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Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: Hyde

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I am a Kpop fan and VIXX is one of my fandom. They had this song entitled "Hyde". When you watch the music video and familiarize yourself with the lyrics, you’ll see that these six guys were trying their best to conquer the evil person inside them who tries to kill the girl they love. Their song was also inspired by the novel of Robert Louis Stevenson, "Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde". As the song says “Jekyll and Hyde, I am both of them..”

Edward Hyde in the story is a small, deformed, disgusting man somewhat younger than Dr. Jekyll who is apparently devoid of a profession. Lanyon, Utterson and Enfield all describe witnessing something indefinably evil and horrific in Edward Hyde's face. He is often compared to animals, implying that he is not a fully evolved human being.

Despite these descriptions, Hyde is generally civilized in his interactions with others, most notably Utterson and Lanyon. Dr. Jekyll describes Hyde as "pure evil," who menaces society at night, trampling a girl in the street and murdering Sir Danvers Carew. We learn at the end of the story that Edward Hyde and Dr. Henry Jekyll are in fact the same person.

Bewlo is our short story for the day. Enjoy!

On his first day in his new town, Ravi's doing some running and some unnecessary parkour, to show that he's powerful and agile, when he stumble across some bad guys. They chased him through an abandoned building, where more parkour occurs. He was wondering though on why they are chasing him.

After he got rid of those guys he went up the rooftop to have an alone time with himself where he saw a girl sleeping on a bench. It was almost sundown and someone is still sleeping in this kind of abandoned building. It's pretty dangerous in here. He thought to himself.

He approaches her and shook her shoulders. "Why are you sleeping here at this time? This is place is really dangerous for you, haven't you thought of that?" he asked the girl immediately when she woke up.

"Whoa whoa! Easy there, first of all I always come here after my class. Second, I went here to watch the eclipse." she replied looking at him.

"Well, the eclipse ended a couple of hours ago. Aren't you going home?" he asked.

"Why do you care anyway? I don't even know you!" she spat those words at him.

He took a step backward and run through the stairs. What if those bad guys find her Ravi? An unfamiliar voice asked. No, you're not going up there again. You don’t even know who that girl is. Another unfamiliar voice shouted at him. He stopped at his path. Those two voices keep on shouting at him, dictating him on what he should do.

"STOP!!" his hand pulling some of his hair as he yells those words. But those two voices never stop. He knelt to the ground. He can't take it anymore, it feels like his head is about to explode.

After a couple of minutes or so, he found himself leaving the place and went home to have some good night sleep.

The next day is Ravi's first day at school, where he saw the sleeping girl from last night and was told to sit next to her. She looks at him with recognition evident in her eyes.

"You're the nosy guy from yesterday, right?" she asked.

"Just because I'm worrying about a girl that is sleeping on a derelict building by herself doesn't mean that I'm nosy" he stated a bit irritated at her question.

"So defensive" she muttered under her breath "I heard that." he said.

The students in his class give off a very dull and boring atmosphere. And the professor doesn't even notice that half of the class is not listening to him. The bell rang as a sign of the end of the class. He had plan that he was going straight home since he don’t know anyone from this school.

"Hi, you're the new guy right? I'm Kai Evans, do you mind if you can join me and my friends for lunch?" a tan guy wearing a peach sweat shirt approach him.

"I’m planning to go home and rest, sorry." he answered half-heartedly. You should go and make friends with him and his friends. No, go home you don’t know this guy. There go those two voices again.

“Just try to hang out with us. If you don’t like to be our friends, then you could go home” the guy named Kai persuaded.

He thought about it for a moment. NO, JUST GO STRAIGHT HOME, there goes that evil voice inside him. He doesn’t know why but he had this feeling to ignore it.

“I guess I could spend a couple of hours with you. My name is Ravin Hale by the way. Please call me Ravi.” he answered accepting Kai’s offer.

They walked to the cafeteria and went to a long table on the center of the room occupied by ten guys and a girl. "Hi guys! Meet Ravin Hale" he started and began introducing him to the group. He sure has a lot of names to remember.

After lunch they had their requisite montage of all the fun times between Ravi and his new friends. They hang out, they play sports, they laugh and they share stories about themselves.

It was sundown when they decided to go home. They're walking the only girl in the group, who is Zoe, which also happens to be the girl from yesterday and the girl he sat next to in class, to the bus stop. Few moments after Zoe got on the bus they were beleaguered by masked guys. The same guys who were chasing Ravi. A tattooed-guy grabs Ravi on his arm but his buddies are having none of that, they followed them towards an abandoned warehouse.

“Where’s your brother?” a guy who seems to be the leader of the group asked Ravi.

“I don’t know and if I know it I wouldn’t tell you either.” Ravi answered in a mocking town.

The masked guys started to attack Ravi and his friends. The fight between the two groups commences, with kicking and punching galore, until Ravi spies something out of the corner of his eye. It was one of his friends getting stomped to the ground, which made him really angry.

Ravi turns different. His vision became bloody red. He started throwing punches to everyone who stops him and gets on his way. He can’t stand seeing his own friends risking their own health and lives for him. Everything was getting well not until one of his friend, Leo, holds his arm to stop him from killing the leader of the other group. Leo gets flung into a stack of warehouse stuff and was hurt badly. Leo was dragged out by his friends and left him there sinking on the ground in remorse.

