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The Story of Boy and Bebeth: A Special Valentine's Day Love Story

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It's the season of the hearts again. A time when lovers become extra close and an opportunity to treat each other extra nice. It's also an excuse to ask for a kiss, a hug or something more intimate. Statistics shows that aside from the ever increasing sales of roses and chocolates, it's also that time of the year when more and more people are getting laid.

Valentine's Day is really magical. I've read a status post of a Facebook friend relating the teleserye-like love story of his parents and learned that he was actually conceived on Valentine's Day (February 14), and eventually born nine months later (November 13). Only a day short of an exact nine months!

From his story, I guess he sort of revealed his age when he told us the year, but what really got my attention was the totally amazing MMK-type love story of his parents. His father was 40, while his mother was 22 when the two met. But the 18 year gap was overcome which brought into this world three more children - plus two grandchildren.

This is the story of Boy and Bebeth.

"He was reeling from a broken heart. He just married her and built a house for them but she left him to pursue a career in the US. He flew and pursued her in the US. Despite his insistence (he stayed for a month!), it didn't work out. She couldn't go back to the Philippines. He couldn't stay in the US. He went back home and slid into depression from the break-up.

Then he met a pretty stow-away who, he found out later, was in conflict with the law. She had unpaid obligations and the threat of jail time made her desperate. He offered to pay off her debts, but in return, she'd have to live with him. Hesitant at first (she never liked him, but yes he was insistent), she said yes.

They lived together and on Valentines Day of 1979, I guess you could say matter-of-factly that his sperm met her egg. 9 months later, they bore their first offspring. It was a challenging May-December affair. Their 18 year gap made it an uneasy journey. He was a heavy alcohol drinker. While she was suffering from drug dependence. They would get married civilly 16 years after. He would find out later that she insisted on getting married only because she wanted to obtain a loan and the condition for which was a marriage certificate. Yep, money's always oddly central to this relationship.

But despite all these, they stuck it out through thick and thin. 35 years of being together, they now have 4 children (Leon, Lovernessa, Leonil & Loverme or Bemboy, Bembeth, Butchoy, Bembem) and 2 grandkids (LL & Yanee).

They may not admit it but they do love each other. We thank them for staying together amidst the trials and despite their imperfections and differences.

This is their 'love' story.

This is the story of Leon and Luz or Boy and Bebeth.

We love you Pa & Ma! Happy Hearts Day!:) Yeah, we know. You love us too. Lol!"

*Posted with permission from Leon " Bemboy" Flores III

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