Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Qi Wellness Teahouse and Bathhouse of Tagaytay

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I knocked on this huge red door for one of the most pleasant nights I had in my life. It was almost seven pm and the sky has darkened. My consort and I are cold and tired from the drive. The door opened and we were greeted pleasantly by a man, “Welcome to Chi Wellness!”

Alas! We missed the sunset overlooking the beautiful view of Taal volcano. A marvelous view of the volcano can be grasped even though the darkness of the night covered it. On the other hand, we saw the pleasant night view surrounding the area.

We were toured around the place with a glass kitchen to showcase the artwork behind their dishes. The chef gave a smiling face as we passed by. The big dining area can accompany 20 guests and could be booked privately. A grand event like a bachelorette party, a corporate event or a birthday dinner would be nice to have here.

Going down the stairs, is an even more lovelier place. The bartender offered us cocktails and we hanged out by the bar and were offered the menu. The menu is limited but with absolute taste. It is well thought of by the chef.

The dinner was absolutely fantastic! The salad is homegrown and very tasteful. The steak is also local and organic.

This night is not over as there is another floor below us to enjoy. The Yin Yang pool and the massage room can be found in this area. The pool which was inspired by Yin and Yang is actually hot water and cold water pools. First, we dipped in the hot water pool which is 40C. It was perfect for the breezy Tagaytay weather. Then we had to take a quick plunge at the cold water pool with an 18C temperature. It was cold but manageable. Such a good feeling and you could feel your pores closing in after it has detoxed from the hot water.

Two ladies greeted us and asked if we are ready for our massage. We entered the room near the pool. The room is simple and elegant. After the shower, we are ready to experience Chi Wellness. This would probably be the best massage experience anyone can have. The masseuse were trained for a month from 10am to 7pm everyday to learn this technique.

This massage is smooth, spiritual and perfect. The masseuse would ask the intensity on how you would want it but, in truth, they can read your body language so that you don’t have to tell them anything. They also feel the knots in your body but does not strangle to release them. They do it in circular motion so that it gradually gets released. Unfortunately, she got the best of me and I ended up asleep towards the end. I did miss the feeling of the rest of the strokes that I was enjoying so much.

The night ended late around 11 pm and we were the last folks in the place. The care taker asked us if she could do us some more and we called it a night…. a perfect night.

To know more about Qiwellness Teahouse and Bathhouse, visit their site @

Contributed by Kaye Rey

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  1. Wow. Thank you so much for sharing that amazing place in Tagaytay! :) I'd like to go there someday so I'll surely add that to my bucket list. Great sharing! :)

  2. i want to go there someday and have some relaxing days together with my family and friends..

  3. Seeing those pictures, I think that place is really good to spend your vacation in tagaytay. It has the best view of Taal volcano and their food looks delicious. I want to visit that place soon. Thank you for sharing your pictures and also your experience :)

  4. I will surely visit this place. Base on the pictures, this place is simply amazing! This article is really great!

  5. I think this place is good for relaxation from a stressful day or week. I will definitely visit this place. Thank you for sharing this great blog, it really helped!

  6. If i have time (and also money of course), i will surely visit this place. I will stop for hours and just appreciate nature. If i will be in this stress-free place, i will be leaving behind the noise in the city. Looking forward to go this place!

  7. Amazing! I would definitely put this in my to visit list. :) The place is very beautiful and the scenery looks relaxing. I can't wait for the day when I can visit this place with my family!

  8. I love this place so much. I will definitely go this place together with my family. I'm sure that they will like this place.

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