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Chef Jessie's Rockwell Club: More Than Just An Awesome Dining Experience From Appetizer to Dessert

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Right beside the Rockwell Powerplant Mall is Amorsolo Square where you'll find Chef Jessie's Rockwell Club fine dining restaurant that serves a lot of culinary expertise in International cuisines - French, Mediterranean, American, Asian, and probably a lot more inspirations since we all know many restaurants nowadays are evolving and coming out with many fusion dishes).

After a road trip in a MINI Cooper that was generously lent to me for a two days test drive, my son and I went over to the Rockwell Club for lunch to experience dining at another Chef Jessie restaurant. The famous chef is also widely known for her 100 Revolving Restaurant on top of MDC 100 at Eastwood Libis Quezon City, and the Top of the Citi restaurant on top of Citibank Tower in Makati. All-in-all there are three but who knows maybe she would agree to handle a fourth one soon.

Mall goers may not realize it but the best restaurants are not only located within the Powerplant mall but also around it. I've dined in quite a handful already from both within and the surrounding areas and truly the Rockwell district has become another place where you'll find great restaurants.

But it's actually the first time I've visited one where I find all the dishes served truly a delight to the appetite. Maybe we were in luck that we ordered the best among the many choices, but some of the other dishes I've tasted already from Chef Jessie's other restaurants and I also find them superb in both taste and presentation. It only means one thing: Chef Jessie's own distinct style of cooking beats even mother's homemade specialties.

Chef Jessie's Rockwell Club menu

We were actually not surprised to see her at the restaurant that day. She really puts a personal touch by being there to greet and entertain the customers herself.

She practically knows every frequent customer by name, and always has a story behind the personality. Unlike other chefs who hangs out all day in the kitchen, Che Jessie always takes time to chat with her customers, especially the new faces, and even sits down with them for more stories.

I was in love already with the Special Dip served along with the complimentary Ciabatta bread slice. What struck me good was when they offered to replace the bread when they thought it was already cold for consumption.

As a blogger, I always take a lot of time taking photos first of the place, the food and everything else before I finally sit down and eat. The servers realized the bread was probably cold and hard already because of the air-conditioning so they offered to replace it with warm ones.

Strawberry Shake
I ordered for a fresh Strawberry Shake, while my son preferred the fresh Grape Shake. My Strawberry Shake was an awesome blend of pure strawberry and ice, and sweetened just right.

Grape Shake
My son said he totally liked his Grape Shake that really contained lots of fresh Grapes. Both shakes had the actual fruit hanging on the glass ,or floating on top, to decorate the drinks.

Trio of Fish Tartar (P 495)
The Trio of Fish tartar composed of salmon, tuna and lapu-lapu was another great way to start the day. These appetizers are so heavenly that you may get tempted to order for more. I'm not sure exactly what sauce they put on it but it definitely hit me on the right spot.
Salad a la Governor Vi (P 1,200)
Yes! The Salad a la Governor Vi was specially made to honor the celebrity turned politician Vilma Santos. I'm sure that ate Vi must be very proud that a uber sumptuous salad now carries her name. We practically left nothing on the plate.
Creamy Shrimp Bisque (P 260) and Seafood & Corn Chowder (P 250)
The Creamy Shrimp Bisque and the Seafood & Corn Chowder took our spirits a lot higher than how it was already. Sipping the warm creamy soups with croutons and garlic breads respectively made our day a lot more vibrant. It was actually drizzling that day when we came in to the restaurant so the warm soups were welcomed.

Baked Rack of  Lamb "Herb de Provence" (P 1450)
An outstandng main entree that significantly made an impact on our taste buds was the Baked Rack of Lamb "Herb de Provence" - nicely presented along with potatoes and some green  veggies and goat cheese with several choices of sauces like Bearnaise, Bordelaise, Bourguignonne, Goose liver, Wild Mushroom, Creamy Pepper, and Roquefort Butter.

Duck Confit with Crispy Skin in Echalote Sauce (P 850)
If the lamb dish was outstanding, is there a level higher adjective to describe how awesome the Duck Confit with Crispy Skin in Echalote Sauce was? If we were not too full already I swore we could have eaten everything up. This will be my first choice among the many dishes I've tried already from the three Chef Jessie restaurants. Aside from "duck" being a rare  and not too often ordered meal for us, the exquisite taste was really something to die for. I would definitely make this among my wish list when it's time to leave for the heavens.

Grilled Tiger Prawns in Thermidor Sauce (P 950)
I am totally biased with seafood so the Grilled Tiger Prawns in Thermidor Sauce was another favorite dish that was worth coming back for. Along with mash potatoes and some veggies, it was already a complete delectable meal on its own that was more than satisfying enough to please both of us. My kid grabbed the biggest piece of prawn and was thankful he came along for the dining experience.

I wanted to bring my wife that day but she voted for me to bring my son instead who sort of looks up to me in almost everything that I do. My kid was only on his 6th grade but he is quite responsible already in everything that he does. He is even taking up special classes of Journalism for kids as referred by the school teachers themselves. Somehow they see his writing skills superior among his classmates.

Princess Carmen (P 250)
We finally got to dessert and I ordered something new and intriguing because of its name. The server tried to explain where the name Princess Carmen came from but I didn't really get it clearly. But one thing is clear, I made the right choice of picking this sweet treat. If you are familiar with the traditional layered dessert Sans Rival, then this one is amazingly something similarly better.

Topped with a flower-shaped mango slice to make it look more like a princess' crowning glory, every bite of this delicacy was overwhelming. I simply wanted more!

White-Chocolate Pistachio Souffle (P 250)

My son opted to order the White-Chocolate Pistachio Souffle - a dessert that you need to eat at once before the puffiness subsides. You have to break open the center and make a hole big enough to pour in the yummy sauce that makes the souffle truly special. 

Overall, you would choose to dine here among the many other restaurants available within the Rockwell, Makati area for its great food that is truly world class. I will bring all my special clients, colleagues and friends here for that added assurance that they will be impressed. I would say that dining at any of Chef Jessie's restaurants is an awesome experience from appetizer to dessert, but it goes beyond that - from the moment you step in and until your last bite on that sweet dessert concoction, or that last sip of brewed coffee.

Aside from the great food, there's always-smiling Chef Jessie who's often there ready and willing to chat with us to tell her wonderful stories. I will never grow tired of coming back to her restaurants not just for her food but also for her company.

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