Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Masahol Pa Sa Hayop: Do You Accept Manny Pacquiao's Apology?

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"You know why Manny Pacquiao's statement is so offensive? Because it hit the nail on the head. It is just so on point that it is so hard to prove wrong.

He was like asking:

How did animals (who have no reasoning) came up to have better understanding than people when it comes to this matter?

Yes we have to respect each others' opinions; opinions do not usually have right or wrong answers.

The answers to "Which is better, hot or cold coffee?" "a condo or a house and lot?" "sports car or SUV" are opinions that we should respect.

Now, if someone disapproves Manny's statement, you have to give us more than just "I am offended!"


Explain why same-sex marriage is essential. What can it contribute to make this world a better place to live in? Why homosexuality is not immoral? That's how we fight for our rights.

We still have much love for LGBTs despite this being outrageous.

I'm not for Manny nor for LGBTs... I'm for the truth." - Josh Martinez

"Most of the questions you have raised are pretty much answered in different discussions throughout the internet though I'd be happy to educate.
You're right. Manny hit the nail hard on the head but the only nail he hit is the rusty, no-good-for-fastening ones. I don't think sexuality should be an issue of morality. You don't validate someone's morality just because someone is a straight man or a straight woman. Knowing someone's morality goes a long way from first impressions and physical appearance.

If there is any word that should be used to describe homosexuality, that would be the word natural. Homosexual behavior is observed in animals, too (a lot of articles online you could read about this). Marriage, on the other hand, is not natural. I know what the Bible states regarding marriage but here's a slap of reality, not everyone has the same religion and not everyone believes in any or the same holy book. You cannot always use the Bible on deciding how other people should live their lives. instead, we could look at it on a more universal basis.

Is it natural? We may base what is natural on how other species in the animal kingdom behave. Is there another specie that engages in marriage? NO. Marriage is a (social) contract that has changed its definition over the past decades. It has become a right to marry who you want to marry (at the legal age).

The real question here is why should we deprive homosexuals their right to marry? Pacquiao is running for a seat in a ( supposed to be) secular government. If he is to give his opinion to a public issue, his reasons must be grounded on an objective (non-religious) basis.

PS. Sa tingin ko masahol lang sa hayop mag-isip ang boboto kay Pacquiao. Putting aside his comment about homosexuality, 4 DAYS lang sya pumasok sa kongreso. I'm not paying my taxes para sa leaves niya. haha. naubusan ako ng English." - Mon-mon Mendoza

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