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Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: The Memory

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The theme of the story is all about love and how love can change the life of the people involved. "Love conquers all". It means love is the most powerful force ever. If you have ever seen or read Romeo and Juliet, they both secretly marry, their families are at war with each other, the montegues and the caplets, Juliet fakes her own death and Romeo believes that she is really dead and poisons himself in her tomb. She wakes up and sees him dying and kills herself after a bit. I took two people who love each other to die in their arms to stop the families fighting because they loved each other. But in the story, because of the power of the true love a person can give, everything was turned back to the time when Justine could save the life of his love, Rhiannon.

The story symbolizes what love can do to a person. Well, it can turn your world upside down in a blink of an eye, if you love someone and that person loves you as well, that is the best feeling known to every living creature in this world.

The feeling of completeness and being loved is something words can never define, you find yourself on the top of the world and life feels like heave every morning when you wake up and the day goes like that. You get the confidence in you knowing that someone loves you and you find strength in yourself and you feel that you can do anything anytime. You start looking at yourself and life in a different way and its so positive that every wrong seems right and every impossible feels possible. You get an unknown energy in yourself that makes you so strong that you can fight for anything that puts harm in your way and the person you love.... You find yourself complete and invincible......

At the same time losing love kills you and you feel exactly the opposite to what you feel when you have love in your life..... You feel like that there is nothing left in it to look for, every day is miserable and hard to pass, you start to think that you might be worthless and you even feel like ending your very life just like I did...... You start to lose interest in everything no matter how beautiful and how special it is, life becomes a black and white soundless movie for you where you don't see any colours and don't hear a sound. And to be honest you get to know the real things about yourself and this is the time when a person needs to understand his strengths and weakness.

Its the worst feeling to have in life knowing that you are not loved or the person you love is not your's and might never be. But you need to know one thing that nothing happens in life without the approval of fate or destiny. If it has to happen it will and if it doesn't then it won't and one should learn the power of fate and respect that. The moment you feel that you loved the best person in your life as love makes that one person the best and you see nothing apart from him/her AND that person slipped away, no one can help you regain your senses and its all time that heals your wounds and nothing else can help you. And the honest truth of life is that you meet someone you finally are meant to be with and that very moment you feel that this is why you waited for so long through so much of pain and tears. But trust me its worth going through all of this. Then only you will be able to understand what is the value of love in life and you get to live only once.

Here is our original short story for the day. Enjoy!

I’m in a place where the night will never end. I want to enjoy this moment because I’m already tired of all the things that are happening to me. Memories of how a man hurt me are going in and out my mind. And yes, that man killed my heart. That man is Shaun, Shaun Timberlake.

I feel like I don’t exist anymore in his world. He always neglects me in times when I need him. I don’t feel he loves me. I don’t feel he cares for me. And sometimes, he is humiliating me in front of the other people. But those things are not enough for me to let him go- because I love him. I love him with all my heart. I wish he also loves me the way I love him so much. I’m out of my mind.

Suddenly, a guy invited me to the dance floor. I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m out of control. So I just do is drink a tequila and touch his hand to lead me on the dance floor. Shaun saw us. He got mad. I’m thinking that he will do again what he do always to me- to humiliate me. But I don’t what to think of that anymore. I’m tired. Tired of always forgetting what he is doing to me. Tired of always forgiving him. It’s enough. I almost give myself to him. I just thought to ask myself, “Of all the time why only now? Why not before?” I realized that in all my life, “Did Shaun do anything for me?” I don’t know what to do when he started to humiliate me again.

So I just did was, I walked out. Forget what happened. Leave him. I run on the sidewalk and cry as loud as I could to protrude may anger. Then cross the road. But a sudden extreme light passed to my face and the light stroked me in the eye. Until a man helped and carried me in his arms,

“Help! Somebody, help me! Bring her to the hospital!” he screamed. I don’t know what is happening already. Cars stopped around. People started to come close. I don’t know what to do. I touched the cheek of the man. Then I looked at him and whispered, “Amber, my name is Amber.” He looked so shocked when he observed my eyes. The man undoubtedly went away. Then Shaun came out to help me and bring me to the Baltimore Hospital. I saw Shaun looked so petrified when he was carrying me. My heart beats so fast as the blood falls down from my head. I found in his eyes that he loves me. The way he act and the way he ask me makes my heart melt.

“Sorry for all I did to you!” “I can’t live without you!” “You know I love you!” “Amber! Don’t leave me!”

