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Shockvertising: Anti-Duterte TV Advertisement Infuriates Public for Exploiting Children

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Who created and paid for this Anti-Duterte TV advertisement using children to convey the impending threat to society?

Some say that "The children are saying things that are true. They were not made to lie. Besides children have been used and abused a lot in the media especially those stupid drama series. Why complain when children say the truth? Because Duterte is offended and is such a drama queen?" and that "The words that were said on the TV ad came from Duterte himself."

Below are some of the thoughts coming from different people that I gathered from my social media timelines. I selected those whose ideas seems agreeable to what I would like to also share to my readers, but there are also points that I included to be fair and somewhat bring out some humor to this chaotic pre-election season.

"The shockvertising aired last night proves one thing. Mas madami talaga nanonood sa ABS-CBN. Everybody's ganging up against ABS while reports say it was also shown on other channels."

I actually saw it already a few days before from somewhere which I could not remember. But my reaction was pale in comparison to what I am seeing now on my social media timelines.

In a tweet from MTRCB, they inform the general public that it is the COMELEC which has sole jurisdiction to regulate political TV ads under the Fair Elections Act.

"In a statement, ABS-CBN said it had nothing to do with the production of the political ad, and that it was "duty bound to air a legitimate ad."

"The controversial political advertisement being talked about in social media, which aired on ABS-CBN, was produced and paid for by Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV. Prior to the airing, ABS-CBN’s ethics committee reviewed the content of the material, which complies with the requirements of pertinent election laws," the company said.

ABS-CBN pointed out that Commission on Elections' (COMELEC) guidelines prohibit radio and television stations from discriminating against any candidate or political party in the sale of air time.

"By airing the said commercial, ABS-CBN is being consistent with COMELEC guidelines, which prohibit radio or television stations to discriminate in the sale of air time against any political party or candidate. We are duty bound to air a legitimate ad."

An audio version of the negative ad has been airing on radio stations.

A different negative ad about Duterte also began airing on GMA Network on Thursday. "

"I never thought this year's election will be this unprincipled. Makes me really wonder, what are they most afraid of if Duterte will win? Communism? Revolution? An impulsive government? Or the gradual death of Capitalism and elitists?"

"It turns out there are two versions of this anti-Duterte ad. one that is done tastefully, and another that, yes, sort of exploits kids. but then again, kids on the streets say these (homeless ones and ones that simply play on the streets)."

"The anti-Duterte ad is fuckin' UNETHICAL! Anak ng tipaklong, ganyan na kayo ka desperado? You people just proved how low you are! Stop using these children for your own benefits! Stop including them in this chaos and mess. That's EXPLOITATION!"

"The (expected) response should be:

Yes, Duterte has such a foul mouth, and the supporters do not condone that. However, the supporters believe that it is easier to correct a foul mouth than a corrupt mind.

(But with the) CPP-NPA and Arroyo allegiance, Duterte (may very well be) the very definition of a corrupt mind.

Talking about the actors (children) is not the real issue. Classic case of red herring or ignaracio elenchi.

The supporters should not focus on the kids because the argument is not about the hiring of the kids to do the video.

Di mai rebut yung content, yung mga bata na lang pinansin. O ano nga pala sagot nyo sa tanong sa video?

Oo with reservation o Oo with (#&:@%(* kayo ni Mayor ang mauna?

The Filipino voter is still not as educated as we hope it would be. I am sure you have seen their responses to arguments and objections. Fallacy galore. Remember, one cannot win an argument with a fool. We just have to laugh it off."

"Dear ‪#‎Comelec‬, kundi lang unconstitutional, hihingin ko sa inyo na ipagbawal ang LAHAT ng political advertising pag panahon ng eleksyon. Kasi naman ampotah sa siraan, eh. Pare-pareho lang silang pulpul-liit-titiko."

"Ang mga bata po na dapat naglalaro dahil ganitong bakasyon, mga inosente at wala pang paninindigan, hindi ko po maisip kung bakit nagawang pumayag ang mga magulang nila na masali sila sa ganito.Nakakalungkot po."

"If ever there was a strong, compelling argument for contraception, it is the political candidates before us now. See what poor choices lead to the poor choices for political leadership we have? No amount of religiosity will change this now.

Yes, parents to be, plan your families so you CAN raise your kids to be better people than these sorry excuses for candidates we are now stuck with. It's not about allocation of wealth, or even how much wealth you have. It is about how much time, parenting skill and mindfulness you can bring to the raising of your young. God forbid this farce of a political circus should ever beset our nation again. Yes, nation-building begins at home.

Mag-condom po kung hindi ninyo magagampanan ang tungkulin ninyo bilang magulang ng maayos. Para lang hindi kayo mamura pag sobrang wow mali ang palaki ninyo sa mga anak ninyo. Salamat po."

"You know what, shame on the politicians who have engaged in more mudslinging than I've ever seen in the two decades I've covered elections in the Philippines. Instead of focusing on what concrete plans you have for serving the country, you shame us in the electorate with your stunts and your utter lack of maturity. Para kayong tumanda nang hindi man lang nagtanda. Pwe.

Since when did argumenta ad hominem a solid and worthy campaign make? Punyeta kayong lahat. Punyeta talaga. Did you not even pause to think of what your campaigns of destruction would teach the people--be they young or old? Punyeta. A pox on all your houses.

The nation deserves so much better than what you have to sell, which amounts, basically, to pigs in pokes. I will be so glad when today is over and all your tomfoolery and obnoxiousness is ended. For shame. In my eyes, you took your right to free speech and made a hash, a joke, of that human right. Gods of War do I feel offended to even be witnessing this."

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