Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: Down Memory Lane

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Here is another original short story that needs no introduction anymore (maybe because the author didn't submitted any...hehehe).

Seriously, we all know that life could sometimes be very unfair but we should still find reasons to enjoy it. There would always be opportunities to smile and enjoy life to the fullest regardless of so many frustrating incidents.

There is a saying that life is like a wheel that is forever turning to reach our destination. There would be times when we are down there experiencing life's dilemma, but sure enough, the time will come when we would soon be on top to claim our happiness.

We should appreciate everything around us no matter which situation we are in. We should celebrate life inspite of the hardships and shortcomings. We should value the people in our lives while they remain significant part of our memories.

Here is our short story for the day. We hope reading it would entertain you, and make you realize

Toni was awoken by the heavy footsteps on the hall behind her closed door. She was half asleep when her dad swung the door open and stood beside her bed, “Toni, baby, you need to get up. Hurry!” he said.

She was then awoken by the shaking hand of her father.

“Hey, daddy! Why? Isn’t it too early for me to get up?” she asked while looking upon the alarm clock on her bedside table. It shows quarter to four in the morning.

“Yeah…. But…. You just have to.” Her dad said with almost teary eyes. Then her mom came in and Toni was surprised by her swelling eyes.

“Whoa, mom! It’s like you’ve cried for years! Can you guys tell me what’s going on, hu?” she said.

“Grandmamma called, your aunt and uncle,“ her dad said, looking for the right words to say, “C’mon, honey, Chase needs us to be there now.” He insisted.

“Not until you tell me what’s going on.” Toni said.

“Sweetie, your auntie Sarah and uncle Jake. They died last night, both of them and grandmamma needs us to go get Chase there, okay?” her mom said, finally letting her understand.

Though shocked, Toni rushed to her bathroom and prepared herself, her mom coming in after, telling her that their luggage had been waiting downstairs before they have even woke her up. She’s just six and she knew her mom knows every little thing she’ll need. She thought of Chase, though silly and naughty, he’s just the same age as her.

It was ten before seven in the morning when they reached the funeral home. Chase immediately ran to them, crying and wrapping his arms around Toni’s mother’s waist. She pitied him; he was too young to lose a family.

She then thought of herself as a very lucky girl for having a complete family, though she seldom sees her father because he’s working abroad. While Chase, barely grew up with his parents because of business trips, had lost them forever. He grew up with only their grandmother beside him and sometimes with Toni and her mom during school breaks. Chase was really close to Toni’s mom, so as with Toni and so Chase wants to go home with them. Their grandmother let Chase alone be with them back home and accepted the fact that Chase would never move on with the stay there, the very reason why she wanted Toni’s family to get Chase. She just couldn’t leave the place though there’s nothing, no one, left there to be with her aside from the house keepers.

Two days after Chase’ parents cremation, they headed back home and promised the grandmother a visit in every possible time.

The moment they got into the house, Toni’s mom quietly wished that Chase would get better. But it didn’t happen so soon. Chase always cries and keeps on calling his mom and dad’s names. Toni’s parents needed to have him sleep beside them because he always screams at night; they know he’s having some bad dreams.

Toni got used to it. She never felt what Chase feels but she clearly understands him though she’s so young.

The night before the day her dad would go back abroad, her parents talked to Chase. They made it clear to him that everything’s going to be alright and they’ll take care of him and everything he’ll need.

“You just have to trust us, Chase. We’ll do everything for you and we’ll keep you safe here. Just trust.” Her mom said, smiling brightly at Chase. Hoping to have the only thing they’ve been asking since Chase came. And that’s trust.

“We’ll treat you like our own. You can call us dad and mom, like Toni does. You can be like real brother and sister to each other,” her dad said to Chase, looking down, trying not to sound desperate.

Toni was just there at the corner, silently praying that her parents would get what they want. Her dad said he would never leave the family like this and Toni’s worrying about his work.

She then saw Chase stood up, crying and throwing himself to Toni’s father, “Daddy! Mommy!” he kept on shouting and Toni’s dad held him tight against him.

Before everybody went to bed, they were certain that Chase would be fine every single moment after Toni’s parents talked to him. They also explained to him how and what life with them would be. They said he would be living a normal life with them just that Toni’s dad needs to be far away for work. Chase understood them. Hopefully, he’ll be perfectly fine after the tragedy.

It was the second time Toni knew her dad will go away but she always knew that she’ll see him after two years. It’s always been hard for her leaving alone with just her mom. But now, leaving with Chase, her cousin slash new brother, she knew her life would be more exciting. She has her own sibling now. A brother. It’s just a month away before school. She’ll be in the first grade. She’s so excited for her new school and knowing that she’ll not go there alone but with Chase.

Chase and Toni always run to the backyard right after school when they got no homework to do. They play together and they became like real brother and sister to each other. Not until their second grade, they’re seven by that moment; Chase started playing basketball with some boys. He’s now going beyond their backyard and Toni felt sad. It feels like she’s losing her only playmate and her best friend.

“Sweetie, it’s fine. He needs other friends than you. Okay? Why don’t you try getting other friends, too?” her mom would always say. She’s tired of her mom criticizing her home-school, school-home habit.

Her habit lasted until a named Zia passed by their backyard and asked her to play. She was too bored to say no. Zia was Chase’ classmate and she’s leaving just a block away from their house. The first time she saw Zia passed by their street, Chase told her that he’s crushing on the girl. She then flashed a look at her cousin on the court near their house with the boy next door, Brent. She hated the boy for some reason. Maybe because he tripped on her when they were on the first grade.

