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Independent Web Series "QC" to Hold Screening of Episode 1 "Krus Na Ligas"

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In 2014, they produced the first episode of an independent web series entitled Q.C., created by Carlo Pacolor Garcia.

Set during the early 2000s, Q.C. is about a gang of misfits who’s always getting themselves into trouble. Until one day, they come across Sito, a rather pensive young man who doesn't seem to know what to do with his life. Fascinated by the group's anarchic streak and outlandish bravado, he tags along their merry and oftentimes destructive bouts of misadventures – only to find out that what enthralled him in the first place, the jolt he’s been searching for, is the very thing what will confound and ultimately break him.

They are holding a series of screenings in different bars, cafes, & spaces in Quezon City starting at UP Diliman Videotheque on October 30 at 5PM & 7PM. The first episode, Krus Na Ligas, will be screened during these events.

Their series of screenings aim to promote not only Q.C., but also the the Philippine independent film, music, and arts industry. It is a celebration of all the independent artists who struggle to be able to create and share works of art without compromising the creativity and honesty of their content.

Here is the "Krus na Ligas " Synopsis:

Sito is having a very bad day. His girlfriend (technically, ex-) just threw coffee on his face, he smells like dog shit and no one in the classroom’s laughing, so, like any college kid on the verge of a nervous breakdown, everything around him seems to be sort of falling apart—until things begin to turn really weird: A mysterious girl suddenly gives him a kiss, he’s running down the staircase of a rundown apartment with a bunch of strangers with two goons hot on their heels, and to top it all off, someone’s slipped him acid, turning his world literally upside down (and quite colorful too). What’s a boy to do? The road is forked and winding—Krus na Ligas, the crossroads—and Sito is strangely beholden by these wild vexations, in fact, he could possibly be in love, and in all probability, as he’s yet to find out, in all sorts of pleasant danger. Kitakits!

Below is the Director's Notes:

“O ano, guys, sa’n tayo?” 

The proverbial barkada question when the night is young and everyone’s up for trouble. And so, since I like anything “barkada” themed (from TGIS to Buffy the Vampire Slayer to 17 Bernard’s Club, I applaud you if you remember this show on ABC 5, we grew up together), I decided to make one myself set in, well, QC where I grew up in. 

It’s mainly about SITO, an upper-middle class guy who suddenly gets caught having sex in his car one night—a secondhand box-type Mitsubishi that needs to get blessed the next day—and who has to live and deal with the consequences of his actions after that, and his subsequent descent into the night. Here and there he meets all sorts of creatures, including a big oaf who goes by the name of “George Stregan”, a pretty girl who sends him on a mission, but most strikingly a group of anarchic troublemakers: AI, R.M., KONRAD, and TALULLAH. 

Each episode is given a title of a place in Quezon City, KRUS NA LIGAS, LAGRO/NOVALICHES, CUBAO, TANDANG SORA, and LA LOMA, and each episode features a character (and also to frame each story, a specific structure, poetry, film, visual arts, dance, and lastly, ugh politics), all respectively. 

SITO’s narrative ties it all together; what is presented as a barkada adventure—like what the pilot episode reveals in its title, KRUS NA LIGAS meaning crossroads—becomes simultaneously the trajectory of various inquiries: the reimagining and recreation of space, the lines and boundaries of transgressions, and most importantly, friendship. 

I am very much interested in friendship, in a sense that it can both unite and disassemble individuals, but more profoundly as a catalyst for initiation (to life’s triumphs and disappointments), and in a more everyday sense, organization. 

But I’m getting ahead of myself: “QC” is about unabashed delinquent, juvenile fun. And that’s always a good place to start."
Carlo Pacolor Garcia 
Creator, Q.C.

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