Sunday, March 28, 2021

Ecobricks don't solve the plastic problem, only hides it

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I used to do ecobricks like this and used it rin as panambak para sa floor ng house. Made sure that it was compact talaga. But eventually I realized that I wasn't solving anything because the plastic still exists. It was just hidden. 

What should be done is find an alternative for plastics and hopefully close down companies who produce single use plastics that are not of essential. Doing eco brick like this is basically encouraging more companies (ex. Coke or Pepsi) of making more of their products in plastic bottles.

If we keep seeing this as a solution or considering as an upside it will only encourage more people to use plastics by drinking sodas or eating candies and junkfood packaged in plastic. 

We need to rethink the way we consume our food or purchase our food. Like a bread for example instead of having in put in plastics pwede canvass bags. Same with Coke for example if lagi pa rin tayo umiinom ng Coke and do this and see it as an upside kasi it was made into ecobrick the plastic still exist. 

True it didn't go to landfills or went into the ocean, but if tectonic plates where to shift then in an instant these plastics will be underwater na din but wrapped in cement.

Lets think bigger sana. Plastic companies supports this type of recycling so they can continue creating plastics and destroying the planet. We cannot always eco brick all of the waste they had and continue to create.

For us to stop the bleeding from where it comes we need to compress it (in this case stop buying products in plastic) and then elevate the affected area (in this case raise awareness and remind the government start with LGU). It's possible we do this together. Starve the companies of attention by not buying their drinks or food wrapped in single use plastics. Go back to glass bottles or any alternative instead of plastics.

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