She saw Chase staring, she winked at him and he smiled. We’re all aged seven here. She thought, then going back to her senses when she heard Zia spoke.

“You’re Chase’ cousin, right?”

“Yeah, How’d you know that?” she answered throwing a question as well.

“Well, he’s my classmate, if you don’t know. I guess we’re pretty close. He told me about you and his life and almost everything.” She said smiling. Toni can see sparks in her eyes and again for a moment she thought, my silly cousin, his crush is crushing on him too.

She almost laugh by the thought but managed to control herself. It was almost sunset when Chase got into the house and Zia and Toni said good bye to each other and promised another chatting and playing time.

Toni keeps on hanging out with Zia. Chase keeps on playing with Brent. It has been their routine.

Just before her eighth birthday, Toni was surprised by her dad’s call, telling the family that he’ll arrive tomorrow at ten. She was so excited and so she slept early.

On the next day everyone prepared for fetching Toni’s dad.

On their way to the airport, Toni, who’s sitting beside her mom in the front of the car, heard a long beeping of another car, she heard her mom screaming before her head hits the car door and everything went black.

Toni woke up on a hospital bed. Her heads hurts so much. A lot of unfamiliar faces were surrounding her. She couldn’t remember anything and it’s terrible. She pushed everyone away.

She started crying a lot, trying to remember anyone or anything but she just can’t. The doctor said she has a brain contusion and they aren’t so sure to when she’ll gain back her memory. Discreetly, Chase started crying in the corner. They do not know if she had lost them temporarily or….

After months of observation, all of Toni’s doctors came into a conclusion, her family, Zia and most especially Chase, lost the happiest girl they’ve known forever.

Which do you think is harder; losing the people you loved the most or losing yourself from them?

Contributed by Nicole Jean G. Saludares

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  1. The story implies that things may come unexpectedly. We may not know what will happen to us in the future. The story also implies that we should see a person's worth in our lives. We must appreciate the things they are doing to us. Thumbs up for the author. :)

  2. It's a very nice story, with a lot of lessons to learn. It tells us to be thankful for everything and everyone God has put in our lives and that things can be weird and unexpected sometimes. Great job! :)

  3. It was such an interesting story to read because of the lessons that the author wants to share with us. :) Like, you can really value the true meaning of life and love the person that surrounds you because you can't definitely predict what will happen in the future. Nice work :)

  4. I believe that everything in life is unexpected. The phasing of the story was unpredictable, thus making the events in it unexpected. Lesson? Value everything you have near you because everything in life is unexpected.
    I feel bad for Toni as she lost her memory, and I'm sure it will be hard for her to cope up with everything she lost. I also feel bad for the people near her for losing an optimistic girl. I hope they help Toni in reviving the memories she lost.
    I'm commending the author for doing a great job. Keep up the good work! :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Wow! Its a great story with an unpredictable plot. This story had helped me realized a lot of things. It also taught me that we should value life and appreciate the things we have. Keep up the good work!

    Thank you for sharing! :)

  7. this is great. the act of the twist is also good. the series of events connect. for suggestions, you should've added more effects on that twist, but considering the fact that you made a story, this is good.

  8. Its a great story! The phasing of this story is really good as well as the lesson of the story. Great Job!

  9. Very nice story. It teaches us a lot of things to be thanked for and that we should really love and give importance to our family because we will never know when God will take them back.

    -Shanthy Garcia

  10. The story's good and the plot twist added a spice to the end. :) I like how the author had included the question at the conclusion because it made the story look better and her way of writing more effective. :) Great work! :)

  11. Two thumbs up for this short story! We should really appreciate all the things that we have and be contented with it. Great job! Continue writing good stories like this and you might be one of those "NEW YORK'S BEST-SELLING AUTHORS" in the future!! :)

  12. This story is so deep that you can dig lessons from it. I love how to author made the story with so much to ponder on. And for your question at the end, no I'm not going to answer it, but actually, the best way to lose is to lose yourself to someone you love. Great job!

  13. I know how it feels like to lose a parent so I know it hurts as hell to lose both. Chase was brave enough to face these things at a very young age. And it was very kind of Toni's family to make him feel loved. This story teaches us that we shall value life and we should make the most out of every moment because you might not know what could happen next. We shall not take chances because that may be the last one you got. As they say, live your life to the fullest!
    This is unlike the other stories I've read, it has something different that will make you fall in love with the story. The plot was uniquely and nicely done. I like the way how the author ends the story with a question, it makes the selection interesting. The scenes were also well narrated. Awesome work! :)

  14. You did great in writing this story. It has a really nice plot and teaches many lessons. We should learn how to value and appreciate the things that we have and stop wishing for something we can't have and also be contented with our lives. Good job!! :)

  15. I like the story since I wasn't able to predict the ending. The story is simply about life. Not everyone experience this but if you'll look deeper in the story, you can still relate to it since everyone of us encounters a lot of problems and challenges in our lives. Maybe, not the same with this one but at some point, we also got this feeling when we're so devastated but then again always remember that God will never give us any problem we can't overcome and that's why at the end of the day, he'll still give us these persons who'll be with us to comfort and to relieve our pain. About the question, I think both are just equally difficult because either way, you'll still lose someone.

  16. It is a very succinct and light reflection on life and death, written in a way we could all understand.

  17. It was a great story.It teaches us lessons. The ending was cool. The author did a good job in writing this short story =)) I hope you will continue to write some short stories.


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