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Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: TGIF

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The story is all about desperation. Lyca, the main characater, was so desperate for love which made her so ignorant about reality.

The author of this story focused on emotions. Specifically, love. Lyca became so blinded of the signs due to her love for John. Considering that she is naïve, she then believed to those tarot cards which was inferred by the “signs”.

In the latter part of the story, the she then became so weak to the point that she let go. It can be inferred that she did that for love. She might have expected too much due to her desperation and lack of touch. With the quote in the beginning of the story, she might have thought that love could heal her brokenness.

You'll learn to never base your happiness on other people,  and that before you demand love, love yourself first. Not everyone you love will love you back.

Self-harm isn’t the key to problems. Try to open your problems to your friends and seek for help and guidance for God.

Here is our short story for the day. Please read on and enjoy.

“And in the end, we were all just humans… drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness.”

For some reason, that was the first and only thing I’ve read on Tumblr this morning. And yes, every morning, that is my only escape. Every morning, I couldn’t just end any prayer without asking it to end as usual. It’s Friday morning and everyone has been tweeting TGIF. Not really sure about that. Same old morning routine, and just like yesterday, the other day, last week. I’m still running late.

You see, I am really not a family person. I just go to school without even saying goodbye. Don’t judge me with it. Three more days before this school year ends and I tell you it has been a huge crap. But for some, it was a blast.

Maybe it’s because I’m not as famous as Bethany Penny, the most admirable, hot, beautiful girl in school. I think she was the only one who enjoyed homecoming. Maybe it’s because she was the queen.

I saw her in the locker room this morning, with her flawlessly brunette curly long hair. I’m not really anti-social. I’m not just included in any faction. Yes, a faction. See, in school, it is a requirement to have a group. You need to have people to stick around with every time. Because the moment you don’t… goodluck.

As I was eating my thoughts about that fact, a loud voice shaken my quiet and dormant mind. “Ms. Schmidt, I was asking you about hydrocarbons.” Great. It was Ms. Fowl, our Chemistry teacher. I thought Chemistry was going to be the last subject of the day that’s why I didn’t review for the graded recitation.

“Lyca, did you review for the recitation?” Jake murmured.

“Dude, no.” I replied.

Jake then raised his hand to save me from the furious Ms. Fowl. He answered quite an interesting answer which somehow made the situation complicated. But one thing is for sure, that was not the answer. Thank heavens for Jake—I was saved. Phew.

Jake Elders has been my classmate and friend ever since pre-school. Just like me, he’s a divergent. He has been bullied a lot more than me. Everytime the teacher will ask to find partners our “friends” would always team up. That’s the whole reason why I’m stuck with him.

After some line structures and molecular formula, the bell rang. Thank God. I went to the cafeteria and saw John Summers. He’s the leader of the school’s dance crew, the head of the military group and the hottest guy in school. And not to mention, the love of my life ever since I transferred to this school after we moved from Canada to Los Angeles.

I know you might be thinking that I’m not the girl-that-is-supposed-to-be-in-LA, I really don’t know too. Everybody just seems so famous and talented and beautiful here in LA. But John, he’s way more than that. I auditioned as a back-up dancer for the school play and John was the one leading. I really do like him. The way he moves is a lot more sweeter than fiction. He’s too perfect. I never really wanted to assume, c’mon, there are so many immaculate ladies here.

I have always been the type of girl who depends on signs. I don’t really have enough instinct to know if a guy likes me or not. Fine, a virgin she is. And inexperienced too. Plus, naïve. For the past week Kath and I were always asking for signs about John. Kath is the only true friend I have among my four other fake friends. We have been asking and asking and asking and the answers were all yes. That doesn’t mean anything right?

Well, let’s just say that I want John. I really want him. Before I know it, It was 3:55. Five more minutes until TGIF starts. It was Math time and I don’t really give anything. I just want to go home and go online on Tumblr and sleep. Then a note was passed to me from Kath.

