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Torque Droidz Sport Versus the Arc Mobile Prime 350 Mobile Phone Review

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Let's go straight to the point.

The Torque Droidz Sport and the Arc Mobile Prime 350 are so affordable yet they have features too good for their price range. With the addition of extra memory to improve storage space, they could very well be the promising units enough to satisfy the basic mobile needs of an individual.

But, of course I would let you know which one between the two is more superior.

I usually do my reviews after more than a week of usage so as to make sure everything was well checked and tested. We can't afford to rush things. We need to be able to present the actual daily experience with the device.

Over a cup of coffee at one of the new and popular Makati bar and restaurant, I took photos of the Torque Droidz Sport and the Arc Mobile Prime 350 mobile phones. The Torque Droidz Sport was thinner and smaller in height as compared to the Arc Mobile Prime 350 mobile phone I was reviewing both at the same time.

However, the Torque unit provided to me was all black in color, while the Arc Mobile Prime 350 one had a combination of black and white, but it also comes in all black color. Thus, the Torque Droidz Sport looked a little plain from afar in comparison with the bulkier Arc Mobile Prime 350.

I guess black is still the in thing for all gadgets aside from some sporting a silver or aluminum look. The touch of black and white combination for the Arc Mobile Prime 350 mobile phone was something new for me.

I actually put in a pattern lock for security on both phones using the same pattern, but for the Torque Droidz Sport, I needed sometimes to repeat the unlocking process and try a maximum of 3 times until I was able to unlock the phone. I thought it must be my moisten fingers but I never had the problem with the Arc Mobile Prime 350. I often fail in the Torque Droidz Sport pattern recognition unlocking process more often than once but nevertheless it was tolerable.

I initially tested the photo capturing capability of the units. The photo using the Torque Mobile Droidz Sport was better than the Arc Mobile Prime 350 phone Not surprisingly since the Torque Droidz Sport has a 3 mp camera while the Arc Mobile Prime 350 only has a 1.3 mp camera.

Here's are sample shots I took a few days ago at the Yahoo OMG Awards night at the SM MOA Arena in Pasay using the Torque Droidz Sport mobile phone:


Not so amazing, but for the price, and considering it was one of the lower specs models, it was far more superior for a 3 mp phone camera as it was able to capture the said images despite the assortment of lights. The other brand of the same price has a lower resolution rear camera.

The right side of the phone is the location of the power button. The left side has the ringer volume.

The back of the phone contains the camera and the speaker portion along with the label of TORQUE.

You can see the power and data port at the bottom side.

Here are the full specifications of the Torque Droidz Sport mobile phone:


· SC6820 1GHZ CPU
· ROM: 512MB/ RAM: 256MB

 Below are photos of the Arc Mobile Prime 350: (I took them at another popular restaurant somewhere in Tomas Morato Quezon City - that's me doing my reviews while having my meals - as in while doing everyday tasks and not confined within the comforts of my home or office)

The display is of the same size as the Torque Droidz Sport but the enclosure is longer. However, the display is crisper and more vibrant even if set at low light.

You can find the camera and speaker at the back as well as the Arc Mobile sign.

The right side has no buttons or controls.

Most of the ports are on top : power button, data cable connection and earphone/headset/power cable connection

The left side has the volume control.

Another photo of the Arc Mobile Prime 350 while in a darker setting (I took this at a Spa and Derma clinic somewhere in Manila). You can see that even at a far, the display is very visible unlike the Torque Droidz Sport where I needed to zoom in so I could clearly show you the Wazzup Pilipinas web site.

Here are the specifications of the Arc Mobile Prime 350:

I am quite disappointed that I was only able to install two additional applications (Instagram and Twitter) on the Torque Droidz Sport during the review period because after installing these two apps, I keep getting a warning message saying the phone is running low on space already.

I am sure that will easily be remedied with the use of a micro SD (capable up to a maximum of 32 GB) but since it was a review unit, I needed to settle with what I have.

Overall, the Torque Droidz Sport beats the competition in size and looks, as well as the quality of the photos taken by its 3.5 mp rear camera. I also didn't have any problems with the keypad as I was able to tap the appropriate keys on the touch screen with ease.

However, the plus things about the Arc Mobile Prime 350 is that it had a mobile analog TV and a front camera aside from its 0.3 mp rear camera as added features. You can also play the FM Radio without the need to insert a headset or earphone.

You can choose based on your needs as both phones has their own shares of pros and cons, thus your choice will depend on your needs. If you want to be entertained, the Arc Mobile Prime 350 is way ahead of the Torque Droidz Sport. But if you prefer to use a phone that is a less bulky and able to take acceptable photos especially during events, then choose the Torque Droidz Sport.

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  1. how about the wifi connectivity and standby battery life of both?

  2. Torque Droidz sport is extraordinary!
    Dissimilar to whatever available android phones its more modest and plan cordial, yet it has an incredible features like Bluetooth, radio, Camera, voice recorder, feature recorder and above all else the memory card space is expandable to 32G. This phone has as of now an introduced applications like YouTube,Facebook and playstore. What's more its so compact on the grounds that it outlines to place in pockets and the shades are magnificent.
    Thanks a lot for your nice post.

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