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Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: Deceiving Devereaux

Wazzup Pilipinas!

‘“You ruined my personality! You helped build me but also caused my downfall! You should’ve stood up to Hector when he prank me at Valentines Day, instead you laughed with that no good Ms. Richy Rich who planned to do that. Tara was never good for you. I wasted my love for you, you moron!” I am now teary eyed, this is now or never. I must do what I must do. I aimed at Anthony’s temple.

“Everything went according to plan, or it should be. I was supposed to feel victorious but all of a sudden my conscience is killing me. I took a deep breath as I hoped and prayed that the Dear God above may bless my soul for whatever outcome I may yield in my harvest.”

More of these sensational lines included in our short story for the day. I would like to think I started a great series here of short stories that I'm thinking of making it a permanent thingy in my blog. Yeah! "thingy" to sound a bit informal as the short stories can be a mixture of serious thrilling escapades or some humorous adventure ala tele-serye or slapstick style of writing. Maybe I should make it interactive and allow the contributors to freely publish them on their own and call it Wazz Pad...Lol!

Please read on and enjoy.

“The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury.” - Marcus Aurelius

I made my wish as I light the wick of the candle. Very well, I said to myself. I really outdone myself this time. Who would have thought that I will reach this far. Not a single constraint stood in my way. Everything went according to plan, or it should be. I was supposed to feel victorious but all of a sudden my conscience is killing me. I took a deep breath as I hoped and prayed that the Dear God above may bless my soul for whatever outcome I may yield in my harvest. I continue this plot even though I know revenge is not true justice. Everything is in place, the prey is set on its trap. It’s breathing heavily, his palpitating heart about to come out of his throat with eyes wondering, “Why is he stuck in this predicament?” Mostly people do not remember their shortcomings when they are about to suffer. But deep inside my heart, I can feel he already knows why he’s here.

Twenty years ago, I was once enthralled by the majestic and at the same time confusing way of life. I seek friends who will accept me and tell me how different their life is from me. I do not know why I was once hidden away from multitude but they do tell me I have a hard way of dealing with them. At the time I was sixteen years old, my parents let me study in a regular university where I became a scholar. The first few weeks were so hard in dealing with due to many obdurate people along the campus. I was about to return home to seek homage in my comfort zone then I met a “friend”. That word gives me chills yet it also brings me comfort. I met Robert Anthony Devereaux. He helped me survive my first two years in college. He is greatest human being I’ve ever met, well for my case. He is an equally proportioned man when it comes to being indolent and being brilliant. And he’s very promising when it comes to trust. We were both freshmen at the university and it so happens that he trusts me more than anyone. This were all to good to be true.

After a long friendship with Anthony, I realized that my desire was too contagious to handle. I’m like Icarus, flying too close to the sun. That point, I decided to distance myself away from him to avert the wreckage of our alliance. Our relationship for me is just an alliance because it is based on an Education-related foundation rather than friendship, Though I am not sure about this but I can sense it. The blame is all mine. It’s all my fault that I have come upto this far. I can sense a bad omen approaching me as I proceed to my locker. I opened the door to my locker and a letter fell out.

“Lauren, I heard some news about you. They told me you are hiding something from me. Meet me at the Fulton Pavillion at 3 P.M. “ ~Devereaux

I can’t fathom the tension along my legs. What could he possibly heard about me? Does he know my infatuation towards him? He never writes a letter this serious to me without a single emoticon and only with his surname on it. I have a bad feeling about this.

I saw him at the Pavillion waiting for me. I sauntered slowly to lessen the tension despite the fact that I am late. I hope this ends well.

I smiled at him. “I’m sorry to keep you waiting”

“It’s fine, how are you?” I can feel the bile rising up my throat.

“Tired, that’s all. So why did you want to talk to me, Anthony?”

“You didn’t tell me that you don’t want to be friends with me anymore.” His smile turned into a frown

“Believe me it’s for the best.”

