Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Manny Pacquiao Says Sorry to "Masahol Pa Sa Hayop" Remark Against LGBT Community

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"I'm sorry for hurting people by comparing homosexuals to animals. Please forgive me for those I've hurt. I still stand on my belief that I'm against same sex marriage because of what the Bible says, but I'm not condemning LGBT. I love you all with the love of the Lord. God Bless you all and I'm praying for you." - Manny Pacquiao

Why say sorry if that's what you believe in. Don't say it's a wrong choice of words. You can't argue on that premise since you said it in the vernacular. I would have believed you if you said it in English.

But due to the scrutiny of the people, especially the netizens who are always online, you retract on your words and try to calm everyone down by saying sorry and going against your true personality.

"He is saying what he believes in. The problem is, our society has really been open to gay and lesbian marriage. He will judged upon his beliefs alone. I do believe that if a person is in the public eye. They should keep strong beliefs like that to themselves. This way it wouldn't have uprooted all this craziness. I'm following Mayweather on Facebook too. There is a definite difference of character, morals, and values between Manny and him. If you want to judge chcek Mayweather's page. He will show you all the money he makes and rub it in your face. Manny is a God fearing man and loves his family. Please forgive his thoughts. There is far worst in the world." - Denee Ezerins-Santibanez

It's so crazy that people get all butt hurt that someone doesn't agree with their lifestyle. Respect everyone's opinion, and thus everyone else would respect your vote in the coming election.
"Manny, sino ka? Sino ka para sabihin na mas masahol pako sa hayop? Pa'no ko iboboto bilang isang Senador ang taong ang tingin sa akin ay mas masahol pa sa hayop?"- Boy Abunda

I respect that Manny has his own beliefs but saying that gay people are the equivalent of animals is not something I, or anybody else, should respect - that's hate speech. But with all due respect to everyone, such controversial beliefs should be left private within ourselves if we are not courageous enough to stand by what we said.

As God's creations, we are all equal. There is no one above anyone else. Lahat pantay-pantay. Just learn how to respect. We are not against the opinion. We believe that "If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything." We are against the comparison he made. "Masahol pa sa hayop" should not be taken lightly.

However, knowing Manny, he was never the brightest among us. Forgive him, but again, whoever you vote in the coming elections is yours alone to decide.

"Hate speech is not free speech. It is forbidden speech because it incites violence against persons or groups, and disparages them and demeans them. Please don't compare hate speech with political speech or offensive speech. Hate speech is not a right and it ain't right." - Tonyo Cruz

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