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CBCP Wants Condoms Ads Removed from TV

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The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines-Episcopal Commission on Family and Life made a request to the Ad Standard Council (ASC) not to allow the airing of condom ads on television. Fr. Melvin Castro, the executive secretary of the commission, said these commercials are even aired during prime time hours "and one of them even featured a popular celebrity". Castro told Radio Veritas the commercials contribute to the “corruption of values and minds of the youth.”- ABS-CBN News
Wow! Hilarious and infuriating at the same time! They still run the shots eh? The Philippines is f*cked. CBCP is no different from Westboro baptist and the medieval bishops. Please take us away from the irresponsible members of CBCP who are being steered by a bunch of old fashioned and idiotic zealots that are out of touch with the real world. As if they have their own kingdom which is against our liberal minded and beloved new rockstar, Pope Francis.

A commercial on condom can corrupt values? What a weak framework that value and mind must have if a simple condom commercial can wreak havoc on it. Indeed, what a threat - the mighty condom. Because we all know that it is actually what incites and fuels people's sexual behavior. Corruption of minor is when they get raped by confused men in robes and these perpetrators go unpunished.

So should we get all dish washing detergent ads off the air too since people may be even more encouraged to dirty up their plates? Should we ban all those cooking shows with celebrity chefs because people may become more obese than they usually are (and start making "culinary chef " as the newest and coolest career)? Wait...let me think of something a little bit more closer to potential youth corruption....ahhh...maybe we should also ban the annual parties of many colleges since it gives the students excuse to mingle more intimately with their peers. Excuse me, but last time I looked we were in a democracy. Middle Ages, anyone? 

Parenting: You're doing it right if a 30-sec commercial can corrupt the values and minds of the youth. There are far worst longer running more potent influences on TV that are being ignored by the CBCP.
If you'll translate this by reading between the lines
: CBCP just wants the populace to be ignorant about their options. They want us to live in a bubble. Promoting ignorance at it's best. Removing those ads is almost the same as spreading ignorance. Stupidity will corrupt our youth's minds! Duh! 

What should be banned is the dumb Patriarchy making dumb requests and statements and asking the masses for support. This only goes to show how much the CBCP believes in its own power over the government. We shout out for a separation of Church and State. I'll listen to them once they take responsibility for all the babies born without the assurance of a good life!
 This is that moment when you really want to be at Fr. Socrates Villegas' side and politely say "here take my middle finger (and shove it deep in your ass) delivered just for you..."  

Why are the bishops so sensitive about anything related to the penis and sexual intercourse when these things are essential parts of the body and life. To them these are still taboo. There seems to be no educational improvement and development in the seminaries. This is why some of them are becoming sexual perverts. It is strange for alleged pedophiles to be talking about the corruption of youth. This is coming from an institution filled with alleged sex offenders? It's a joke right? These bishops are probably just jealous everybody else is getting more than they are. Enough with the Catholic Taliban and let the government do its job.

In other news, calls for the removal of the influence of Churches on politics and national issues increase in number and intensity. Our question now is: Are they willing to lose their Sunday Mass Telecasts?

Source: ABS-CBN and Filipino Free Thinkers thoughts combined

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