“How is it the best? I just told you how happy I am that you are helping me with Tara. I swore to you no one will ever know that you are selling pastries even though it’s strictly prohibited in the campus. You are the only one that understands me.” He looks down and with a low voice “You’re my saving grace.”

“Anthony, I’m not a miracle worker. You’ve hurt me quite enough” I swallowed.

“ I’m so sorry, Laura. I t won’t happen again.”

“You called me what?” I breathe deeply.

“Lauren. I’m really sorry.” He hugged me and I forgave him. My sentiments made me a fool.

It was Valentines day at Hutchinson-Desmachilier University. Like any other February 14, I am always busy for the orders of my fellow Students who wanted to make the girl or boy of their dreams happy. I made a vast amount of pastries that worn me out all night and delivered them to the consumers. I am still disappointed at Anthony’s reaction to my problems. He even ordered some cupcakes for Tara Desmachilier, If only that was me, A rich soon-to-be-owner of the university with many admirers. I took a deep sigh as I wrap the last box for Tara. This friendship really cost me a lot. I made my way to Anthony to deliver the cupcakes.

“Here you go. Made with love” I put a pinch of sarcasm in my words as I give the box.

“Merci beaucoup, Lauren. “ He hugs me again.

I head back to my room where my classmates in Biology class are all looking at me. This is really awkward. The lights in the room were turned off and a candle made its way to the door. Who could this be? The class starts singing a love song, I guess but I don’t listen to love music as much as they did so I’m not sure.

“Hey, What’s going on?” I asked them but they just continued singing as the candle approached me. Even Anthony is at the class and he didn’t even answer me.

“Happy Valentines Day, Lauren!” I see clearly with the aid of the candle who that person is. He is Hector Romanov, the Student Government Vice President.

Confused of what is really happening, I asked again. “Hector, what is going on?”

“Happy Valentines Day, Lauren!” He just repeats what’s he’s saying and hands me what I presume to be a flower that is covered with newspaper.

I accepted the newspaper rolled at the size of a bouquet and said thanks, smiling at Hector. All the lights went back and I discovered it was just a newspaper covering. Everyone started to laugh at me, Anthony did not do anything to defend me because Tara was laughing. I ran out of the room. Teary eyed, I ran as fast as I could to get away from everyone. I did not know Hector could do such a thing to me, He was very professional and I did not expect that he would be like this. I sat at the farthest corner of the campus and sobbed real hard. I can finally conclude that Satre’s quotation is true, “Hell is other people”.

I did not go to Hutchinson-Desmachilier University anymore. I manage to transfer to another University without going back to that wretched place again. I finished college with the title of Attorney before my name. I was able to devise the heartaches as an inspiration for my success.Though many times I helped people overcome a multifold of their problems, I still feel so empty inside. My thoughts betray me and instruct me to seek vengeance towards the people who caused my early downfall but my conscience contradicts. One day, when I couldn’t get enough of these thoughts pestering my mind, I vowed to make them pay.

I encountered Mr. Devereaux as a client in my law firm. Looks like he did not even realize it was me, Lauren. Though he stares at me suspiciously.

“Good Morning, Mr. Devereaux. I am Atty. Solange Favreau-de Gris, the Senior associate of Favreau-De Gris Law firm. How may I help you?”

“I wanted to file divorce from my wife with the reason of Psychological incapacity.” Who might be the unlucky woman?

“May I ask the name of the respondent?” A legal way of interrogating, I smirked to myself secretly

“Mrs. Tara Desmachilier-Devereaux” Enough rejoicing, Lauren. I said to myself.

“Mr. Devereaux, just fill up these papers and I will do what I can”

“Atty. De Gris, I hope we do win this case.” He shakes my hand. I nod in response and I escort him out of my office and shut the door quickly. This is my chance to get what I want.

The next time he went to my office, I try to put his attention away from the case to interrogate more.