“Lyca, we’re going to be having a surprise practice after Math class. All back-up dancers. Be there, beautiful. Okay? –John”

What on earth is going on. Did John just write me a letter, addressed to me and what? Beautiful? The bell rang and kath jumped off her seat and hugged me and started making weird noises. Ugh. “Lycaaaaa!!! Did he just? This is it, lady. You have now become a beautiful butterfly.” Kath squealed. A butterfly?

“C’mon! You need a little makeover.” Kath said.

A little make over? What does she mean by a little? If only you know Kath, a little makeover means pounds of makeup. Well, there she goes pulling my hair everywhere and stuff. Afterwards, I found myself so lightweight having my legs and underarms waxed and my hair all bohemian type of braid. I have nothing else to do about it so I hugged Kath and went to the dance studio. John was the only one there.

“I thought you were not coming.” He said.

“So, what was this surprise practice all about?” I asked.

“You’ll see.” He winked.

I’ll see, ey? If he only knew how intimidating he is. He might like you, though. My subconscious is trying to kill most of my brain cells right now. After that, it has begun. Most of the dancers has arrived and the dance started. Uh oh, Bethany Penny is here. John started to teach ballroom. Of all the dances why ballroom? I hate ballroom. As I was having a pretty hard time dealing with the steps and following the rhythm, Bethany walked pass by me and purposely spilled her moisturizer on the floor, I tripped and fell down. Sweet move, Lyca. Sweet. Everybody started laughing. I just feel so ashamed. Dear ground, please eat me now.

“You need a hand?” A husky voice started talking. I looked up and it was John. I took his hand and he helped me got up. His hands were so soft.

“If you have a hard time dealing with ballroom all you have to do is...” I really don’t know what’s happening right now. I don’t even understand ballroom. I’m lost in John’s voice. He held my hand and started moving me around maintaining eye contact. How does he do that? After the dance, John handed me a letter with my picture from 5th grade . “Thanks for coming, twerp.” Without prior notice, all the dancers started pouring red colored water on me. Everyone started partying and drinking. The music was so loud. John and Bethany started making out in front of me.

“So you really think he liked you?” Bethany shouted over the loud music.

I was all wet and my clothes started to become semi-transparent. It was so crowded. I tried finding my way out but everybody was leading me the wrong way. Bethany was videotaping me the whole time. I managed to somehow focus on looking for my backpack. I looked for my phone and started calling Kath.

“Lyca! How was it? Why is it so loud in there?” said kath over the phone.

I can’t manage to say a word. All I can do is sob.

“Lyca! Hold on, I’m coming.” I hung up.

Just like flash, Kath arrived with Jake they helped me up. Everybody were shouting losers. I really don’t know, I’m just crying my eyes out. They took me home, and started asking me what happened. With all my strength, I tried telling the story in detail. I went online and I find myself trending in Twitter having a viral video in Youtube. Being famous? I became a laughingstock in less than a minute. I really don’t know. I just feel so depressed. I tried going to bed but I just can’t. As Kath and Jake tucked me in, I feel haunted. So haunted.

“Everything’s gonna be alright, darling.” Jake said.

“You’ll be alright.” Kath said.

“I won’t.” I murmured. Not loud enough for them to hear. They left and I find myself preoccupied about what has happened. I picked up a razor which I used when my grandmother died. I just feel the color red covering my gray world. I took it and as it kissed my skin, I feel the pain coming out of my body. It was so addicting. The feeling was wonderful. I took John’s first letter and wrote something on it. The following morning, everybody in school was in tremor when they heard about a girl who committed suicide. They saw a picture of the incident with the girl holding a piece of paper written: TGIF.

Contributed by Maria Angelica De La Cruz

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  1. Good job!! Five stars! :) it is important for us to seek guidance from God

  2. Awesome plot!! The story was not cliche and very interesting. The choice of words was just right for the readers to understand. There was also a detailed explanation of the events. However I was confused at some parts of the story. I suggest a more clearer pacing of the story. Also, I just noticed that Kath(?) wasn't introduced well. But other than that the story was great. It tells us that bullying is a serious case and should be given much attention. You might not know, the person next to you is going through the same situation, near committing suicide and you talking to her might just save her life.

  3. Nice story. The story made me think about society and industry and how the world is such a wrecked place.

    -Shanthy Garcia


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