Monday, February 10, 2014

The Blogging Dead: Excited for Episode 9 of Season 4 of The Walking Dead

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Spoiler Alert: "Maggie got infected! Nooooo! .....Don't you wish you just got raped by a herd of the undead?!"

Let me present to you below my own version of The Walking Dead because I'm so excited for Episode 9 of Season 4 of the greatest TV series that made me lose sleep after watching it.

"The Blogging Dead TV Series : From Ross Del Rosario, the creator of Wazzup Pilipinas, is a story about strangers thrown together by a mysterious force known alternately as freebies, loot bags or tokens. They must help each other in order to survive in a violent enigmatic community where everyone else seems to have their own twisted version of what's morally upright and logically sounding.

A wild assortment of "know-it-all" bashers, haters, and rumor-mongers loom around every corner of social media, blogging from the Metro and even as far as across the seas... from the provinces and other countries, waiting patiently online to feast on their next oblivious victim. 


Will the strangers ever survive the seemingly dreadful holocaust, or will they succumb to agonizing defeat brought about by "zombified" persecution among their own pretentious kind?"

Get hooked on this series! It's going to be the Pambansang Online Teleserye ng Pilipinas!

With so many so called authority, veteran, and whatchamacallit online media gurus out there that came out from all over the archipelago of the wild Internet and even formerly or currently from print, TV, radio, movie and SEO, there will surely always be a humongous bickering and discussion of epic fails - from criticizing grammar nazis to giving the middle finger salute to badly-designed forms of free expression.

When you dare to upload something online, get ready to feel loved, ignored or tormented!

About Wazzup Pilipinas:

Wazzup Pilipinas is a Filipino community composed of passionate and uber creative bloggers and social media specialists all willing and ready to share their awesome experience and about everything else that's happening in the Philippines and other countries. It's blog is recognized as one of the Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs of 2013, Most Outstanding Filipino Community Blog of 2013, Best Filipino Community Blog of 2013, and absolutely a lot more awards coming soon. We're here to show everyone in the world that It's More Fun in the Philippines with Wazzup Pilipinas!

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