“You remind me of someone from my childhood, Atty. De gris. “

“You do the same to me.” I smile “ Like my bestfriend, actually he was more like you”

“Really?” He seems to be enthusiastic

“Oui but my husband was more than any man I knew. Harrison is the best man I’ve ever talked to.”

“I wouldn’t agree to that” He smirks

“ Uhm, Mr. Devereaux, We need to go to the other law office to settle the papers. Do you want to come with me?”

“Please, wipe away the professionalism. Call me Robert.”

“Okay, Robert. So will you come?”

“Yes.” We head out of the office and went to my car.

“Let’s use my car.” I wore gloves and he went in the car. I drove the car to a more distant forest. It’s not the other law office but it’s worth to come here.

“Atty. Where are we?” He asks a bit wary

“Please drop the formality, call me Sol.”

“All right, Sol. Where are we?”

“ I think we are lost.” I made it more convincing by acting worried.

“Oh no.” He’s really worried

“Let’s ask help from that sawmill house. “ We went outside the car and went inside “Follow me” In the heart of the sawmill house, I started to make my move. I act as if I was caught.

“Rob-“ Then I went to other room to lock him. It’s confrontation time.

“Sol, why are you doing this?” He does not have a clue

“Oh come on, Anthony. Don’t act as if you do not know me.” I move around him playing with the gun in my hand.

He tilts his head to one side “Lauren, I knew it was you. Why are you doing this?”

“Why do you think so, Monsieur Robert Anthony Devereaux? Please do not play naive, I’m a very busy woman.”

“I’m not sure... “He looks down, He cannot look at my eyes directly

“You ruined my personality! You helped build me but also caused my downfall! You should’ve stood up to Hector when he pranked me at Valentines Day, instead you laughed with that no good Ms. Richy rich who planned to do that. Tara was never good for you. I wasted my love for you, you moron!” I am now teary eyed, this is now or never. I must do what I must do. I aimed at Anthony’s temple.

“Please, Lauren. I swear I was in love with you back then but you are too convinced in believing that you will be loved by that Hector Romanov.”

“The same with you for Tara Desmachilier.” I’m not moving, ready to pull the trigger

He moved forward as we are inches away and his lips approaches, closer to mine. Our lips meet. I closed my eyes and surrender. Then Anthony Devereaux swiftly falls to the ground. I did not realize that I pulled the trigger. The thought was all to painful to accept. I sobbed and sobbed until I lose consciousness.

Contributed by Maria Ana Francesca Ison

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  1. The story has a great plot, and each dialogue has a different feel to a reader.
    On my opinion, The tragic fate of the characters is what made this story stood out. The ending truly makes my heart fill with sadness.

  2. It was a great story and it wasn't that boring. The unhappy ending was cool. The author did a good job :)

  3. Good job! It was a great story. I felt sad in the ending. The events happened is unpredictable.
    kim osana

  4. Wonderful story. It was very well narrated and very dramatic.

    -Shanthy Garcia

  5. What goes around, comes around. I like how the story shows that we shouldn't mess with somebody especially if they are their friends because we don't know the things they're able to do. Overall, great and interesting story. :))

  6. I like how the protagonist used her heartaches as inspiration. Also, I love how the author tells the story with adjectives that best fits the scenario and how the author shows the mood of the story. It was jelliclely great story! :)

  7. I like the way the author use words in order to get the readers hooked up! :) It's a very great creation coming from the mind of a young author. :) Good job!! :D

  8. Your story is well narrated. Nice job! :)

  9. I'm not into drama type stories but I still enjoy reading it 'cause there's a concept of revenge which thrills the readers. ;)

  10. It was a great story.The ending was cool. The author did a good job in writing this short story =)) I hope you will continue to write some short stories.

    -Andrea Celina F. Gumban

  11. The story has a great plot and it is also well narrated. Overall, it was a great story. Hands down to the author for creating an interesting story! :)

  12. The plot was simply genius! It was very personal anecdote filled to the brim with emotion. The choice of words and building of events gives justice to the very dark story. A good read overall


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