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Tipsy Beans: Redefining Not Just Your Coffee Experience

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Tipsy may mean becoming unsteady, staggering, fuddled or foolish from the effects of liquor. Indeed liquor can make us feel and look like not our ordinary self but somehow it also makes us feel more open with our sentiments and emotions. We become more confident to bring out our true self with very little hesitations.

But what happens if you add just the right amount of liquor tho make us not as askew as drunken fools. Add it into our favorite coffee or dishes to create something a bit more extraordinary and daring. This is like adding flair to the common foods that we usually partake. This is like elevating the standards into a totally new level.

But you don't really need to experiment if you are not sure of how it will take effect on you. Just drop by this cafe called Tipsy Beans to encounter a new kind of dining experience.

Tipsy Beans Cafe is not your ordinary coffee shop! They give you a blend of coffee and liquor in one sip! They also have the sober drinks for the classic coffee drinkers but I recommend being more adventurous and go for the tipsy drinks to feel the kick of liquor. I guarantee it will something totally out of this world.

But wait, I may be just exaggerating since the liquor added is really not enough to make you want to lie down on the floor. It's specifically just the right amount to give your coffee or food the twist you rightfully deserve. After all, you deserve more than just the usual. You deserve an adventure towards delightfully satisfying dishes.

It looks like every corner of the cafe, even though it's small in space, is Instagram-worthy. The owners are obviously creative and had thought of these particular instances when many would want to take photos of their artistic decors. From the mini liquor bottles per table to the quotable quotes on the walls, every piece was a conversational attraction.

We loved how he made a lot of personal touches by putting a freedom wall where customers can leave their messages to the instant photos and post-it messages clipped at certain areas of the cafe.

They even have this cute "Bang Head Here" to humorously relieve stress. But they are not serious about it...unless you become more than just "tipsy" to control yourself.

Also check out their cute signs on their comfort rooms...hahaha... makes you wanna feel the urge to hold your pee.


We adored the cute and personalized decorations that make up the restaurant and we applaud how they made it so cozy that it has became the preferred hang-out of many.

Frozen Hot Chocolate (P 80)
The Frozen Hot Chocolate may sound a bit contradicting but indeed it is made form hot chocolate made into a frozen drink that is refreshingly soothing it would make you drink up and order for more.

Irish Cream on Coffee Rocks (P 80)
The Irish Cream on Coffee Rocks is an awesome experience in taste as the concoction taste even better as the iced cubes made from frozen coffee melts.

Drunken Hungarian Sausage and Mushroom (P 128)
The Drunken Hungarian Sausage and Mushroom has a little bit of white wine to perk you up. As their name implies, it might make you a bit tipsy but it's quite tolerable since it will take a lot of wine to make you that uncontrollably "tipsy." The only drunk here is the pasta.

Spicy Tuna Pesto (P 128)
The Spicy Tuna Pesto has the right amount of spicy kick to really spice up your moment. You'll manage to finish this dish complemented by the grilled garlic bread.

Toasted Tuna Melt (P 80)
The Toasted Tuna Melt was heavenly soothing. I could still taste the great blend of tuna. This concoction will appease  any "hungry" mob craving for a delightful sandwich meal.

Cheese Steak Bomb (P 95)
The Cheese Steak Bomb was literally explosive in taste. You cannot resist biting continuously into this sandwich until you realized you're almost done.
Longganisa (P 130)
Tipsy Beans Cafe also serves All-Day Breakfast - a generous serving of our favorite traditional "silogs" like "longsilog", "tocilog" and "hotsilog". You can have your two eggs sunny-side up or scrambled.

Hotdog (P 120)
The Hotdog All-Day Breakfast meal is composed of two fried jumbo hotdogs, two fried eggs with fried rice and some tomato slice. It is quite a filling dish already.

Chicken Tocino (P 140)
What if we said that the Chicken Tocino is your "tocilog" meal done the "tipsy" way? Nope,,, but I won't be surprised if they would think of incorporating their "tipsy" theme in all of their dishes. Just a little bit won't hurt anyway.

The All-Day Breakfast offerings are a lot more generous in serving from the usual that are available in other restaurants, and it also comes with brewed coffee or house blend iced tea. For a more-than-satisfactory taste, the meals are worth every peso.

Alvin Gueco of Tipsy Beans
Thank you Alvin Gueco of Tipsy Beans Cafe for welcoming us in his beloved restaurant which he partially owns along with his brother. We support his crazy mission and his 20/20 vision. Keep on banging your head for more great ideas to keep us wanting for more of your creations.

Get to know more about Tipsy Beans from their Facebook page:

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