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Unique Vacation Ideas You Need to Try Out

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Living in an archipelago, it’s natural for Filipinos to frequent the country’s many beaches as vacation spots. After all, most of us are maybe one to three hours away from the nearest body of open water—wherever we are in the country. But you’ll have to admit that after a while, spending some vacation time by the sea on sandy beaches can feel old pretty quickly. So if you’re looking for something new to do for the next long weekend, here are five unique vacation ideas you can definitely try out.

Undertake Volunteer Work

It may not be the most obvious choice, but embracing your altruistic side could indeed be a great way to spend your vacation. Beyond helping out a community that’s in great need, you can even choose a place with a scenic view and take in some fresh air.

Indeed, in addition to helping out an underserviced community, you can tour the surrounding areas during your downtime. No matter where you choose to volunteer, you’ll definitely have a truly unique and fulfilling vacation experience.

Gaze at the Stars

As towns and cities become more and more populated, their residents inevitably erect streetlights for nighttime safety. But with all the resulting light pollution, we forget how much the night sky is filled with planets, stars, and other heavenly bodies.

Thankfully, you won’t need to venture far, even if you’re based in a metropolitan area. For example, Metro Manila residents can get easily take a drive to Tanay, Rizal and go to Big Handy’s Grounds for public stargazing events. If you’re a photography enthusiast, you can even take a clear picture of the night sky and the Milky Way galaxy under the right conditions. And once you and your friends or family are done craning your necks towards the skies, there are other things you can still do.

You can even step things up by doing a more luxurious take on the traditional camping activity. “Glamping” is the latest craze for many groups who want to forgo the usual stargazing trips at the usual resorts. There are now many glamorous camping spots around the country that offer this unique experience. Places like Zambales, Clark, and Tagaytay have upscale camping areas with all the amenities that a high-class resort can offer and more.

Get on a Yacht

If you’re feeling like you deserve having a bit of luxury sprinkled on your next vacation, then why not enjoy the open sea with a party on a yacht? And before you balk at the cost, we’ll remind you that you don’t have to buy a yacht just to enjoy one.

In fact, you can get a taste of luxury by renting a yacht. If you’re knowledgeable about boating yourself, you can go for a bareboat charter and skipper the vessel yourself. But depending on the package that you can find, some yacht charters can also be skippered. This means it includes a captain and a complete crew. Though definitely still costlier than most items on this list, you’ll definitely end up with the most fun memories by having a fun party on a yacht.

Of course, if you want to go all out, there are many places that offer yachts for sale in the Philippines. Companies like Europa Yachts Philippines cater to those specifically looking for high-end vessels that can fulfill their need for a luxury vacation in amazing locations like the islands of Palawan, the coves in Batangas, or the various diving spots in Mindoro.

Go on a Spontaneous Road Trip

This may be the simplest option on this list. All you need is a car, enough money to last for a couple of days, and a sense of adventure. You can go for more planned trips by taking on oft-traveled yet still amazing trips like a drive across the Cordilleras.

You can even plan your road trip around a specific activity that’s unique to a particular destination. Do you love surfing and other activities by the sea? Then why not take a trip to Baler for some fun under the sun and the surf. If you’re more of a foodie, then when Pampanga is a great place to visit for some of the most delectable dishes the country has to offer.

Alternatively, you can just pick a direction and go where the wind takes you. No matter which path you end up taking, it’s best to feel free and enjoy the spontaneity of your road trip. And whenever you and your companions are tired, just stop at the nearest hotel or inn and take in as much of the local culture and cuisine as you can.

We’ll be the first to admit that some of the above suggestions may not have even crossed your mind before. Or you may have previously eliminated them from contention for other reasons. But if you’re looking for a more unique getaway on your next vacation, then you can’t go wrong with trying something new.

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