Monday, April 12, 2021

#RacismIsNotComedy: #MiBarrioMega should apologize to BTS and the Asian community

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Michael Jackson once said: "Together we can make a change of the world. Together we can help to stop racism. Together we can help to stop prejudice"

Racism is not comedy. Making fun of a language and culture is not funny. Racism is not an ideological thought it is a psychological illness.

I just saw this TV show and it really bothers me too much, especially if it is something that happens in my own country. How is it possible that in the middle of 2021 xenophobia and racism are used as comedy in TV broadcasts. This has to stop now.

Chilean comedy TV show #MiBarrio (open TV channel available to the whole country) presented a parody performance of BTS, where all the jokes were based on racism and xenophobia, including mockery of their language, their names, and a joke related to the pandemic. This situation is extremely insenstive considering the discriminatory attacks the Asian community has suffered globally.

I couldn't watch the whole thing, all i feel right now is disgust and sadly this kind of "humor" is so normalized here in South America.

There's nothing funny about racism.

If you want to help report this situation, you can do it to the 'Consejo Nacional de TelevisiĆ³n' (CNTV).

Here is a translation of the content of the video: 

This cannot pass as humor and we have to see it as it really is: A racist aggression.

#MiBarrio has posted in ther Instagram account the following text.

We think that they won't release an apology and that they don't feel their actions are wrong. We understood from their instagram post they still believe that what they did was humoristic. 

They are really so disgusting that you do such a disrespect for those who love us unconditionally, regardless of religion, language, race! 

There's not much we can do besides waiting for CNTV's resolution but we hope they realize that what's "funny" to them it actually hurtful to a lot of people. 

To Mega, broadcasting anti-Asian racist jokes on Chilean TV will have deadly consequences, especially during the COVID19 pandemic. 

We demand accountability and an apology to BTS and the Asian community. 

From the translation posted, it's also just like.......... not even witty. The jokes are dumb. Racism isn't remotely funny, but even if this weren't racist, it wouldn't be funny. 

Is this funny? Is your understanding of "humor" insulting people and racism? This is bullshit! Know your place! 

How dare you use the racist card so irresponsibly on something that is merely a parody when people have actually gotten killed for being Asian...You are part of the problem fix yourself up we don't need time wasters.

People get killed and attacked and you focus on a parody that is taking the piss out of north korea, this irresponsible use only lessens the severity of Asian hate in the world.

You'll never understand, right? You act as if what happened to BTS is not racism and does not hurt them! Everyone sees the racism, but because it is BTS, no one but the Army speaks! 

It is a shame and a lack of responsibility on the segment of "humor" made in "My neighborhood". As an enterprise and as a program, it's aberrant that, knowing the current exacerbation of hatred against the Asian community, you decide to do this type of racist comedy ridiculing the language and physical appearance of Koreans, linking them with jokes about Covid-19 and reinforcing stereotypes that encourage racism.  

Using the covid-19 and hate global context again Asians to increase your audience only reflects your lack of commitment with fundamental values as respect, tolerance, and equality among people.

This is another attempt to ride on BTS's skyrocketing fame. How people can still be this disgustingly shameless just to have publicity is beyond me. How thirsty are you for viewers? How can you still pretend to be ignorant of the issues of today?  

We’ve raised our voices time and time again and yet here we are fighting the same racist and xenophobic behavior. This is disappointing. This is unacceptable. 

When will people start to learn how to respect? When will people start to realize that racism is not comedy? No one laughed. This is disgusting and disrespectful. 

Racism is not fucking funny. These “jokes” will never be funny. Stop trying to sugarcoat your xenophobic bullshit. 


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