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Kanto Freestyle Breakfast All Day: Start and End Your Day with a Gourmet Breakfast

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I always wanted to greet everyone a "Good morning!" anytime of the day. Some speakers would say (I've probably heard this from around five already) that they prefer to treat every time to be always the start of the day. May it be all sunshine and white clouds above or dark and gloomy because of a rainy weather, we should be treating each hour of the day a very special and refreshing start.

It is also an excuse to start the day full with the most important meal. They say breakfast should be the heaviest and the healthiest to fully recharge you to last until the end of the day. You may skip lunch or dinner but never skip breakfast.

This is probably why Chef Arch Juanta, along with his brother Vinz, setup their food spot as a gourmet breakfast haven. Their first branch was more like a "sari-sari" or variety store that was literally just along the kanto of a street in Mandaluyong, but customers were surprised of what was coming out form their little kitchen. Meals that were dressed up like what you find in fine dining restaurants.

I guess many people already know about Kanto Freestyle Breakfast All Day but they have some new menu to show off.

Modesty aside, the resto is not fancy to please but the food that comes out of the kitchen are more than simple, they are extraordinary.

This is probably why the place is frequented during meal hours ...needless to say not only during breakfast time.

At Kanto Freestyle Breakfast All Day, there is no truth in the saying that you get what you paid for. They are not just affordable but extremely delish. That's what my taste buds tell me!

The kitchen is small and simple yet practical enough to cook up the dishes to please your appetite. The staff were trained effectively that almost everyone can prepare the dishes when required. As you may all know, the breakfast dishes are the easiest and most fun to prepare. Vinz has equipped his staff with the skills, knowledge and creativity to probably run the resto even when he is away on errands.

We started with a refreshing Iced Caramel Macchiato that was already so tempting to try the moment it was served. You could imagine the desire to taste this drink already if not for the necessity to wait for the others to finish taking their own shots.

The swirling designs of the Mocha Frappe was enough to make us swoon with delight. We really wanted to sip this one already.

The Ice Scramble is an iconic drink that you must not miss at this resto. It has been around for years yet we just can't get enough of it.

The Grilled Butter Suman with Ube While Chocolate Goya Ganache is as appealing as it name depicts. But you can't help but say "bitin" for this one so I would suggest they offer more pieces per serving.

More drinks came out like the Caramel Frappe where the "froth"or should I say "foam" entices one to hurry up eating and drink up already.

The Toasted Ensaymada, Spanish Bread and Pan de Regla with Crème de Anglaise (english cream) was a mix of flavors that complemented each other. You will fall in love with the experience of munching on these bread heaven.

The Open-Faced Chicken Longganisa Sandwich with Hollandaise Sauce was my favorite among the many dishes served to us. It was really tasty and lingers to the taste for a very long time. I would definitely come back for it.

The Arroz a la Cubana was staring at me and begging me to eat it up immediately. Well, I made sure its wish was granted.

This Iced Latte surely rocks with both its looks and taste. Got to sip a bit and would be more pleased if I had a whole mug of it. But since all the food served were for sharing it sure drives you eager and wanting to have more of it soon.

The Choco Chip Pancake totally matches, if not beats, any pancake resto offering. They should make it available in bigger servings also.

They say everything is good with bacon and so the Bacon Congee topped with Poached Egg was not surprisingly great as a meal. I loved how they put the two whole strips of bacon but you needed to slice it into bits anyway while you eat it with the congee. Darn so good together.

The Ube White Chocolate Pancake may look like black in color but when you try eating it the violet colors would become more distinctive. The taste was also supreme that this makes a great all-time treat for the sweet tooths.

The Croque Madame (with egg on top) is a great sandwich alternative. It's a great choice if you are looking for something to reward your taste buds. I loved how the squishy stuff on top enhances the dining experience of eating a sandwich.

Instead of an egg, we spotlight on the Croque Monsieur  now with tomato on top. Same taste from the first one except for the difference on toppings.

You can never have enough pancakes....even for the same day. The
Blueberry and Strawberry Pancake is not a new dish but I will never be weary of eating the same pancake everyday.

It was already getting dark yet our group continued our fascination with the dishes Chef Vinz and his crew brought out.

Thank you for a great menu 2.0 combined with a few of the all-time favorites. I told Vinz the pancakes were my favorite, and obviously as well as everyone else, and so he served more of it.

Fact: All plates were empty, all tummies were full. Everyone went home with smiles in their faces, and lots of delightful stories to blog about.

Thank you Vinz for a great afternoon...until evening... of great food, as always from Kanto Freestyle Breakfast All Day. Pigging out all day with affordable gourmet breakfast is best at your resto.

Be sure to check out their other three branches at Eastwood, Marikina and Mandaluyong.

For more information, here is their Facebook page:

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