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The Brae of Infinity Resort: Sumptuous Early Morning Breakfast at Puerto Galera

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I would always wake up early in the morning whenever I am away at a far away place. Why? I aim to catch the sunrise. I would always like to capture it with my camera regardless of how it looked like. Sometimes there won't be any opportunity since the sunrise would be at the other side of our location not visible since it would be hidden behind the mountains so I would do the second best thing: capture the sunset instead.

Luckily, our stay at the luxurious Infinity Resort in Puerto Galera allowed us to have a view of the sunrise. It was not as dramatic and spectacular as other sunrises I've seen since it was also covered by mostly mountains, but it was still a warm feeling to witness the sun slowly shining out to bring light to the world.

Of course, after such a sensational experience feeling the warm touch of sunshine on your face, my wife and I decided to have an early breakfast even before having our early morning shower. They say it's the most important meal of the day so we should not skip this before going through our tour of the resort, and the surrounding areas.

A sunrise is always beautiful especially when along the picturesque beaches and mountains. I will never grow tired of capturing these serene moments.

The Infinity pool of the resort captures their structures in a more spectacular view due to the reflection it makes on the water, plus the scenic mountain backdrop.

Their huge logo fronting the beach was also partly made from stone slabs. An amazing sight as well for photo ops. We'll show the other photos at our Facebook fan page soon.

I really like their intricate logo that's why I took a closer photo of it. The letter "I" can be seen slanted in the middle, and it's also like a maze or labyrinth.

The Brae actually means a hillside or a slope of which clearly defines the location of the Infinity Resort

The owner does love wood, and he made sure the architect and designer of the place makes it really evident at all the structures of the Infinity Resort. The Brae is architectural wonder at its finest. Kudos to the imagination of the creators, and all the other people involved who envisioned this place.

There was also a huge photograph depicting the other property of the owner located just a little less than a n hour from the resort. The natural beauty of this other place was also something to look forward to. We visited it immediately after breakfast but I need to discuss it on a separate blog post since there's so many beautiful photos I wish to share.

Infinity Resort offers The Brae restaurant which offers three kinds of set meals for breakfast. My wife chose the American breakfast because she was longing for some bacon while I chose the Filipino meal because I was after the crispy "danggit."

Referenced from WikiPilipinas, "danggit is the local Philippine name for a fish also known the rabbitfish or spinefoot. Other local names include samaral, taragbago, kitang, or tabago." I would always look for this particular fish every time I have breakfast anywhere.

I've read somewhere that The Brae usually offers Buffet style breakfast if there are a considerable amount of people at the resort but since we were there during August, there were only three villas occupied. In this situation, they serve plated breakfast meals instead.

However, during peak seasons, it would be very hard to get a reservation or even a walk-in since the resort is expected to be full. Best way is to arrange accommodation several weeks before.

You have a choice between fruit juice or brewed coffee. I opted for the brewed coffee, while I ordered mango juice for my wife.

I enjoyed the brewed coffee. It was surprisingly good.

There's bread included in the breakfast set for the American meal. But my wife and I shared it and spread it with butter and three kinds of fruit jam.

Every bread was good especially when I combined the butter and jam spreads on the breads.

There's also three kinds of fruits served. I guess the fruits will depend on which are in season. We were given watermelon, oranges and apple slices. They were really fresh and not over or under ripe.

The Filipino breakfast was composed of danggit, fried daing na bangus (milkfish) and scrambled egg (you can also have it sunny-side up if you want). I would have normally eaten more, and could have ordered additional if I wanted to, but I was saving room for lunch.

While the American meal set had two pieces of pancakes, two pieces of ham, a few strips of bacon, and fried egg. My wife gave me the other piece of pancake while she splurged on the fruits.

Both sets have three slices of cucumber at the sides. My wife ate all of them. I just don't like cucumber except for putting them on top of my eyes while being massaged.

Incidentally, they used cucumber during our body scrub and signature massage session at their Malasimbo Spa later that evening. I will tell the story about our incredibly soothing spa treatments on a separate blog post.

My wife and I would like to thank the Infinity Resort for such sumptuous early morning breakfast. The best way to start the day right is to begin it with a hearty full meal breakfast.

They can also serve them in your room which we tried the next morning of our three days and two nights of stay. I will share the story separately too.

Overall, though I am used to a buffet breakfast, it was understandable to have been served plated meals since there were only a few of us staying in the resort during that weekend.

We were also on our way to a tour of the surrounding areas starting with the tour of their up and coming Infinity Adventure Farm, a zipline adventure at the Ponderosa recreational Park, and a boat taxi ride around the beaches of Puerto Galera. This will definitely be a great series of stories about our stay at Infinity Resort of Puerto Galera.

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