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Are You Fed Up? Stand Up Now and Fight Against a Conspiracy!

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Your friendly neighborhood pambansang blogger was recently given the opportunity to watch a documentary movie entitled "Fed Up." It was smart play of words meant to have a double meaning to tackle the issues surrounding a common knowledge that have stricken the nation, yet somehow we are just made to believe it is a "culture" that cannot be changed.

Thing again! Eating wrong was never a culture. It is a collective conditioning that were forced on us by an industry that are only after our wallets. They don't care of the increasing cases of obesity and malnutrition. They don't care if more people are getting sick and inflicted with diseases even at a young age. They don't care if they steer away the minds of the youth from the real and natural foods.

But if you're thinking its is only the work of those industries involved in selling, distributing and manufacturing food, then you are still blind of the facts that even the other companies like the pharmaceuticals, insurance agencies, and other indirect but obvious "beneficiaries" of bad health, would benefit a lot from the dilemma of an ever-increasing population of fat and unhealthy people."Fed Up" takes an honest look at why, and exposes the food industry for what it is – a profit chain that considers health unimportant at best.

The event was led by Jan Vincent Ong and was held at the Awakenings Clinic located at room 351 in Mile Long building Amorsolo corner Rufino street in Makati city. Sugarleaf' s Marketing Director, Angelo Narciso Songco, was there to watch the show, He was the one who invited me to this event. Zigla sponsored the food and drinks consisting of the healthier alternative kind of food.

"Fed Up" will change the way you look at eating and blows the lid off everything we thought we knew about food and exercise. It seems all those days of exercising and visiting the gym was all just an elaborate setup to make us feel better even after a cheat day. We are crazy to think we can burn up all these "calories" forever if the food surrounding us will never change.

It mainly targets junk food like cola, processed food, fast food restaurants that serve greasy meals (including burgers), sweets and anything that uses excessive sugar as ingredient, and even smoking. It also exposes the constantly re-engineered methods to deceive people in thinking they are safer eating junk food that was less "junkified." Junk is junk even if it's less junky.

It reveals that these "atrocities" continue because they are backed up by big corporations that conspire with the government, media and other influential groups to repel all kinds of bans and moderation or control. Corporations continue to brainwash people to think it's cool to consume "garbage" by using celebrity endorsers and children attractions like colorful toys packaged with their children meals, and playful mascots distracting them from the truth that the food they bought is nothing more than "junk" topped of with a dose of clever marketing gimmicks. We are paying for these companies to make us sick.

We all know that trying to fight these corporations is like hitting a brick (make that a metal) wall. These corporations will continue to lie to the public and themselves, and even put on a show of CSR initiatives just to have a sound reasoning that they are doing something positive inspite of being a company that promotes unhealthy and damaging products. They make themselves look nationalistic, environment-friendly, charitable or socially responsible, because they cannot hide the truth that what they give out to the world is "slow but sure death."

The succeeding generations are in danger of worst health conditions and irregular lifestyle if we just accept the alarming situation. Now is the time to choose healthy and better food alternatives. It is time to bring back the basics, and go back to all natural.

Bring back home cooked meals just like what mother used to make in the kitchen. Avoid using processed and instant foods. Stay away from artificial and "pimped" foods that masquerades the actual food and cheats our senses. Keep out all food that uses popular endorsers to blind people from looking at the actual food. If companies cannot sell their food using only their actual look, taste and benefits, then they don't deserve to be eaten.

For the sake of future generations, everyone needs to watch this film. Watch and take action. Because what the food industry is doing to our children for the sake of profit is nothing short of reprehensible.

You may watch the movie trailer from this link:

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