Monday, March 29, 2021

Albie Casiño burns DDS bashers

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"Now alam kong bobo ka kasi DDS ka, but if you still don't get it after this wala ka ng pag-asa. Please don't breed."
— Albie Casiño to his bashers


After posting about the ECQ and 2022 Elections, actor Albie Casiño slammed his haters and DDS in his comments section. 

That impact on me when celebrity speaks up against the government. More Albie Casiño, please!!!!!

Sure. How Albie Casiño responded to those comments are not that okay but i need to admire him for at least knowing how awful our government is and for urging people to vote wisely next time.

Not here defending Albie Casino as I believe he could have framed his thoughts better. 

But can we not cancel him outright? It was done in a feat of rage. Parang ikaw kapag galit na galit, dami mong pinagsasabing masasamang words. 

Educate, not cancel. 

Dami hypocrites no. We at times curse when we are very disappointed. Di ba si tatay Diving sobrang ganyan din. Bakit di rin sya sitahin? There are more people who are worth cancelling like Duterte...numero unong pang gulo.

Also those who are offended by Albie Casiño's choice of words but not offended by the president's choice of words. 


At a point of heightened disappointment, we at times curse but it is our truest emotion and thought.

Of course because Albie Casiño expressed his disappointment to the government he is automatically tagged as Dilawan. Y'all DDShit, jsyk people can be other than Dilawans but still be disappointed to the PH government because just fuckin look at this, look at where we are right now.

We are promised with a Drug-free country 3-6 months on his term but here we are right now with a president that seemed like he himself is ALWAYS high AF.

Albie and some others just said it out loud for the rest of us who are very disappointed too.

Sa tagal na nating nasa ganitong sitwasyon it's normal to feel frustrated and helpless.

They are celebrities so they have a voice heard and documented while us ordinary citizens though less noticed should echo their voices to make it louder. Unfortunately, this administration has their ears shut.

I am with Albie Casiño on this.. Those telling he stoop down to their level because he made “patol” should know that sometimes it is needed kasi sobra na..What do we expect this artists be like? Still smile and take pictures just to please the fans? As taxpayers, they all have the right to complain.

1) the slur???
2) the classism and elitism????? 

Can we please not revere him for this and instead let him know just how awful many of these arguments are? I beg to disagree. This government is so normalizing craziness that being the good guy doesn't work anymore. We need to fight slur with slur, and show the world we mean business because enough is enough.

Sometimes you just have to give these people a dose of their own medicine. Its useless to respond very intelligently when they DONT understand what you're saying.

This government treats any disapproval as an opposition meant to bring them down. So they don't cooperate, they don't listen. 

We are the ones they should follow and not the other way around.

If he will not answer in that manner, he will be trashed out. Kailangan matapang din ang arrive para di basta bastahin lang.

Respect begets respect! When people kick and punch you, you dont sit down and stay quiet. Yo hit back harder! Diplomacy doesn't work all the time, you need to know how to defend and fight back, thats one way to handle bullies.

Sometimes we have to stoop down to their level. Remember, this topic is political...We’ll never win over DDS if we do not know how to play their ‘dirty’ game. We need to win first to be able to change the future! Whatever it takes!

DDS are a mix of paid people, software generated responses, cultists and regionalists. They will swarm you like zombies. Hindi sila bobo, automated lang. The key here is to fight them in numbers on socmed. A luxury we don't have. They are funded, we aren't.

To DDS: Please “don’t breed” if there’s no hope for your ignorance and absurdity. 

A friendly reminder from Albie Casiño  

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