Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wazzup Pilipinas Discovers Another Case of Misrepresentation

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Once again, Wazzup Pilipinas is a victim of "misrepresentation."
"Just because you are a member of the Wazzup Pilipinas community, it does not mean you are allowed to freely use the blog's name to gain access to events. Our representatives should be duly authorized and assigned by me. You cannot go around claiming you are at an event to represent Wazzup Pilipinas especially when you don't even write and submit to us any article, or even photos, about the event. If you really want to represent us, then contribute something. :)"
A few days ago I discovered that a person was using the name of my blog to gain entrance to events. This discovery happened when I attended an event held at one of the glamorous hotels in Makati. I noticed from the list of confirmed attendees that there was a lady registered under Wazzup Pilipinas. It was even misspelled with two "s" rather than a "z".

When I informed the people at the media registration area that there was this person who wrongfully registered under my blog, I was surprised that the lady in question was actually there right infront of us and has just came in and just signed on the registration list. She even pointed out the wrong spelling on the registration list. She actually looked familiar and I recognized her as a lady I met at a couple of events recently.

Later that day, I told the event organizer that I do not know her personally, and she is not authorized to represent Wazzup Pilipinas. The event organizer told me that she got the lady's name from a list borrowed from the export marketing arm of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). Apparently, she has used my blog's name at events organized by that export marketing arm,.... and who knows where else.

Before I reported her to the organizer, I actually went to sit by her side so that I could give her a chance to explain herself. As expected she was all feeling uncomfortable but somewhat acting innocent yet apologetic. She told me all sorts of stories about how she gets invited to events through Facebook groups, and that she only writes about the events in Facebook (yeah! Facebook), and that she used my blog's name because its popular and has been getting so many awards. "Binola pa ako ng lola mo!" She also promised to write about the event and contribute it on my blog. I even  gave her my mobile number so she could text me her email address (She wanted to directly post in my blog as one of the contributors). But until today, I never got any text message from her.

I have only met the said lady twice at events (and it was only recent - just a few days ago...not even more than two weeks)... and though this is not the first time that somebody tried to use Wazzup Pilipinas, I still am shocked that there are people who would resort to fake representation just to get free food and tokens.

She was actually one of the members of our online community, as well as other groups,  but it seems she does not have a blog at all. There are a lot of bloggers out there that are members of so many online communities but being a member does not authorize them to represent the community without permission from the founder or its authorized officials. Wazzup Pilipinas will allow anybody to represent us in events and gatherings but they need to have our blessings first...and obviously, they need to write about the event they attended.

Now I am worried that she may have been attending so many events under our blog's name but has not even blogged,or even twitted, about those events. Damn! Is Wazzup Pilipinas so popular nowadays that people think it's the best blog to open all doors to events?

This is a notice to all companies, PRs and event organizers that all of your invites for Wazzup Pilipinas should be directed to us only through the email: or

We will also notify you of the names of our authorized representatives through email or text if in case I cannot personally attend your events. Thank you and I hope that the damage done could still be remedied.

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