Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Globe and Smart Telcos: Let's Live More and Create a Wonderful Unli World With Fair Use Policy

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"Globe implemented late last month a 1 gigabyte (GB) daily data usage threshold or a total of 3GB per month, whichever comes first, for post-paid subscribers on unlimited data plans."-
The Globe Telecom, and Smart,...and all the rest who plan to follow or have followed already.... unFAIR USE POLICY is simply "Deja Poo" - Yeah! We've heard of that same crap before (more likely CAP before. CAPS have been placed on pre-paid data services since 2010)...and they always get away with it thanks to telco regulator National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) who says they do not have the power to compel these telcos to provide FAIR service to their customers plus TRUTH in ADVERTISING - UNLI my pee!

"Pay P999 for the UNLIMITED LTE but wait, there's more, add PPP and you can use your pocket WiFi as hotspot for 5 users. Here's the catch, if you exceed 1GB per day, and for 3 consecutive days, your connection will be downgraded to UNLIMITED 2g or "NADA" - who can work properly with f*ckin 2G?

I used to be able to upload several videos on YouTube everyday, but now that's a memory. I may have to resort only to photos on my blogs, and say goodbye to incorporating videos - such a SHAME!

It seems the telcos are trying to outSMART everyone with technicalities and legalities, and powerfully backed up by strong forces. They've even tried to compare the service restriction to what is being offered GLOBE-ally. Really? As if you guys have been able to provide quality service with no interruption, slowdown, cap, etc...

I went to the Globe Telecom Makati business center two days ago and asked how I would be able to upload a video again, and the reply of the Customer Service staff was: it's no longer possible for mobile Internet accounts.  Only wired connections can do that now.

I live in a "condo" that does not allow wired connections of cable, phones, and Internet (from building to outside). This is why all of our utility services are "wireless" connections.

The telcos are saying that they enforced the fair use policy for postpaid data plans to “protect the data experience of the majority of subscribers who regularly use the network for work or leisure.” The prevalence of smartphones and mobile data devices had promoted a surge in data traffic

The fair use policy is an industry issue that is being implemented by all telco players in the country, even globally in the most advanced economies. They said they are doing this to protect their users because they  want the regular data users who use the Internet for work or leisure to have a consistently great data experience. Heavy users will affect their experience and this is what they are guarding against.

My say on this? Crap!

If the telcos are concerned about the huge volume of subscribers and data traffic, then they should only do two things. Either stop accepting subscribers, or improve their infrastructure.
"To be honest, im quite impressed by the service you've guys have given me as a postpaid subscriber for the past year. Unfortunately, after imposing your so called FUP and limiting us POSTPAID SUBSCRIBERS with a connection of 1GB a day or 3GB a month eventhough we are enrolled in your UNLIMITED DATA PLAN really disappointed me. Why call it UNLIMITED LTE and yet IT IS NOT?? Wouldn't that make you violate RA7394, also known as the "Consumer Act of the Philippines", Chapter 7 article 110 regarding False, Deceptive And Misleading Advertisement? You guys should learn how to value your customers.. Always be TRUTHFUL with your statements.. UNLIMITED LTE should be UNLIMITED LTE.. And not LIMITED LTE TO 1GB PER DAY AND SHIFT TO 2G AFTERWARDS."
and to NTC?

Grow some balls and moderate the greed! You're supposed to be a regulating body and not just an inquiry panel.

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