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Wazzup Pilipinas Bloggers Ruled the Airwaves at Vigattin Radio Show

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We have witnessed how tri-media (print, radio and TV) networks have crossed over new media (blogs and social media networks) to share their news. Bloggers have also been doing the same as they now penetrate the mentioned news and entertainment sources. Many bloggers have written for newspapers and magazines and been interviewed and guested on TV and radio shows. It seems blogging has reached a new level as many bloggers are really investing on better ways to share their stories online, and now embracing other mediums to gain access to a wider audience.

Bloggers from the Wazzup Pilipinas community were given the opportunity to guest at the Vigattin Radio Show of Radyo Inquirer DZIQ 990 AM last July 12, 2014 during the 10 to 11 am time slot. Thank you to Elison Barcelo, CEO of of Vigattin Inc. and co-anchors Den Macaranas and Arne Bacelo for allowing Ross Del Rosario of Wazzup Pilipinas to bring along other bloggers to share the spotlight. If Ross was all alone there being interviewed, he would have suffered terribly from "mental block," "stage fright", and who knows what else. It was great to have fellow bloggers with him as it was more comfortable to talk while they had fun temporary ruling the airwaves that day.

Pepi De Leon of Kampeon Ng Pag-Ibig, Rey Estevez of Boy Raket, Ronnie Bernardo of Helicon Projects and of course, Ross Del Rosario of Wazzup Pilipinas were interviewed about their lives as a blogger - how they got started, what influenced them to start blogging, to answer the question "Is there money in blogging," and other topics circling the blogosphere including an on-the-spot blogging-on-air task given by the radio anchors.

Though they were obviously nervous, except for the "Love Champ" who seemed to be having the time of his life that hour, everyone had lots of fun talking about their experiences as a blogger. The radio anchors were very bright and really knew how to run the radio show so it won't be boring. They all got to promote their respective blogs to the listeners of the Vigattin radio show. But Pepi was right when he said "Masasapawan ko kayo" before the show started since everyone thought he stood out because of the "kilig" factor of his blog name.

Boy Raket hasn't slept yet that day but he sure kept us wide awake as we listen well to his crazy antics on air, and who can forget the man behind Helicon Projects who was an epitome of healthy living. Both him and the founder of Wazzup Pilipinas mentioned how Janette Toral, whom they branded as the "Nanay ng mga Bloggers," influenced them to exert that extra effort to become the best blogger there is.

The 10 to 11 am time slot was just too fast for the interviews and indeed time really flies when you're having lots of fun since the show already reached its last minute but all bloggers felt they still have more things to share. The one hour radio show was just too overwhelming for first-timers but quite invigorating and an awesome opportunity to be heard by your blog followers.

Mars Callo of Your Happy Camper arrived just when the radio show ended but she did made it to the photo ops with the anchors, and a special lunch at Shakey's sponsored by Mr. Vigattin himself. Everyone enjoyed the pizza, spaghetti, fried chicken and mojos that they shared as they talked further about an upcoming project for the bloggers.

If you must know, the real reason for the guesting was because of a partnership being formed with Vigattin Radio to have a bloggers radio show soon. It will be a radio show ran by bloggers for fellow bloggers who would like  to be given air time exposure to share their stories and adventure in blogging. Bloggers will be given a chance to try their luck on radio hosting. They are encouraging fellow bloggers who are interested to guest in the show to communicate with them and they will schedule the guesting appropriately.

Professionals from the industry will also be invited to guest so that bloggers will have an opportunity to interact with the people behind the brands that they blog about. For example, they may have a month dedicated to food blogging so experts from the restaurant industry like chefs and restaurant owners will be invited and "grilled" by your favorite foodie bloggers.

The organizers are all asking for everyone's support in this awesome experience for bloggers to express themselves and be heard on air, and hoping every blogger out there would grab the invitation to become part of this wonderful weekly event to be held every Saturday at Radyo Inquirer DZIQ 990 AM.

The tentative unofficial catchy name already thought about was "e-Blog Mo Na Yan!" that seems to be appropriately good enough since it invites the people who will hear it to try blogging above everything else. Blogs have really made a significant impact worldwide and we know almost everyone is connected already because of the affordability of smartphones and the proliferation of free wi-fi Internet access.

Nowadays, "If you want your business to be known all throughout the world?" then the right catch phrase would be "e-Blog Mo Na Yan!"

So stay tune for more updates as to when the bloggers radio show will officially ran its first broadcast on air, and be sure to stay tuned and glued on your radio as you listen to your favorite bloggers now ruling the airwaves!

Here's the link to the video during the radio guesting at Vigattin Radio show:

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