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Meet the Singh Family: An Interview with the Homeowners at Lancaster New City Cavite

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Meet Mr. Butch and Ms. Marivin of the Singh family, with their grandson Patrich, proud homeowners of a 3-bedroom Margaret home at Somerset Village 4, one of the many phases inside Lancaster Estates, "a 1,400-hectare English countryside-inspired community in Lancaster New City Cavite Mega Manila, specifically Alapan located in Imus, Cavite, that is just 15 to 20 minutes away from NAIA airport."  Their new home was a gift from their loving son, the father of Patrich, who works abroad for a living. Amazingly, the house cost only 1.9M which was a bargain since

Your friendly neighborhood pambansang blogger met them after lunch time at Gregoria's Kitchenette where we dined on delicious Sinigang na Baboy, Afritadang Manok and Garlic Butter Shrimps immediately after our tour of Lancaster New City Cavite.

It was an awesome opportunity to interview them about their new home which was turned over to them last January of this year. They started renovating the house from its bare form to its present state last March, and was able to move in last April. This means, as of this writing, they've been staying in their adorable new home for six months already.

What the couple liked about their new home is that "the neighborhood is so peaceful especially at night. There's also no traffic and pollution as compared to our previous home which we were just renting. We are also so happy to share that our grandson has gained lots of new friends with the neighborhood kids. We are confident that he will be safe as our village is guarded 24 hours a day. We can instruct the guard not to let the children out so they won't get into trouble outside the village."

The Lancaster New City Cavite logo

As per Lancaster website "Margaret is the highlight of Somerset Village. It has a floor area of 72 sqm and a minimum lot area of 100 sqm. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets & baths, 1 carport and areas for living, dining, lanai and kitchen-which is particularly nice as the L-shaped layout conveniently hides it from the living room. For all intents and purposes, Margaret is the best single-attached house you can buy under 2M."

They also appreciate the nearby Church of the Holy Family where they can go every Sunday to thank the Lord for all the blessings. The grocery time at The Square is so convenient, and since it's only around 20 minutes of driving to the Mall of Asia complex, they have an easy option to visit it more often. St. Edward Integrated School is also a quality educational institution for their grandson Patrich. Soon it will also expand to accommodate the increasing population of residents and to provide better learning facilities to the students.

Ms. Marivin enjoys gardening, while Mr. Butch helps out by being a block representative of their community organization. They also formed a league where every team has a village representative. Both of them agree that life is so easy at their new home. Butch still recalls the day they visited the place, and saw that the house they decided to make their home that very same day. Butch says he has a vision about the place and that he is so hopeful it will be something great.

The few things they desire and need may also come soon. Like the fire truck and an ambulance, and maybe soon a hospital. At the moment they have a clinic, but a hospital with full services would be more appreciated by the community to keep them assured that there would be easy access to health care whenever needed especially during emergencies.

Ms. Nida, Community Relations Officer of Lancaster, is their connection to whatever concern they have within the community. When asked what is the most frequent complaint that she received from the homeowners, she says it just simple annoyances like dogs left by their owners to wander around the village.

I now understand why the Singh family loves it here. It's because it is still free from the many problems faced by residents of Metro Manila which are definitely worst than just stray dogs. With the well-thought-of plans of the developers, there is great hope that the communities at Lancaster New City Cavite would not be as congested, polluted, and crime-riddled as Metro Manila and other developed cities.

You can see my video of the Singh family from this link.

The ABS-CBN "I Do" community

It was interesting to find out it was here in Lancaster New City Cavity where the ABS-CBN romantic reality show "I Do" hosted by Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo and Jayson Gainza was shot where a small enclosed small community of houses where separated by a gate and wall from the rest of the houses around so that nine couples could live and socialize with each other in a social experiment similar to Pinoy Big Brother but with a different style. The couples underwent love session and counseling conducted by experts and  faced different challenges that tested their relationships. During the show, aside from Santos-Agoncillo, several experts guided them for the married life. I think the property will eventually be more like an attraction after the show seasons end.

