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Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: The Last Name, My Greatest Memory

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The narrator of the story is Ace Pacifista. He was once human when he was still among the living but is now a scheduler, the one who fetches the souls of the dead and guides them towards Tartarus, the World of the Dead. He makes a deal with the Keeper, the one who keeps the Cinematic Record of Life, to regain his memory.

A Cinematic Record is a recollection of an individual's memories, depicted as a brief movie.

When Ace learned that Kathleen, the former love of his life, has been trying to commit suicide for several times already due to his death, he made a request to the Keeper to erase his memories from Kathleen to end her suffering.

Kathleen forgets about him but leaving a mark on Ace that even in the new memory that the Keeper has rewritten on her, she will still love him.

Here is our short story for the day. You'll definitely enjoy this one.

Nothing would stop me from knowing the truth, and that is the only reason why I am still here, doing my job as a god damn scheduler. All I do since my first day as the scheduler was nothing except on collecting the souls of the dead and help them travel across the world of the living towards the world of the dead in Tartarus. For five years, I have done nothing to please myself, only him, the Keeper.

All I wanted to know is to regain my memory, and that is the reason why I made a deal between me and the Keeper. I exchanged my entire life of being a scheduler just for him to give me my Cinematic Record of life, the most memorable memory of my life that I wanted to regain after my death. And that thing is stolen away from me, by that human! I never wanted any of this, I never did.

I chose to become a scheduler just to fulfill my missing identity, and as I finish my contract, I think that he’s not going to fulfill it. The Keeper is a liar. He doesn’t only keep the Cinematic Record of Life, but also, he keeps a lot of secrets.

I’m walking towards the last name on my schedule, to a girl named Kath. In fact, I sometimes envy the souls that I am collecting. Almost all of them have lived a good life, except for a few, and that includes this girl.

According to this Death Note, written by Ryuk, a Shinigami, the one who writes the life span of a human, this girl was a famous musician in high school, and that’s where she met Ace, a rebellious, cold guy which she falls in love with. And just like a typical teen romance novel, Ace changed and they ended up together in high school.

And as time passes by, these two became what they wanted to be. Kath became a successful doctor while Ace became a successful artist. The relationship isn’t perfect, but it is real.

One day, Ace decided to attend a party arranged by his friend. He is drunk and he doesn’t know what he is doing. A girl who was obsessed with him took pictures which are not meant to be seen by Kath.

As she wakes up one morning, she saw pictures in her email sent to her by a stranger and as she clicked it, she saw the picture of the drunken Ace with some girls flirting with him. But because she loves him with all of heart, he did not believe this photos and she wanted to believe in Ace.

But Ace denied it all. He did not know what is really happening between them. He left her for a while and gave her space.

As time passes by, Ace wanted to make up with Kath. He ended up calling her to go to their meeting place. Kath, which is so hopeful, was happy to have another chance to be with Ace. She regrets everything that she made to make them broken into pieces.

Ace, on the other hand, was riding a motorcycle towards Kath when there was an unexpected incident. He was crashed by a motorcycle in highway 54 causing him to bleed to death.

When Kath learned about this, she went directly to Ace, seeing him lifeless and after his death, she lives miserably. She tried to commit suicide several times but she did not succeed.

And now her life has come to an end. She’s nothing. She’s so dumb that she believes that love is for an eternity, but I cannot judge her because I never felt love. And if I do, I forgot them all. Besides, being misunderstood is far better than to hurt by the truth. Love is just a spice of life! It’s not everything!

I looked at my schedule and checked if I was on the right street. I walked against the wall and saw her sitting on the corner of the room holding a gun. Its right, suicide is her cause of death. A gunshot. I looked at my watch and found out that she already has 3 minutes left. I heard her speak.

“Ace, I’ll promise, I’ll go wherever you’ll go”

“I love you………..Ace”

“I Love you Ace”

“I know you’ll always be there”

“Please stay by my side”

“You’re the reason why I live”

“Ace, I don’t believe you!”

“Please tell me the truth Ace!”

“Forgive me Ace; I did not want to accuse you”

“Ace! I can’t live without you!”

“Please don’t die!”

“Ace, I love you”

My memory----

Kathleen Michaelis.


Please don’t do this! Don’t die! Please! For me! Listen to me! Kath! Do not kill yourself! Kath!

Kath, I love you.

“Can’t face her, do you?” I heard someone from the back.

“Keeper!” I shouted as I faced him. I started to cry.

“The contract is over Ace. I told you, I’ll give you what you want but just give me mine. I said that I will grant your wish after the five years of your term being a scheduler, and she being the last name on your list.”

“That’s—That’s unfair! Unfair! Don’t you know the meaning of love? Keeper? You’re once a human! And humans love and being loved!”

“You yourself don’t know the real meaning of Love. Look what you have done to her. Because of that love, you have taken away your future, her bright future that lies ahead of her.”


“You’ve done such a great job Ace, you must be tired-----“

“Just one wish left Keeper! Just one wish before I go to the Nothingness!” I said while m crying as he stares at me.

“Keeper!” I pleaded as I knelt before him.

“Speak” he said.

“Let her forget me! Please! Let her! I just want to be a good memory to her! Rewrite her Cinematic Record! Please! Don’t make her remember me!” I said as my eyes cry a river.


“Keeper!” I said. Then I heard a gunshot.

“Kath!” I exclaimed.

“She cannot see you, Ace, that’s trade for rewriting her memory” the Keeper said as I smiled at him.

Kath! My dearest Kath!

The Keeper held her hand as she went out of her body. I am still crying

“Kathleen Michaelis, you have done a great job. Your life has now ended. Please bring with you your most memorable experience as we travel towards Tartarus” he said as he smiles in front of her.

My Kathleen.

“I know, I read it from the book. Can I have it? As my memory? There is a character there that inspires me. Can I?” she said as she pouts her lips. She’s cute as before.

“Who is this character?” asks the Keeper.

“Ace, Ace Pacifista, you know, if he isn’t just a character, I’ll fell in love with him.” She said as she smiles.

I just cried.

Her smile, I will never forget her smile again.

I walked against the wall because I can’t see her leave like that! But it is better than seeing her suffering because of me. I love her so much that I‘ll sacrifice everything for her, after all, love can make the world go round.

And now that my term has ended, I wanted to be grateful to the Keeper for letting me experience the Love that they are all talking about. I‘ll now cross to Tartarus. And I am glad that she is the Last Name on my Schedule.

Kathleen Michaelis.

My Greatest Memory.

Contributed by Jeanne Kathlene Dela Cruz

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  1. Great story! It has an unpredictable and unusual plot. It‘s very unique and really had something that other stories doesn‘t have. Such a great story :)

  2. Hooray! The story was amazing! Good choice of words, plus I liked the fact that it's not as cliche as other stories. Kudos to the writer!


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