Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Dadbod is In, An Excuse to Get Lazy Eating Right and Going to the Gym

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The Internet is at a frenzy with this not-so-new body type that they've branded as "dadbod" or "dad bod" coined from the words "Dad" and "body."

The term has been around for some time already but when people started noticing their favorite celebrities have gone form slim to fat or something in between, many begin to notice and follow the trending topic.

But it's the "something in between" body type that's creating a hype over the Internet, where social media has been the primary culprit, as always, in spreading the new fad.

Some have commented that it's merely a way for some people to justify their lack of muscular or trim physique. Just as how they keep saying "beer bellies" and "love handles" are in, and those biceps, triceps and other hunky muscles with "ceps" at the end are out, being fairly in the middle of everything is now the "in" thing.

Dadbod could not only refer to a man being married. You could all be just sporting the look that most fathers are in due to the lack of time to go to the gym, eat a balanced diet due to budgeting problems, or join sports activities due to the hectic balancing acts between family and work, or business.

Though we do support a healthier society where men are not mistaken for pregnant women due to their protruding tummies, the freedom to be able to eat several slices of pizza without worrying about the consequences it would eventually bring would be totally cool. Well, at least every weekends could be the cheat days. We can all go back to our busy schedules during weekdays and let Saturday and Sunday become our days to splurge and indulge with the fine things in life.

Movie marathons, restaurant hopping, online gaming until we drop could be something we all need to revitalize our lives. They keep saying life without play makes it boring, and so we should also have a routine for going wild at least once every week.

The dadbod trend could become an excuse for men to go lazy going to the gym but it doesn't hurt if the ladies would find it sexy and also start loving it for being more huggable and warmer than a body hard as a rock because of all those muscles, or bones if the man is as thin as the likes of Edward Cullen, or fat and obese like the designated ugly fat friend most of us have in every group of friends.

It's not the first time we've heard of the "dad bod" and it will surely remain a terminology to be used for many more years to come to define the "regular" individuals who couldn't care less of what society would say but still lives in moderation of everything that they do.

How about you? Would you rather be thin, fat or somewhere in between?

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