Bloggers Paul Andrew Pisig, Clariza Nalam, Ross Del Rosario and Sherlane Fortunado posing in front of the "I Do" gate led by Miss Janette Toral

I'm sure that residents also have lots of fun moments visiting the Leighton Hall to enjoy the special amenities offered like venues to hold family gatherings and occasions, the swimming pool to beat the summer heat, and the covered basketball court just like the one we saw at the Lancaster Square where Zumba is also held every Saturday morning. The Suntech iPark and Downtown Lancaster that would soon be built would also be able to offer more opportunities for the residents so that both work and leisure would be nearer the their homes.

The Square
The covered basketball court
Zumba Saturdays at Lancaster New City Cavite
Saturday mornings become more special with two hours of Zumba workouts that are offered free for every homeowner. Housewives would surely be flocking the covered basketball court equipped with electronic score board and shot clock. Imagine what else could be done within these facilities including the wide areas outside that are still available for other developments.

I saw a playground at a certain area of the property where children can play while their parents buy groceries or get other services at the many stalls at The Square.

Playground at the Lancaster Square
Playground near the Experience Center
There are several other house models available that are soon ready to become our new homes the moment we decide to purchase a property here at Lancaster New City Cavite. We were actually toured around the different house models as well as the other facilities available starting at the Lancaster Experience Center where a short introduction was given to us. There are interactive modules there available including 360 degree shots of the homes and facilities so you can already virtually tour around the estate. Below are more photos of which the others will be posted online at the Wazzup Pilipinas Facebook page.

House models named Adelle, Chessa, Mabelle and Briana were also shown to us in both bare and renovated form thus giving us many ideas on how we can decorate our interiors and choose the right furniture and appliances to well manage the spaces per house model. Different types of materials like floor tiles and ceiling ornaments to wall decors and creative partitions and compartments can be applied to enhance the appearance and maximize the space consumption of our new home.

Checking out Adelle model house (Two-storey FA 70 sqm LA 60 sqm)
Mabelle (3-Storey FA 85 sqm LA 60 sqm)
Briana (FA 110 sqm LA 100 sqm)
Chessa ( FA 90 sqm LA 100 sqm)

The interior designs are there to perk up the imagination of potential buyers to see the many possibilities on how to employ cool designs and allocate location of furniture and appliances in their house interiors. The right choices can make even the least cost houses with the smallest floor areas look very attractive, comfy and spacious.

Below are some photos from one of the house models of which interior designs and furnishing was more preferred by yours truly.

I believe a house becomes a fabulous home when all members of the family contribute with  even their own little way to make their property a haven of love. The home is our sanctuary where we experience comfort and relaxation at the end of each day. May we be from work, school or business, coming home should be always something to loo forward to.

We all appreciate a home with a family that loves and appreciates each other, and it is a big plus when the neighborhood surrounding our homes also emanates with peacefulness and camaraderie. Nothing beats a community where all families are grateful of the comforts of life.

Even after a short tour of the Lancaster New City Cavite properties, it was enough to make you realize why the Singh family could easily share their wonderful stories.Their living condition from the previous home that they were renting before could not match the convenience and comfort they found at Lancaster New City Cavite. I could somehow see the spark in Mr. Butch's eyes when he gazed upon the house during their visit, and the thoughts that came into his mind containing visions so bright and hopeful. He is now living a great life with his wife Marivin and grandson Patrich.

PRO-FRIENDS, Inc. is the property development company in the Philippines responsible for the Lancaster New City Cavite housing projects. The company has been offering top affordable house and lot projects mainly in Cavite since 1999. This means they've been in the business for 15 years already and this project is so promising especially when every house starts to get occupied and the area becomes a new community of happy homeowners.

Many thanks to Miss Janette Toral for inviting me and the staff from Pro-Friends Lancaster New City Cavite for the tour.

I would like to thank the Singh family, Butch, Marivin and Patrich,  for allowing me to interview them. May they all continue to live a life so very rewarding, and I hope that their expectations end up with positive and  fruitful results.

Two thumbs up to everyone!

Get to know more about Lancaster New City Cavite from their official Facebook page:

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