Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Deadpool: Movie Review with Lots of Spoilers! (Sorry! I'm Bad!)

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"Things to love about Deadpool: The wit, the BLADES, the scriptwriting, the atomic wedgies, the things that go boom. This movie is a keeper." - Alma Anonas-Carpio

Deadpool, how do we love thee, lets us count the ways. Here are what people say about the Deadpool in his debut movie!  1. We love you peeing by the pole. 2. We love your Deadpool poster. 3. We love you playing pool. 4. We love you playing a fighting game 5. We love you passed out. 6. We love you bar dancing. 7. We love you tending bar. 8. We love you sitting at the bar. 9. We love you losing at solitaire. 10. We don't love that there is no Deadpool on the ceiling.

The movie was beyond awesome! Undoubtedly the best Marvel movie so far. My stomach hurts from laughing. These guys killed it. Tim Miller's Deadpool is a bit different from the comics but in a good way. Now other superhero movies need to step up their game. They have to meet this level of awesomeness or just become meh superhero movies! Pass the Chimichangas and make way, a new King has arrived!

Ryan Reynolds did an awesome job on this movie. I loved it and how he picked fun at the X-Men movies. There were so many quips, puns, future hashtags and past movie references I could not stop laughing. Bueller gives two thumbs way up! "It's a big house, it's funny that I only ever see you two around, it's like.... the studio can't afford another X-man" Lol! Definitely lives up to the hype. Love it so much!

It's rare today to be sitting in a theater and hear the ENTIRE movie audience struggling to breathe because everyone is laughing so hard. Action, adventure, and great comedy. Plus, a 4th wall break inside of a 4th wall break. That's like 16 walls. Gotta be a record, man.

Waiting for Deadpool to take that pool shot was the most agonizing thing I've experienced all week. The fight scene at heli-carrier is cool..dead pool is troll master! Everyone in the theater thought it was pretty funny when he made the jokes about Jacksonville. Chick-a-chick-ahh!

Ryan Reynolds better win an Oscar for this one because he brought Deadpool to life and on top Tim Miller added so many pop culture and movie references that it was amazing and for his debut movie, this was one of the greatest movies ever made. I'm pretty psyched! I hope they can keep him going, and even throw him in future X-Men movies.

Deadpool is made for adults, not kids. A lot of parents thought Deadpool was another regular Avengers type movie. The Horror, and gasps that were heard, priceless. There's a line in the movie where Deadpool berates a certain parent for his parenting skills. Does Deadpool have to break your fourth wall and slap you upside the head? Lol!

If they did even a minute of research before taking their kids to this movie they would know it wasn't appropriate for kids. Try being better parents and stop blaming Hollywood.

I think I'm about to break my record, Star Wars I saw 4 this I might see 8...Yeah 8 sounds about right. My only complaint is that I wish it was longer!

Stan Lee had his best cameo ever in a marvel movie! "You can't buy love, but you can rent it for 3 minutes."

It's good to finally see a superhero movie that I'm ecstatic to watch at this age. This kind of humor and reality is what is missing from the norm. Being proper R-rated made the character justice and gave the freedom frankly all superhero movies would need.

For those of you who have not seen it. It's a marvel movie stay after the credits! Deadpool himself spoils a secret at the of the movie , shame on you Deapool now get me some chimichanga!

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