Monday, March 29, 2021

#DuterteManyak: Justifying "Kabastusan" as a Joke is pure evil

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I am so tired of hearing Harry Roque defending and justifying the kabastusan acts of the president as a “joke” or “sense of humor.” Pare-parehas silang baboy. 

Habang tumatagal, mas lalong nagiging manyak ang pangulo.

Attempting to grab someone's private parts without their consent, regardless of your relationship with the person, regardless if it was a joke, regardless of your position, will never be funny. And the fact that this is not the first time we've seen how dirty Duterte is.

Trust me when I say that no matter how close you are to the person, the act would literally make you uncomfortable. And seeing the spokeperson justifying Dut's actions make me gag.

Anything said or done to rationalize #DuterteManyak is unconscionable.

Magkano ba binenta no Roque ang kaluluwa at dignidad niya??? When his time comes (as mine will some day), his actions will bring its own deliverance.

This is why sexual harassment is commonly done by people we are already familiar with: when harassers invade our personal spaces, apologists like Harry Roque will come and say “eh kilala ka naman nun eh”.

The fact that they took the video to show how "simple" our president's way of living is but instead exposed his misogynistic and lewd acts to women again. Smh.

The video was supposedly to capture his fake, “simple” 76th birthday celebration, but it only exposed how unrepentantly misogynistic Duterte is. 

I wanna see how j*m m*gno will try to reason up and cover up our president's actions again. Besides, maybe we're just "bobos" right? 

Yung ikaw na lang daw dapat mag aadjust kasi masyado silang bobo para maintindihan na hindi joke yun?

Seeing that even the person with the highest position in our country is capable of doing this, I guess we're so far in having morally sensible men. Duterte is normalizing "kabastusan"

May malisya man o wala, andun man yun partner o wala, was there a consent? Of all people, you shoud know what Digong did is harrassment. 

He kissed a married lady in front of a crowd. He joked that the mayor should be the first in line to rape an Australian lady. He also gave an order to shoot female guerilla’s in their vagin*

You can never justify these acts as appropriate to the office he holds. 

Did Harry Roque just justified sexual harassment as a fucking joke? This is why there's a lot of women who are too scared to speak up about their encounters with harassment because people like Roque could justify it as a joke and people would believe ugly men like him.

#DuterteManyak is an accurate description of a 70+old man, who has the raging hormones of sex-hungry 17 yr-old with a perverse penchant for rape jokes.

Duterte has shamelessly displayed a pervasive pattern of misogny in full public view repeatedly.

Duterte is a textbook predator. D.O.M. - Dirty Oldie of Malacañang.

Having a macho-fascist president has worsened the situation of Filipino women —especially marginalized women in the PH. Duterte once again proved to us that he is the commander-in-chief of misogyny and fascism in the country. As women, we have to fight back! 


That is one of the cultures that should be changed. It's really uncomfortable for anyone (especially to women) that someone is trying to touch anybody's private part. And to caught it on cam, that is more disrespectful.

I am very tired and disappointed of hearing Harry Roque and some DDS defending their beloved president doing the acts of "kabastusan & justifying it as “joke” ang ba-baboy niyo, mga gago!

and DDS still thinking that he is merely a simple man na kumakain sa karinderya, may kulambo, at nagcake ng kanin. "Biro lang naman niya yun eh" Seriously? Baboy kasi kayo.

It's really baffling how they shared that video thinking absolutely nothing was wrong about it. Like, just how normalized is that behaviour in their household?? Disgusting. 

The very fact that she pulled away from the “playful” attempt to touch her private part is an indication that she didnt want it there in the first place. No amount of justification makes that okay.

Abusado talga si Duterte sa kahit anong setting.

The president and his spokesperson proved "birds of a feather flock together" Please stop being so disgusting already.

If in the first place he knew who and what he really is, he would’ve known the value of his position by now. He is a leader of millions of people. How will he serve and be a good role model to his country, when the simple respect for women is not in his vocabulary?  

It's funny how the president and his supporters never go awry to prove how alarming and disgusting they are.

Taking such sexual assault as a joke is not acceptable and this act is coming from a president that should be the role model for his citizens which enables a lot of lasciviousness crimes in the future. This is alarming.

I remembered learning before that respect should be given to anyone. But seems like that's impossible. Duterte doesn't deserve to be respected if he can't respect and stop himself from harassing the person who's been living with you for a long time. Kating kati ba siya?

Now think DDS. You are enabling a rapist. Do not tolerate any misogynist and rapist act. 

My takeaway from the whole birthday-gate?

This government cares more for managing 'optics' than managing the crisis. The people behind these shenanigans, same school of thought. Not surprised why our Pandemic response has failed.

That is a chilling thought that will be forever in our heads.


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