“I will never leave you Shaun. I will never” I said softly chasing my breath. We are already near the operating room when the doctors approached us and said that Shaun is not allowed to come inside the room. So he placed me to the bed. I can feel that he is really frightened of what might happen to me. I can already feel his care for me. He went out. I can’t move my body. I don’t have control to myself. I can’t speak. All I can do is pray for me to survive for Shaun. The nurses injected some anesthetic and for some minutes, I fell asleep. I wake up in a room where the color is pale. It is all white. The ceiling, the wall, and the floor are all white in color. I looked so languid. There’s a bandage rolled on my head. I can’t move effortlessly. I don’t know what happened. I just remembered the time when Shaun placed me on the bed and the nurses injected me some anesthetic. I don’t feel comfortable then I realized that Shaun is not with me.

“Shaun . . .” “Shaun where are you?” No one answers. I stared on my face in a mirror for a minute. A memory popped up in my head. My body trembled as I accidentally fall the mirror and it breaks on the floor.

I remembered the time when Shaun is driving and we are quarreling. We had some misunderstanding that time and we did not agree to each other. While he was driving, we accidentally bumped a couple crossing the road. I saw the man lunge to push the lady to save her from the car but unfortunately he was the one who was bumped by the car. The man looked at me like it seems that he know me. “Shaun! What have you done?” “You bumped the man! Let’s help him” He ignored and he went to drive faster. “How dare you Shaun! You don’t have a heart!” I screamed to him. “I don’t give a damn!” he screeched. I was shocked of what Shaun did. There’s a chaos in my mind. I can’t think something to do. I can’t believe Shaun can do that. Until the time we went home. I’m so tired. I can’t disengage the accident.

My conscience was killing me. I felt that I’m so unscrupulous because I didn’t help them. Memories of it shatter me. I can’t forget that accident. I felt traumatized. Someone knocks on the door. It is Shaun.

“Amber, I talked to a stranger a while ago outside. She comforts me. She said you will never leave me ‘coz you are strong enough to fight. It lightens my feeling.”

“Who was that?”

“Uhm… She said her name is Rhiannon.”

“Oh nice name. How’s she?”

“I can see you in her, Amber.”

“She said her boyfriend Justine is comatose for two years.”

I pity the stranger that Shaun is telling to me. I think she loves her boyfriend so much.

Few days has passed and the doctors said that I may go out of the hospital already but I’m not totally recovered. Shaun said that his friend is asking us if we may go to the funeral of her boyfriend. So we decide to come. He drives his car and go to his friend. I’m wondering why she is familiar to me like I saw her before.

“Amber, this is Rhiannon. She is the one I am telling you in the hospital. She has a story. A car accident two years ago.” Shaun said.

It seems like the lady wants a comfort. Her eyes are so deep like she has an unfathomable memory. I want to know what happened.

“Rhiannon, this is Amber.” Shaun said.

“Hello Amber, nice to meet you.” “Nice to meet you too, Rhiannon.” She told me what happened to them. She said that they had a car accident and her boyfriend is comatose for two years. But now, the doctor said that her boyfriend would be bedridden for the rest of his life and the guy doesn’t hope anymore for him to totally recover. She was very frustrated and somehow she’s angry to the owner of the car who hit them. But not that all. She can’t tell me one thing. She started to cry. I comfort her the best way I can do. Then suddenly, she wiped her tears and said. “He already passed away.” It breaks my heart a little. I pity her so much. But we cannot change what happened anymore. I told her that God has a plan on us. That he will never give us problems that we cannot unravel.

We came to the funeral house and saw her boyfriend’s face. All the memories flashed back to my head. The guy whom we bumped. He is. He is the boyfriend of Rhiannon. And Rhiannon is the lady who was saved by the man. I run out of the house. Crying out loud. My heart beats so fast again like what I felt when I was hit by the car. Rhiannon followed me. She asks me what happened.

“Amber! What’s happening to you?”

“I don’t know Rhiannon. I don’t know!”

I’m so terrified if I would tell the truth to her. If she will know what really happened, she will despise me. Loathe me. I can’t take it if that would happen. I don’t know what to do. I’m having extreme headaches now. Okay, I will tell her the truth. I don’t care what she will do to me, I don’t care.


I feel the blood hemorrhage in my brain. I feel like I will die now.

“Amber, what happened?”

“I’m so sorry, it’s our fault.”

“Huh? What?!”

“We are . . .”


Contributed by Cyra Angelica Crisanto

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  1. I enjoyed the story so much! :) I like the names of the characters because they remind me of the novel, Everyday by David Levithan. I like the way she started and ended the story because they are so intriguing. :) Great story! :D


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