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Bruce Lim's Rustique Kitchen: Serving French-Inspired Dishes That Truly Tickles the Palate

Wazzup Pilipinas!We were honored to be invited to a newly-opened restaurant along Pasay Road in Makati that marks another opportunity to dine on great food that is encapsulated with prestige mainly because it's being handled by a well-known celebrity chef.
The name of the restaurant itself speaks highly of how significant his presence, and how the name is a great marketing pull to attract more customers to try out what the restaurant has to offer, or basically, what the chef has to boast. Yes! We were already hooked when we heard of the name of the restaurant since the brand already speaks of what we can expect.

Chef Bruce Lim of the Asian Food Channel fame, pursuing the vision of entrepreneur Tony Boy Cojuangco, developed the concept for this unique restaurant called Bruce Lim's Rustique Kitchen that elevates common indigenous stuff - from danggit to kesong puti - into core ingredients for several French-inspired dishes.

But don't get intimidated. The chef says they are serving comfort food that will make you feel right at home. So relax and dine with us as we take you into a gastronomical adventure that will surely tickle the palate.

The place is so classy that it will be hard for ordinary blokes like us not to feel a little bit uncomfortable. But when Chef Bruce welcomes us with open arms and had us sit on one corner of the room, we immediately got to relax and appreciate the ambiance.

Similarly with the exteriors where a sort of old calesa was on display, the earthy colors of the interiors and accompanying decors brings forth friendlier vibes as they are not so colorfully adorned with striking hues that is so dam hurting to the eyes.

The restaurant is so neat and arranged meticulously that you would perhaps be wary of becoming disorganized while lounging on its sofas. I would find myself sitting straight and orderly whenever I get to dine in such a respectable place. It brings out the more decent part of me.

Rustique is a French word so using it as part of the name of a restaurant would obviously  refer to French-inspired cuisine. True enough, our famous celebrity chef of Filipino Chinese and American decency has come up with continental cuisine that met the Pinoy flair.

As with most upper level restaurants, there would always be the complimentary bread served while we wait for our orders. But I believe this would be the first time we are treated with such an array of bread choices accompanied by Herbed Butter and Coffee Maple Butter.

We also made sure we ordered different kinds of drinks so we could have the opportunity form photo ops with both the mocktails and coktails. But when the restaurant got so busy with other incoming guests, we had to settle with the mocktails.

We can't blame our bartenders since it was practically a busy night for them . People were swarming the restaurant like bees to nectar and pollen. 

Crispy Pata Fritters
The Crispy Pata Fritters were a delightful starter to begin the night that eventually turned into a filling smorgasbord of  delicacies.

Bruschetta with Foie Gras and Mango Jam
The Bruschetta with Foie Gras and Mango Jam beats most starters around that would give just the right amount of boost to bring out your appetite to await more splendid creations from our master chef. I am a mango lover so it hit me right on the spot.

Caesar Salad

I would fancy eating healthy salad all day but not all are made with equal standards of taste. The Caesar Salad served at the restaurant was as fresh as newly-harvested produce that you would really feel it came straight from the veggie farm. The oven roasted cherry tomatoes and quezo de bola shavings were great ingredients to enhance the taste.

Lapu Lapu Ceviche
The Lapu Lapu Ceviche in Citrus Vinaigrette with Danggit makes you want to demand more of this quite petite serving. I would love to have some more to satisfy my craving but since there were more than enough food coming out of the kitchen, then let it ne. I will just come back some other day to feast on this delish.

Lengua Pastel
This has to be the most special Lengua Pastel I have ever encountered. I practically scraped the entire bowl to sample most of it. I did leave some for my colleagues, of which I regretted the most. Lol!

Sizzling Kare-Kare
The Sizzling Kare-Kare was definitely my favorite among all the dishes that were served to our group. I just wanted more of it since I felt the serving was just a bit stingy. Hate me indeed for being so greedy but it was the very best Kare-Kare I've tasted as of now. Everything that came with the order complemented each other.

Brings out a more flavorful Kare-Kare
This fully made the Kare-Kare extra special. It's your "bagoong" made to awesome perfection

Tortang Talong
The Tortang Talong highlighted by the sauteed pork and salted eggs were exceptional. It's a meal on its own and I'm ready to order it on its own to be enough as a viand with our staple food of rice.

Fish Market
The Fish Market is composed of a few dry fishes and fresh Lapu-Lapu baked in lemongrass marinara. There were veggies to make the dish completely satisfactory and flavorful. You'll swoon with delight once you''ve has a bite.

Grilled Rib Eye Steak

The Grilled Rib Eye Steak is grilled beef rib eye topped with fried onions and cheese and served with a tangy creamy sauce and potatoes. I am not a meat lover since I prefer sea food but there is something in the dish that mesmerized me.

Beef Steak Pasta
The Beef Steak Pasta was remarkably different from the usual pasta dishes I am familiar with. It aims to please even the toughest pasta critics out there.

Country Pumpkin Pasta

I would have not stopped eating the Country Pumpkin Pasta if I was not already too full and bloated already. The chicken was so tender and juicy you will be tempted to keep this dish all to yourself.

Salmon Slab
Salmon comes alive with the Salmon Slab that was just too huge a serving that it was probably meant for an entire family, as basketball team or for my neighbors in our barangay. It was just too much for even our group.

Warm Chocolate Tart

The Warm Chocolate Tart with some bits of strawberries and mangoes on the sides is a perfect blend of sweet treats. I would gladly have one of these after every meal.

Kesong Puti Cheesecake
The Kesong Puti Cheesecake, also adorned with bits of strawberries and mangoes, is as delightful as the Warm Chocolate Tart. We are pleased with the right amount of sweetness that it brings to the taste buds.

Signature Buko Pie
Their Signature Buko Pie served eloquently on a seemingly wine glass is superb in taste. It resembles favorite desserts but with a distinctive twist that elevates it from the rest.

Chef Bruce Lim with the Wazzup Pilipinas bloggers

Chef Bruce Lim with bloggers Ross Del Rosario, Mike Laagan, Rodel Flordeliz, Kaye Rey, and Rey Esteves

Chef Bruce Lim and Ross Del Rosario of Wazzup Pilipinas
If you are still not convinced that we had a great time, then it's better to try it on your own. Go visit them soon and be amazed just like us. I give a whopping almost perfect score for the resto.

Bruce Lim's Rustique Kitchen is located at
Leelin Building II, 820 Arnaiz Avenue, Legaspi Village, Makati City.

Get to know more about the restaurant from their Facebook page:

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