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Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: Against All Odds

Wazzup Pilipinas!

All of us have our dirty little secrets. And that should only exist between ourselves, but what if our secrets are meant to be revealed? What if it is better when it is known? What should you do? Will you resist and hide it still? Now read this story of a close friend of mine.

Hi, my name is Francois Collins, doctor, and I met a guy named Thomas Austin, a very professional and kind companion. I met him when he was still working here. I never knew that he hides something that will shock the world, interesting right? He lived a tragic life and I salute him for making his life worth living. He managed to tell me his whole life by sending a mail to me in the exact date of his death.

His parents both died when he is still young, his mother died while delivering his younger sister Shaiya and his father committed suicide after knowing his mother’s death. No one from their family took care of them so they suffer the fate of being an orphan. They stayed there in 5 years, they leaved the orphanage when a rich couple adopted both of them, and he was only 7 years old while Shaiya is 5 when that happened.

He took up the course medicine and worked in the same hospital I am working, that’s why I discovered his case and also his sisters. He told me this guy named Gordon, an accomplished entrepreneur who used to be Thomas’ best friend. Gordon soon fell in love with Shaiya and started courting her. Thomas, as the older brother knew that Gordon’s feelings for Shaiya is true and he allowed Gordon to continue courting Shaiya. After 3 years, Shaiya gave her sweet “YES” to Gordon and soon planned to get married.

The night before the wedding, his illness bothered him that forced him to strip off his shirt as well as the pants, he ran towards a tree and starts kissing it to the extent that he now rub his genital to it, and that same day when Gordon wants to talk to Thomas regarding the wedding the next day, but shockingly witnessed all Thomas’ doings. Thomas caught Gordon staring at him and ran like a horse in a race towards Gordon, Gordon’s sweat went sticky, and he saw a naked Thomas putting on his clothes and immediately grabbed his right hand and they both now are hidden behind a tree. Thomas said “Gordon please, don’t tell this to anyone, please! “ “Yes I promise” said Gordon and still shocked for what had happened. “I think we should both rest” Thomas replied.

During the wedding day, Shaiya is very excited for the wedding, but Gordon still thinks if what he really saw last night was real. Gordon arrived at the Church first, followed by the visitors and guests. “All of us should gather now the wedding will start in five minutes” said the Priest. Shaiya then came out of a white car and everyone in the Church is stunned when they saw Shaiya’s beauty. Gordon’s happiness pours off when he saw Shaiya. And the bells started to ring; soon when Thomas is marching the eyes of Gordon mysteriously widened and drops off large amounts of tears.

Gordon shouted and shriek in terror, all who attended the wedding were all terrified. Gordon ran outside the church and found himself lying down in the middle of nowhere with his sight looking at a wheel full of blood and a girl crying beside him, he hit a truck, he is driven to the hospital but declared dead in arrival. Shaiya’s heart is broken, “after all of the hardships of Gordon?” she said. She never looked for a man again.

Shaiya developed her rare case called DID meaning Dissociative Identity Disorder that indicates that whenever Shaiya is in a stressful situation, her another identity went off, one is Shaiya herself and the other one is very brave and dominant.

Thomas soon had a patient with a rare case called Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis or simply called “Tree Man Syndrome”. Thomas, being a natural dendrophiliac, easily attracted with her case, the name of the patient is Audrey Malley who is very helpless and pessimistic because of her condition. Thomas started to court and serenade Audrey, but Quincy, the mother of Audrey doesn’t find Thomas as her Son-in-law because of her question “What is the reason why Thomas still likes Audrey with her condition which is very unlikely to be accepted?”

Thomas doesn’t say a thing. Because he knew that Audrey’s mother would never inderstand what he truly feels. Thomas could not resist temptation; he secretly opened the room of Audrey and started to make out with her, Audrey fights but her strength is not enough, she could not scream because Thomas covered her lips with duct tape, he raped Audrey. The day after what he did, Quincy was very angry to the point that he didn’t even want to see Thomas’ face. But they returned to Thomas after two months when they discovered that Audrey is pregnant. And they decided to get married.

Quincy doesn’t want the marriage but it’s the best way to do. On the other side, the alter persona of Shaiya doesn’t want Thomas to be happy because Thomas didn’t do anything just to save Gordon. She did everything to stop the wedding; she burned all the invitations and cut the gowns and tuxedos. Thomas investigated what is happening but finds no answer. He never suspected his sister because the real Shaiya went off when he starts talking to her.

Nevertheless, the wedding pushes through, it was just a simple wedding and everyone is a bit disgusted to Audrey, because of her condition. But Thomas clarified that he really loves Audrey whatever she is.

Shaiya’s alter is not happy with all the happenings. She looked at the large womb of Audrey carrying the baby and suddenly smirked. The next morning she prepared Audrey her breakfast and added chemicals harmful for the baby of a pregnant woman. Audrey suddenly lost her consciousness and hurriedly carried to the hospital, Shaiya was successful for killing the baby and both Thomas and Audrey cried in sadness.

Thomas promised himself that the one responsible for killing his baby will be penalized. Now is the time that he suspected his sister. He told Shaiya his condition and asked if she hides something, he thought he will make Shaiya sing by telling his secret but he’s not successful with it. The reason Shaiya didn’t tell the truth because Shaiya is unaware of what her alter persona does. But Thomas keenly observed Shaiya and started to Google everything, and now, he already knew the case of Shaiya. But he did not conclude that she is the one responsible for killing his baby.

Shaiya’s alter told Audrey that Thomas only married her because he is dendrophiliac meaning one who is aroused by trees; one who humps trees, she also stated that Thomas don’t love her. Audrey got hurt, she ignored Thomas for weeks but Thomas tried to explain what he truly feels. He said that first it is all about pleasure but as the time passes by and he deeply knew the personality of Audrey, he truly fell in love with her. Audrey hugged Thomas tight and cry in happiness “I really love you” said Thomas.

Audrey’s condition is getting worse; Thomas knew that she will only last not for long. So he decides to devote all of his times to Audrey. He brought Audrey to the hospital and did not allow Shaiya to come because of her condition.

Shaiya’s alter is persistent and still managed to come to the hospital all by herself. She sneaked in the room of Audrey and unplugged all the devices and machines connected to Audrey which causes Audrey’s death. Thomas who is just standing nearby witnessed all of what Shaiya did and grabbed a chair to mast Shaiya; his sight went black and consecutively mast Shaiya. He lost consciousness. And when he regains it, he saw the dead bodies of Audrey and Shaiya , “There’s no reason to live” those were his last words before he drunk a bottle of Biocide.

Contributed by Jeromir Bondoc

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  1. Its a great story! The phasing of the events is really good. Great Job!


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