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Mandarin Palace: Celebrating Our Wedding Anniversary with Authentic Chinese Cuisine

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A celebration was necessary since it was a very special day for us as husband and wife. It's the very same day we got married in church. I mentioned church since we also were earlier married via civil wedding. You know, our beloved Mayor acted as the appointed one  who had the right to wed a couple outside of the formality of a wedding.

Our anniversary started with a visit to the church where we tied the knot. The Mary Help of Christians Parish located in Better Living Subdivision of Paranaque was still there proudly standing with just a few noticeable changes. The church now has some elaborate statues at the top of the altar and the stations of the cross. As far as everything else I don't recognize any changes. I wouldn't be able to remember since we were only at the church twice. First time was to file our wedding and submit requirements and teh second time was the day of the wedding itself. Naturally, I was not paying attention to any of the decorative interiors or even exteriors, I was more focused staring at my wife whom I was  so madly in love with.

The reason we chose that church was it was very near to the very first home we had at Lower Bicutan of Taguig city. Though the church was located inside a subdivision, it was just a short drive away from our previous rented apartment. Another reason was the exterior was absolutely majestic as compared to the nearest small church we have in Bicutan.

You should know that I still feel the same way towards my wife even after 19 years of marriage. I'm a lot different compared to how I was back in my younger days, but what remains is my undying love for her. I may have been quite naughty in the past but until now, even though she finds it hard to believe, I still adore her like the very first days I set my eyes on her. Except for the fact that I already lost the nervousness since I am more confident now, I still get those awful jitters every time she talks with me. I am always at a lost for words every time we talk about something serious.

But enough with the drama since the day was meant to be a happy one. What would make me happy, aside from seeing her smile and laugh, is to dine on a newly discovered restaurant. Since we were already in the Paranaque area, where else should we go but at the best dining area located in BF Homes along the street of Aguirre Avenue.

The Mandarin Palace Seafood and Shabu-Shabu Restaurant was a splendid choice with huge food servings quite reasonable for their amount.

Chinese food has a special place in our heart since most of their culinary cuisines would always be right for our taste. I especially liked all of what we ordered except for just one dish we got for take-out. I requested the waitress to give us all kinds of dim sum for take-out and she included the chicken feet. Eewww!!! While some people cherish that kind of meal, the though of eating feet used to walk on the dirt kind of grossed me.

The Mandarin Palace Menu contained a long list of dishes categorized based on type (Fish, Beef, Pork and so on.)

Complimentary Veggie Salad

The moment you sit, they will serve you a complimentary veggie salad for sharing as a sort of appetizer.

Dim sum Cart
Next, a waitress will be pulling a dim sum cart right in front of your table and will ask you to pick some if you want. Your choices will be served and listed as part of your order. We chose three kinds where two contained shrimps as the primary ingredient.

This was the best among the three kinds of dim sum we ordered. I forgot to ask for their  names so i hope the photos suffice for you to recognize them. I think each one cost around P 85 per four pieces.

This one also had shrimps inside. Especially wonderful when dipped in the chili sauce.

The Shark's Fin was good enough. These steamed delights were flavorful even without the chili and soy sauce.

Peking Duck (P 999)
We ordered a whole Peking Duck which will be served two-way for only P 999 since it was a promotional offer. I just don't know how long it will last but we took advantage of the offer.

Sauteed Shrimps with Broccoli (P 350, P 525, P 700)
The Sauteed Shrimps with Broccoli was actually great as the shrimps were all plump and the broccoli were so fresh.

The Yang Chow Fried Rice (P 200, P 300, P400)
The Yang Chow Fried Rice was really good. In fact, the rice is good enough to eat even without anymore viands since it already contains shrimps, veggies and other stuff.

Peking Duck warped with veggies and special sauce inside
This is how the Peking Duck was served, the traditional way it's done. I've eaten in quite a number of Chinese Restaurants but the Mandarin Palace serves their Peking Duck fast. We had this in just a few minutes, after they've shown us the whole duck.

The Crab and all its glory! (P 1, 200)
We will never miss out on the Sauteed Crab whenever we come to a seafood restaurant.The prices vary depending on weight and size.This one was priced at P 1,200 and a biggie but I probably have chosen a different way to cook it. Fresh from the aquarium, they show it to you first while still alive and then cook it once you approved.

It was also funny when you have to choose between male and female/bakla crab with the latter being the more expensive choice.

Peking Duck served second-way

This is the second way our Peking Duck was cooked with the bones intact. They have another choice for serving minus the duck bones.

Mango Sago
The chilled Mango Sago has a cherry on top to make it look more attractive but the mango was a bit sour. Also the ice was rough to the tongue. They should invest on smooth shaved ice for a more pleasing dessert experience.

The "buchi" was the best one I'm tried so far. It doesn't compare at all with the ones found in other fast food chains.

Fresh Buko Juice
Fresh Buko Juice is served though it would have been better if it was also chilled. Though I loved the "mala-uhog" buko meat inside.

Mango Shake
There's also Mango Shake for my wife. Mango has been a mutual favorite since its the most refreshing fruit that's readily available almost everywhere.

Wilma and Ross Del Rosario (priceless)

Thank you Mandarin Palace for being part of our 19th Wedding Anniversary! OMG! Is that how long it has been. Seriously, it seems like just yesterday, and it feels like my age stopped at 25. There may have been a lot of changes, but deep inside, I am still the same guy my wife met before we got married.

Well, maybe just a little more occupied with other stuff but I try my best to still find quality time with her, and with our three kids who are also growing up so fast that one of them even is now taller than me.

Life has been a series of ups and down but like the heartbeat or pulse monitor readings, it only means we are alive and normal. Worry when it goes flat.

Mandarin Palace Seafood and Shabu-Shabu Restaurant is located at 142 Aguirre Ave cor N Jacinto B.F. Homes, Parañaque (02) 478-5420.

Know more about them from their Facebook page:

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