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Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: Light Through the Darkness

Wazzup Pilipinas!

This story is all about love between humans and other creatures. In this story you can find love when the human tries to help the bizarre creature named Tiffany when she had an injury. When the war stops between the humans and bizarre creatures, you can also find love on that part because they forgive each other to have a peaceful life. You can also find love when Tiffany and the human creature confessed their feelings to each other and when the human creature set Tiffany free because of the reason that she cannot stay longer in their place.

This story intends to advice you that if you really love someone and there is a problem with his or her health that he or she may possibly die anytime, you should set him or her free because you know that he/she cannot live for a long period of time in this world and you know that you would just hurt him or her a lot if ever you will set him or her free during the time when you have deeper feelings to each other. Maybe he or she was not beside you but the memory he or she left in your heart will last forever.

Below is our short story for the day. Please read on and enjoy.

In the days when the Earth was juvenile and all things were better than they are now, in the region were many people spend their lives seeking for something that they don’t even know, my grandmother told me about an abstruse experience of her.

“When I am at your age, while I am at our farmland, I saw the division of the ground into two and anomalistic creatures came from that opening,” my grandmother said with fears on her face.

“So starting from now, you should be careful on what you’re doing in our nature considering those creatures I saw, “she added.

That time I am still young and I do not understand matters in regards to those creatures that I cannot see. I thought that she was just scaring me. Until the time when my grandmother passed away and those creatures she divulged to me do not emerged even in my dreams.

Our surroundings changed tremendously as time passes by. Even those grasses that I used to see in almost every corner of our region were not safe from this dilemma. Almost all of the people in our place had contributed a lot for the destruction of our surroundings. The main reason why we cut down trees is that we need money to provide our family with food and other daily requirements. These dreadful occurrences in our environment absolutely affect many people in our community.

As the sun rose and another chapter of my life begun, I opened my eyes and my mind was flooded with so much confusion as I wonder what is happening in my surroundings. The ambience rapidly changed and I do not know the reason behind this. As I looked at the window, I saw the field in front of our house split into two. I hastily go to that place to see what is really happening. When I was already there, I saw bizarre creatures appearing. I hurriedly run and hide to the safest place I know.

I could not believe what I had seen because those creatures looked like human beings, but the color of their skin was glowing and their hair was white and shining. They were golden brown in color and I saw hatred and fury on their faces. I remembered the time when my grandmother told me about those creatures that I can’t even understand or visualize but from this incident, queries in my past was already terminated and replaced by another. In this point of my life, I was thinking about the reasons why they need to go in our place and nothing else entered my mind except for the intention of them to conquer our region.

The news spread throughout our region and there came a point that the government officials were preparing for a battle between us and those creatures. I am really frightened that time thinking about what will happen next. Everyone’s mind was united with one goal and that was to eliminate those creatures. The whole region was surrounded with weapons and armies because they assumed that anytime those creatures will attack us.

Suddenly the war begun and the whole region became tumultuous. Many innocent lives, precious properties and golden time were wasted in that war. In the war, the soldiers used weapons to defeat those creatures living under our region while their foes were able to fight back without using anything, proving that they were absolutely strong and powerful.

While I am preparing my weapons outside our house, I saw one of those creatures who badly need help because of her condition. Tears in her eyes gently drip down until it just vanishes. I don’t know why that strange thing happened because I thought that a creature like her doesn’t have feelings like us humans. I lend my helping hand to her even though I don’t trust her. I gave everything she needs for her to survive without letting someone know what I am doing to her.

The hands of the clock already rotated for a thousand times, and only marks on her skin remained. I am really surprised when she conversed to me the same language I used.

“Who.. Who are you?” I asked.

“My name is Tiffany and I am one of the creatures living under your region who suffered from the things you have done in your surroundings,” she said.

“I am so thankful because you helped me when I am injured,” she added.

My heart got broken and tears in my eyes slowly drip down to my face like what she experienced when I heard that. Regrets to my actions were shown to my face.

“I am sorry to what I have done to you and I promise to you that I will not do it again,” I said.

“I already forgive you ever since you helped me, but how about the others?” she asked.

“I will also ask for their forgiveness,” I replied.

That time I went to their barracks and I am accompanied with Tiffany. I showed my sincerity in asking for forgiveness by not just telling it but also by the actions I did when I am there. Giving their forgiveness was not easy for them but time came and they gave it to me.

“We already forgive you for the sins that you have done to us,” their leader said.

“Thank you very much, but how could I help you this time?” I asked.

“We don’t really want war, so could you be the instrument to stop it?” he replied.

“Sure, I will do my best for it,” I answered.

I went to our camp immediately together with Tiffany. There are marks of uncertainty to the face of the soldiers. They were staring at Tiffany because they know that she was one of the enemies. Until it came to the point that we were enclosed with those soldiers and people. I explained everything to them but they don’t even listen to me. Until Tiffany explained what she thinks is right to us and silence covered the whole place.

“Please, let this war ends here, many lives were destroyed because of this and would you wait for your time to end before you will realize that this is wrong?” she said.

Many people agreed to what Tiffany told them and they apprehended at last those wrong decisions and actions they did. That time they realized that they should end the war and they should ask for forgiveness to what they did. They went to the barracks of their foes to ask for forgiveness. Also they promised that they will never do it again and they will take care of their surroundings. Those creatures in the other hand forgave them and promised that they will also help to restore the beauty of their place.

At last my heart was already completed because I already found the one who will fill the emptiness on it. She was already on my side for a long time but that time I do not appreciate her. I sensed that we have the same feelings but we don’t just have any courage to tell it to each other. So now, I will be the one who will express my feelings to her.

“Tiffany, I love you ever since I met you but sorry because I think that it’s too late for this,” I said.

“Don’t worry, I feel the same, ever since I saw you I already fell in love to you but I don’t have enough courage to tell it to you,” she said.

“But Tiffany, you cannot stay here for a long period of time so you better go back to the place where you can survive longer,” I replied.

I really love her but I need to set her free because I know that she cannot live for a long period of time in our place and I know that I would just hurt her a lot if ever I will set her free during the time when we have deeper feelings to each other. Maybe she was not beside me but the memory she left in my heart will last forever.

In that point of my life, I realized that there is really light through the darkness.

Contributed by Andrea Celina Gumban

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  1. Great plot! It's really difficult for us to let our love ones free.

  2. Such a great story! It was not an ordinary love story. The plot was unusual and the choice of words was great :)

  3. It is a great story! But the phasing of events happened too fast. It seemed so desolate that it's already late when they realized that they cannot stay together for a long time since it's necessary for Tiffany to leave.

  4. It's like the story I've read, the human is in love with a robot... but the robot is also look like a human but the human died and the robot was left... I like the concept of the story ;)

  5. I really liked the story and the way it has been written by the author. Well done.


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