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Wazzup Pilipinas Short Stories Series: For My Son

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Never ever miss the chance. If you can give your efforts to something, give it. If its wasted, then create another effort for you to spend. “Better give efforts, than take efforts, efforts might eat you” ~Albert Einstein

It’s better that you tried your best for something, instead of someone giving you that something, for they might use it as gratitude.

The father’s reaction or the change in the father’s personality is very normal for anyone. The fact that his son became angry with him, made him change his ways. He worked very hard, just to take the responsibility of a father.

The father sacrificed his life for his child, this is also natural for all the fathers out there. They even say, “I’d rather die providing you what you need, than die you providing me what I need”

Below is our short story for the day.

I am a father. I am a husband, I am both but I lack in so many things. I raised my child without giving him enough things he needed for school. It’s not that I don’t want to, but I can’t. After my son graduated, he left me with these words which did hurt me a lot.

“I can’t stand along with this poor family. I only endured you because you paid for my school. You didn’t give me the things I wanted and needed when I was a kid, you are a useless father, comparing you with the other fathers? You are completely nothing.”

These words led me almost to suicide, but at least I have my wife who loves me. I don’t know how can he do or say such things. I raised him well, I know nothing wrong of what I did raising him. But on the other hand, I still think it’s my fault, if I just continued my studies and graduated, I should’ve gave him a better life, maybe he didn’t leave me in the first place.

Well, what can I do? He left me already, I don’t know where he is, the man I hardly raised, whom I thought would return the favour. Although I should not expect from him, I still expected because that became my motivation through my hardships in making him finish study.

When he is studying, I almost thought of just stealing somebody’s money just to give my son allowance. Almost thought of kidnapping, stealing, and almost all the other bad things a man can do. But no, I worked just for him to finish with complete requirements as a student.

All was sure, he just left me, not until I knew he was suffering from kidney failure(both kidneys are affected). I don’t know what to do, will I help? But he just left me? But what can I do, I am his father? I don’t have enough money for transplant.

Luckily I remembered a friend who told me, he can give me a lot of money, only if I do what he asks me to do. I called him and approached him.

The task will give me enough money for the transplant of my child, my friend said its legal. The task is to bring the bag of drugs in the airport then leave it there, just that, and I would get half a million dollar. On my background, the kidney transplant is only 100 million dollars. When I heard about the drug he said, I already told myself to hesitate, but on the other platform, I still think if I go to jail, at least, I saved my child, but no one would be left for my wife, no one would care for her. So I said, “NO”

I rejected his offer and what I did instead is find as many jobs as I can.

I found 4 jobs, dishwasher, janitor in a school, gardener, and construction worker.

In the morning, I’d start and go on to gardening our neighbour’s garden, it takes me 4 hours to finish the whole garden and they give me 5 dollars for that.

The garden was so big about 3 hectares

After so, I leave for canteen, and there wash dishes and this takes the whole lunch time and this however gives me 4 dollars.

Imagine washing 100 dishes a day

Then I go to school, to clean their restrooms, this just takes 3 hours of my day, and they give me at least 5 dollars.

Students here are undisciplined, sometimes they even urinate out of the bowl. I would understand it for the boys, but even the girls?

Lastly to end up my day, I go work as a construction worker, this takes 5 hours and gives me 15 dollars.

I have been working since I heard about my son, but I know I can, I know my son will live, no matter what. He still has an obligation.

These jobs left me no time for my wife, I don’t know what to do, how can I repay my son.

I am just replacing what I missed when he is still a child. i want to fill this unresponsible things I did because of my inability, or impatient. I want to make him fill that I am still a father.

So in one day, I earn 29, not even 1% of my son’s transplant. I don’t know what to do. The transplant of my son should be in the next two weeks. Should I go back to my friend and do the illegal job. Should I leave my wife? Should I work illegally? I don’t know what to do.

After two weeks, the son woke up, and saw a letter on his chest.

My one and only, don’t be sad, what I would expect of you is that you would take care of you family, and of course your one and only mother. I love you.

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  1. The story speaks itself. No matter how we disrespect and turned our backs away from our parents, they will do everything just to show how much they truly care. Such a heartwarming story.

  2. In the story, it shows us the sacrifice of a father for his son and it really touched my heart and mind for a while. "For My Son" gives us a reminder that no matter how much we try to push away our parents, they'll stand up again and wait for us with open arms. A very nice story indeed.

  3. This story shows how our parents love and care for us so much that they will work hard just to give us what we need in our lives.It also shows that even though we keep on pushing our parents away from us, they will always be there for us, guiding and helping us in all things we will encounter. Such a wonderful story. :)

  4. This story is very touching. It shows how parents will do anything to keep their children happy and safe. It also shows that we should not be like the son in the story. We should always be grateful to our parents for all the sacrifices they are making for us. Such an amazing story! :)

  5. A heart touching story that will make you realize that you must love your parents. Imagine they will do anything just for us. They will give all the things that we need. For the exchange they just want to see us loving them too. I highly recommend this story to read. :))

  6. I love how the author introduced the main character to the reader. It made quite an impact. It's definitely a story that reminds us how we should treat our parents. The pacing of the story is quite fast though and I suggest not to leave out some details. It is a short story so one should know what to include and what to leave out. Well done!

  7. I love the story despite the fact that the author just dropped the bomb about the father dying (which wasn't really well-implied in the story by the way). The plot felt like it was rather rushed to the ending and it could leave the readers feeling confused. I suggest not to leave out important information and to put details that builds up to the tragic ending, it will surely leave the readers feeling touched or maybe even sobbing. The story was great though, it shows us that we need to appreciate all the things our parents do for us and we need to pay them back with love and gratitude. Good job!

  8. This story touched my heart. The plot twist was quite unpredictable but the main focus got to me a lot. Truly respect begets respect, and gratefulness just needs to show for the hard works our parents did. Good job! :)

  9. The story really greatly affect me because I lost my father four years ago and I know what it felt when you lost someone that you loved especially when one of your family member. We should cherish every moment with our loved ones because time is precious that's what I learned because my father was working abroad so I don't have that enough chance to bond with him. I really like the story because I could really relate to it.

  10. This story truly is a heartwarming story. It shows us the unconditional love given to us by our parents in a way where they will everything just to make our lives better. It tells us that we should appreciate our parents' hard work. However, I suggest that you should have add some details on the last part because it feels like "is that it?" feeling. But don't worry you did a great job to send the message of this story to readers like me.

  11. This story is very unique. It's a point of view of a father to his son. We could not imagine how our parents love us. That unconditional love given to us and they will sacrifice their own life just for our own safety. They will do anything for us. Great work!

  12. Good job. The story is very unique.

  13. I love how the story was written. This is a very touching story. It shows how parents can give up everything just for the sake of their children. This proves that a parent’s love is very unconditional.

  14. The story was a heart warming one. I liked how the author emphasized the feelings and thoughts of the father, it gave me a clearer view of his undying love for his son but it would have been better if the author gave detailed descriptions to it and if it was not that fast paced. The author did not directly state that the father died in the ending but I guess the last sentence is enough to show his sacrifice which perfectly fits the title and it gave more impact to me. All in all the story is an eye opener.

  15. This is such a heartwarming story. This story reminds every single one of us how we should treat our parents. This story really made quite an impact to me. I highly recommend this story to everyone.


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