude of the author. Resume or CV (translation from Latin curriculum vitae means “short biography”) is the first information about you, which you offer to the future employer. So, the right CV may be considered a key to professional success, and vice versa, mistakes made in it can become the reason of future career development failure. Hence, it is very important to know how to present your professional skills successfully with the help of well-done CV.

Tips How to Create an Excellent Resume

To compose a perfect CV, you should be not only a good specialist (this goes without saying), but also have some knowledge in the sphere of psychology. CV, on the one hand, is your visiting card as an expert, and on the other hand, the first opportunity to evaluate you from the standpoint of an HR manager who is hunting for suitable persons. So, try to put yourself into his or her place, what information do you like to see in a proper CV? What qualities are crucial for successful recruitment?

During the process of resume creation, you should use three “be-s”. It means that you must have three definite qualities: you should be consistent, brief, and honest. So, let us discuss all these qualities and their importance for making a superb resume.

1. Be consistent. CV is a concentration of information essential for future recruitment. All data must be well-structured. All working places should be enumerated in a chronological way. Try to organize your CV so that the most important information will be on the first place. It looks awful when a CV of possible candidate starts on a merry note but finishes on a sad one. To avoid such situation, you must first have a firm structure and second, have a critical look on the finished text. Remember that the way of presentation is your chance to become successful. If your CV is well-organized, it will certainly attract attention of managers who are responsible for human resources. To structure your CV in an appropriate way, you may use various automatic forms available on websites devoted to job hunting, they cope with this task with flying colors.

2. Be brief. Brevity is the sister of talent. There is no need to go into unnecessary details when composing a CV. If you have a lot of experience, and your employment sheet is too big, you may include only places of employment for the last calendar year. It is the most suitable way of organizing a too broad employment record. If you are looking for the definite vacancy, but have working experience in different fields, you may also enumerate only jobs relevant to the certain place and company. In this case, you may even create several resumes for different vacancies. It is another good way to structure your CV perfectly.

3. Be honest. The last but not the least moment is to be honest. It is impossible to give wrong information about yourself, your level of education, and certainly about your professional experience. First, you must provide some documents confirming your level of education and the last place of employment. Secondly, you may not cope with work duties in the new workplace if you stretch the truth about your experience. It should also be noted that serious companies usually have their own security police departments, employees of which constantly check all information about possible candidates for a vacant position. If they find that you have given false information, your candidacy will surely be blacklisted. It is certainly not what you want. By the way, experienced recruiters who have already been working in the sphere of human resources for several years are good psychologists, so they may easily find the length of your foot during the first job interview in the company. Don’t throw dust into eyes, just describe clearly your advantages, disadvantages, and experience in the certain field. An honest description will be enough for a good CV – if you are reasonable and realistic about your job applications.

You may also find various recommendations how to improve your CV and free CV samples in Wikipedia.

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  1. Many people thinks resume and CV are same which is not true. CV and resume are two different versions of a same thing. Resume is a summarize document about skills, experiences and education while the CV is the descriptive document. Also, try to build your CV or resume from a resume writing service if you can't build on your own.

  2. Most people think that resume is nothing you just sit in front of the interviewer and describe your experience. I think the resume is all about yourself which is your first impression of the interviewer. I remember when I gave my interview in medical supplies store
    company my interviewer pass good comments on my resume which was well maintained.

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