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#TheFalconAndTheWinterSoldier: Halfway through the first season

Wazzup Pilipinas?!

#TheFalconAndTheWinterSoldier Episode 3 is a blast. Continually impressed by the action Kari Skogland directs and the surprises this show manages to throw at you. Terrifically written dialogue, the acting is fun to watch, and this cast has a brilliant dynamic together.

Only because of Zemo dancing this show deserves an Emmy... Falcon struggling with finances, Sharon running from US government, Bucky dealing with PTSD while Baron Zemo was vibing at the club.

Zemo being sugar daddy to Sam and Bucky, sponsoring their outfits, travels in private jet and cool cars.

Episode 3 of #TheFalconAndTheWinterSoldier was just WOW. I’m speechless. The intensity and surprises have definitely been dialed way up. 

Madripoor has such an aesthetic look & feel as well as includes the best cinematography in the show so far.

This nostalgic gem though made me laugh out loud.

Bucky: “Can you move your seat up?”
Sam: NO

2023 or 2024
Sam: “Your not gonna move your seat up”
Bucky: NO

It's the perfect mix of an action film, and indie mumblecore, and a call out to society! Daniel Bruhl and Emily Van Camp's additions and acting? SO GOOD! 

Everybody is talking about sugar daddy Zemo, but what about sugar mommy Sharon? The way Sharon Carter whooped those men's asses. She's alone and she defeated that many. Sharon Carter is one the strongest woman in the MCU. She needs to be more appreciated.

Let's talk about how Sharon gave her whole life for the Avengers just for them to forget about her. Sharon’s fight scene at the shipyard went so hard, need a Disney+ show of her life in Madripoor asap Marvel.

Yes, Sharon. Sam Wilson is definitely better off without a shirt. I’m really starting to like her. She better not be a love interest for either of them though. I’ll be so annoyed. But nobody told her to five finger discount that shield. Miss me with that.

Sharon f*ckin Carter is back and kicking asses. Yes, go off queen.

Sebastian stans ability to act with his eyes is unmatched! The fact that Bucky is a nerd makes me love him even more. No one could’ve played a better Bucky Barnes. For a split second whilst Zemo said the trigger words I thought Bucky would turn into the Winter Soldier again lmao.

We actually get Bucky fighting unlike in the movies where he was just shooting bullets. remember that before Hydra, bucky taught steve how to fight and he was a 3-time YMCA welterweight champion.

How did the notebook come to be in Bucky's possession? Did he pilfer it from Steve's effects or did Steve pass it along before he left Wakanda so Bucky could catch up or like...

I'm never getting over this.

Sebastian Stan is extraordinary!! He reconfirms himself as one of the best characters in the MCU.

I think we can all agree that Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson looks so good and for what? If Steve was America's ass, Sam is America's titties. Let's also talk about how fucking clean Sam looked in the suit!!!

I’m never shutting up about Sam in a suit. He looks so sexy.

The way Sam checks on Bucky like when he had to impersonate the Winter Soldier or when Bucky wanted to “go for a walk” makes me so soft. Steve could never have chosen someone better and more trusted than Sam to check on Bucky.

Not the team up we expected but the team up we needed. I can’t get ever how good Sam and Bucky looked in this episode. Now why did everyone drip so hard this episode?!

This series is a matter of perspective on who is good or bad. All the characters are fighting for a cause/belief and it's up to your own morals and values to decide which side you are on.

Where the villains are more likeable than John Walker. The most relatable moment was when John Walker threatened a guy and screamed "Do you know who I am?!" and was answered back with “Yes, I do and I don’t care.” It was total badass. The white privilege in that new Cap is astronomical.

A Filipino song “AMATS” by SHANTI DOPE was also featured here. When I heard it I was shooked then I screamed so loud and vibing to that song while watching.

Lupet! Nagulat ako nung nag play.

What a moment. Shanti Dope is now MCU Canon.

"Isang mundo, isang tao."

"One world, one people." Flagsmashers in Madripoor too, it seems. Or maybe there was a Filipino among Karli's group already and I haven't noticed yet.

Congrats @mimiyuuuh for making it on disney+ singing Amatz.

I am so proud filo here.

Also, when Ayo showed up and the Wakanda Dora Milaje music played. I was like ....

Loving it.

For the 100th time, the episodes just keeps getting better! So happy to see my boi Zemo back in action. He’s awesome in this episode. Bucky, Sam & Zemo is the trio I didn’t know I need until now lol.

#TheFalconAndTheWinterSoldier is honestly one of the best entries in the MCU and it’s only half way over. I mean there’s just so much compelling shit every week. It’s just so damn good man.

This episode was amazing! There was a lot of action scenes and a lot of twist and turns but I got to say the ending surprised me. Only 3 more episodes left. I can’t wait.

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