Wednesday, March 31, 2021

"Lugaw" has been categorized as non-essential

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Move over Dalgona Coffe, Sushi Bake and Ube Pandesal! Lugaw is here to claim its spotlight this ECQ! Lugaw this ECQ! 

A food delivery rider was prohibited Tuesday morning from delivering “lugaw” or rice porridge to a customer in a barangay in Bulacan province.

I fucking lost it when she said "essential po ba si lugaw?" Where on Earth is this lady's brain going? or does she even have one? Lugaw is FOOD!!! Isang malaking kabobohan! Basta pagkain essential, tanga!

Lugaw has been a favorite food of mine since I was a little kid. I love it with boiled egg and fried tokwa (tofu) plus chicharon and lots of soy sauce with vinegar, sugar, onion leeks, toasted garlic, etc. 

Lugaw for me is like a plain white tee and denim jeans - you can dress it up or down, cuts across all social classes, and makes you feel good.  

However, Lugaw is now evicted from the food category...well that is according to certain barangay officials.

Effect ba ng pandemya ang lost of common sense? Akala ko kasi smell and taste lang eh.

Lugaw is cancelledt. 

Lugaw is Sadt.

Buti na lang nakapaglugaw na ako a few days ago.

Dear Grab ph , you need to revise your advisory like this:

“We’re serving you 24/7 this ECQ so that you can stay safe at home while we bring you food, essentials and lugaw.” 

Lugaw is essential, as is super essential. Lalo na ung tinatawag ng DDS at Marcos loyalist na Leni Lugaw, super kailangan ng bayan now.

What do VP Leni and lugaw have in common?

They're both essential. 

Other reasons why Lugaw is Essential:

- It's Food

- It's healthy

- It's the Go-To food when you're too weak to eat harder food (pun intended)

- It's cost efficient

- Bitch, lugaw is life.

Apparently, common sense is never common among government officials. Filipinos are admired all over the world for their wit and beauty pero dito sa Pilipinas, walang common sense mga nagpapatupad ng law.

Kulang sa briefing si Madam... kung hindi essential si Lugaw, being a food category, bakit eto palagi ang pinapakain ng gobyerno sa mga feeding program...hahaha!

Ang tatanga. Promise. Sobrang ang tatanga talaga. Wala bang orientation ang mga ito? "I used to think communication was the key until I realized comprehension is. " 

I refuse to live in a world where lugaw isnt categorized as essential food. Marami ang naging bobo at tanga sa ECQ-Season 2. Paano naging hindi essential ang pagkain na lugaw. Dapat sila ang pagmultahin.

Paano kung may sakit ung umorder. Hi di pwedeng kumain ng solid food. Hindi makalabas. Hayst. Ayusin ninyo naman.

Baka pwedeng i-translate sa Tagalog yung latest IATF guidelines para walang ganito, nakakainis na kasi parang di alam ng mga nagpapatupad ng ECQ. Pakisabihan din sila na serbisyo publiko at wala sila karapatan mamilosopo at magpahiya ng tao.

Kaya di ako lumalapit sa PNP , kamukha na kasi lahat ni Sinas mga bobo at pilosopo. May sariling interpretation ng batas na applicable lang sa atin pero sila exempted.

What kind of a mother fucking son of a cunt thinks that lugaw isnt an essential.

Labeling Lugaw as "Non-Essential" amidst the pandemic is a blatant stupidity on the side of the so-called frontliner Tanod (if she really is a tanod). Im amazed she mentioned it with conviction. Sa ibang pamilya, pangtawid Gutom yan..napaka insensitive naman knowing na naka video.

With a few exceptions, our entire government, from top to bottom, is populated now with people who think like this woman in the video enforcing the rules, saying with smug confidence, “hindi essential ang lugaw.”  They take their tone from the top - Duterte who has several dumb statements similar to this Lugaw fiasco.

Lugaw is god tier elite. It's a staple for merienda and to warm you up on cold lonely nights.

Yung iba walang pang de-lata, pang lugaw lang meron! if in your status you do not consider lugaw as an essential, then try to have consideration for others who can only have lugaw on their table.

To all Lugaw business owners out there:

This is your time to shine! You have now the time of your life to market your product... KAHIT SINASABI NI ATE FROM BARANGAY NA HINDI DAW ESSENTIAL ANG LUGAW!

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