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Rodrigo Duterte Shows BPI Bank Balances

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Rodrigo Duterte showed one BPI peso and one BPI dollar account at the Philippine Star press conference earlier today. Ipapakain daw niya kay Mar Roxas yung isa dahil sa paratang. Ganoon din kaya kay Sonny Trillanes? Abangan!

"Trillanes, asked by Rappler if he was satisfied with the March 31, 2014 certification, said, “No, definitely not. We are asking for the transaction history.”" - Rappler
The BPI Bank certification that Duterte showed to the Philstar press conference says he only has 1 account at BPI as of March 31, 2014 However, he showed 11 passbooks which could mean he has been very active in depositing and/or withdrawing, or he has been with the bank for a long time. What happened? We should see his bank transactions from the start and until the announcement of Trillanes. Not the current balance as of March 31, 2014. A lot could happen within two years from 2014 to the present.

Duterte also showed that his BPI dollar account has been stagnant since 2013. Why the need to show his dollar account when we know that is not what Trillanes is asking from him? Oh, it was Mar Roxas who claimed Duterte has large amounts in his dollar account? Let Duterte also show us all his peso accounts, not just one..or does he have only one?

Duterte's aide Bong Go showed BPI bank account balance forwarded since May 3 amounted to Php 128,829

Duterte Dollar Account

Duterte Peso Account

"Why did Duterte not ask for a balance certification for March 28, the day of the suspicious deposits?

“Ayaw nga mag-certify ng bangko kasi non-existent. Takutin mo lahat ng depositor ngayon. I cannot tell the bank to issue a certification na wala,” he said.

(The bank didn’t want to certify something non-existent. You will scare away depositors that way. I cannot tell the bank to issue a certification that is not there.)

Peter LaviƱa, Duterte’s spokesman, said the March 31 certification was enough since March 28 was a Friday in 2014, and it would have been “unlikely” for such huge amounts to have been withdrawn over the weekend.

But could the amounts have been withdrawn on March 28 itself, if Trillanes’ allegations are true?

Duterte had brought 11 BPI passbooks to the press conference but when media asked to have a look at them, his staff refused." - Rappler
The bank certification(s) of Duterte shows he has both dollar and peso accounts.

I'm confused, if you look at the certification it says "This is to certify that as of 31- March-14 RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE or RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE and SARA Z. DUTERTE.....maintains the following account/s, with corresponding available balance/s, excluding uncleared funds, garnishments & hold-out on deposit, with BANK OF THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS-JULIA VARGAS.

Each certification says "maintains the following account/s" but only indicates 1 account per certification.

Why did BPI prepare two different certifications when it can just list down the accounts in one?

Hhhmmm... I doubt this was because of the manner of questioning done in the SPA submitted by Atty. Sal Panelo, Duterte's lawyer, to BPI..

BPI should speak.

Meantime, a source said that if the accusations were true, AMLC would have spotted the suspicious transactions.

"I am very very familiar with aml (Anti-Money Laudering) laws. I think in ph 500k automatic trigger sa AMLC. Natry ko magpasok from abroad to my account in ph, 10k dollars in a single month... npakadaming hinihinging dokumento. You have to clearly indicates san galing ang pera at para saan at nagdedeposit ka. Nagpresent pa ako ng withdrawal slip from source bank. Ganyan kaistrikto sa banking transactions.

So AMLC must be aware kung may milyon milyong pumasok sa account nya. Not unless its fabricated."

Well, we really couldn't tell until both parties, personally face each other as originally planned. It is quite difficult to be explaining it to third party spectators, when this could have been easily resolved, or not, if they see eye to eye and throw all their questions and answers in the open. They both scrutinize every document they have, and then verify them if they are legit or not.

The election is already on Monday, May 9 so we have very little time to be convinced who is really telling the truth here if one party would not comply to what is being asked from them by the other.

Or should we say this is just an elaborate scheme or bluff of Antonio Trillanes to confuse the people about Duterte. Are all these bank accounts and properties just a fabrication to weaken the people's vote for Duterte.

The question is why couldn't Duterte just comply with the signing of the waiver and his lawyer insisting that the SPA is also a waiver.  Why couldn't he face Trillanes and opens up his can of worms to the media, to await another rebuttal from Trillanes. If you would remember, Dutette oce denied he ever had a bank account at BPI, but he then retracted his statement when it was revealed that he really had an account there.

Again, all of these acts are just becoming further sources of delay to find out who is telling the truth.

*Photo credits from Philippine Star

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