Zoe shows up out of the shadows and was disappointed on what he had done. Ravi notice that she was crying. “I never knew that you were capable of doing those stuffs to your friend.” she said before he left him to follow their friends.

Ravi's power sigil flares up again while she was standing there earlier. Maybe if could control his anger earlier Leo wouldn’t be hurt and he will not be left here all alone.

It’s the morning afterward the huge showdown, everybody’s covered in minimal bruises except for Leo, whose in the hospital. Ravi’s in his room pacing, he still can’t believe his powers overcame him and he beat up one of his best friends, he was stressing way too much.

After school the rest of Ravi’s friend, together with Zoe, went to visit Leo. They were telling Leo about their day at school but Zoe wasn’t really listening to the group’s conversation. She saw Ravi outside Leo’s hospital window. When Ravi realizes that Zoe has already notice his presence he immediately leave the place.

After a group hands-in, everybody leaves to go home, except for the girl who catches Ravi behind a wall. She looks at him for a second and breaks it when he stared back into her emerald eyes.

“I’m truly sorry on what happened to Leo.” Ravi uttered before he quickly leave the place.

Ravi was near his apartment when he drops to the ground in extreme pain caused by the wounds that he got from the fight yesterday. He didn’t notice that Zoe was following him until she rushed towards him for some help.

She somehow gets him back home and starts taking care of him. While she was waiting for him to wake up, she looks around his room and saw a picture of him and a man who she guessed was his brother.

When Ravi began to wake, Zoe brought him some soup and after he ate, the two of them head out, to accompany her home. They’re about to leave the apartment when they bump into Kai.

“I need to talk to you Ravi.” Kai said in a stern voice and went to an alley beside the apartment

“I’m sorry I think I can’t walk you home now” Ravi told Zoe before he followed Kai. “It’s okay just don’t get into fight” she answered and went off.

As he arrived at the corner of the alley, Kai pinned him on the wall. “What the hell is wrong with you yesterday? You damaged Leo, a lot!” he said angrily. “I’m sorry I lost control of myself.” he said in an apologetic tone. Kai removed his grip on him and walks away.

He’s about to tuck in his bed when his phone suddenly rang. The number was unregistered and he was about to decline the call but something inside him was telling him that the call was important.

“Why wouldn’t you tell me on where you brother is?” a deep voice asked him.

“How many times do I have to tell you that I don’t know where he is!” he answered.

“Would you tell me where he is if I told you that we got your friend with us?” he said

He quickly ended the call and went to the abandoned warehouse. He’s sure that that place was their den. Meanwhile, his friends were at the hospital to visit Leo and accompany him when he got discharged by the doctors. Just as the other members leave the hospital together with Leo, Kai received a call from Zoe.

“Hello” he said as soon as he answered his phone. Instead of hearing Zoe’s voice he heard a rumbling sound of motors around and someone stating Ravi’s name.

Ravi was surrounded by the same guys who attacked them the other day. The only difference is he doesn’t have his friends with him. The guys started to attack him but he countered all of it. Five men with baseball bats attacked him. Just as Ravi was about to fall down, his friends come in a straight line and began to defend him from this guys. Ravi was able to get back to the fight.

Just as Ravi was about to rescue Zoe from two thugs, the sigil on his hand lights up again and he has to choose whether he’s going to let his alter ego out like the last time or if he’s just going to take it and it will cause pain inside him.

He chose the latter. Holding back the other persona inside him makes him weaker. He was beaten up by the two thugs and was lying on the floor groaning in pain. As soon as his friends were through with the other guys they rushed to his side to help him.

They we’re surrounding an unconscious Ravi. When Zoe was getting nearer the circle Ravi’s sigil began to light up. She cried in front of him and keeps on blaming herself on what had happened.

Ravi’s heartbeat stopped and his sigil began to fade away and the color of his hair was shifting from blond to black.

Contributed by Angilleanne Maze Garcia

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  1. This fanfic is nice. Yay for kpop idols!! 😁

  2. Fanfic stories were so goooooddd and this one qualified for my standards! Yay! Two thumbs up! :D

  3. The story is nice maybe because while you're writing this story you were inspired by four fandom ;)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. (Please forgive my fangirl feels, thank you. And oh, sorry if I deleted my previous comment because I forgot to add something in my comment, haha.)

    Is this inspired from EXO's Wolf & Growl Drama M/Vs? Because I've noticed while reading that it had a similar plot (if not exact)! Well, I liked that you mixed Ravi and Leo in instead of Luhan and D.O. At least it had something different in it. But since I guess I knew this plot already, maybe you should have put some twist in it. For others who don't know this plot, maybe they would be amazed, but as a fangirl like me, I guess it was predictable already, haha!

    Well fangirling aside, I liked how you described the plot. In the M/Vs, it was a bit blur because it was only represented by songs, but I'm glad that you've managed to mix in some narration that would fit into the story. And another thing, I'm glad that you've mixed Wolf's plot with the concept of Hyde (Ravi having two personalities). Aside from that, I have nothing else to comment since I've already mentioned the similarity of plot above.

    All in all, it was a great read. :)


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