Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Duterte is the worst President of the Philippines, rather the world, rather the universe

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

“If you want me to die early, you must pray harder."

Pres. Duterte said he does not have any ailment that would prevent him from exercising his duty as chief executive.  

People! The President just proclaimed he's a Narcissist. And got a mentality of 5yr old child. No wonder his follower's act or the same. This mad man should be put where he belongs.

Balewala ang prayers sa kanya. Matagal mamatay ang masamang damo. Hindi pa siya kukunin ni God. Madami pa siyang dapat itutuwid sa buhay niya. Saka nag-eenjoy pa si Satanas na katabi niya. Ang problema, ang Sambayanang Pilipino ang nagdurusa dahil sa kagagawan ni #InutilKaDuterte.

Puro siya ngawngaw, di na lang magtrabaho ng maayos ang kalagayan ng bansa. And as long as hindi siya nagla-live hindi mamamatay ang haka-haka tungkol sa kanyang kalagayan. Edited videos only means they have something to hide.

Yung matatapos na yung term niya pero halos lahat ng ipinangako niya ay wala pa din.

Nakakasuka na siya pramis!

Currently trending and I'm laughing my ass off:





Damn, Filipinos are really letting-off steam.

Duterte is undoubtedly the f*cking worst President of the Philippines...the world ...the universe. Sirang-sira ang Pilipinas dahil kay Duterte. Nakakahiya sa buong mundo that we have this kind of President. Nakakahiya sa universe that this life form exists.

This president is not even making an effort to provide or be part of the solution. He is the problem.

How can he say he's enjoying the time of his life; singing and loving while the Filipino die of his incompetence. 

He is the epitome of the 7 Deadly Sins. Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Sloth, Wrath, Pride and Envy. He has done it all. Hands down Devil, making Philippines His Playground.

Yes, the Yolanda response was bad.

But I can't think of anything worse than Duterte's response to covid-19. The response was horrible (and usually even ABSENT). And the pandemic was also used to pocket more money and hasten the erosion of our democracy. 

Not even comparable.

What's the basis of downgrading the lockdown? What have we achieved during the 2-week lockdown?

Wala. We are deep sink hole na when it comes to covid-19 responses. Why? Because for this regimen this is the opportunity for business, for corruption and worst to manipulate people's mind. We had enough. 

Downgrading gives the illusion that the government is doing excellently in containing the virus.

Masabi lang na may ginagawa sila. Since there's no way to "upgrade" it short of declaring total Martial Law, eh di downgrade na lang.

The country has achieved more transmission and less vaccination, more confusion and less ayuda. Also, the PNP-empowered and power-tripping baragay tanods have achieved two senseless deaths.

The only thing Duterte has done lately was to show himself GOLFING AT NIGHT as hundreds (maybe even thousands) of people die WAITING FOR EVEN JUST A BED IN AN EMERGENCY ROOM?

Can't wait the time for these people to feel the revenge of this nation. You dumb pieces of trash will rot in the deepest wing of hell!

Do we really expect any logical reasoning from this admin? Yung nageexpect nga tayo ng sign na president is working, ang pinost nagjojogging, golf at motorbike eh. Hay.

Who gives a shit if he can jog? What we need is valid action. The country is in crisis due to a pandemic and our territory is threatened by China. 

Let the facts speak for themselves. This is the worst, dumbest of all response by any government. More than a year of inefficiency, stupid action plans, if there is even one!! 

Sa gobyerno ngayon, propesyon ang pagiging magnanakaw, normal ang magsinungaling dahil kapatid nito ang magnanakaw. Inutil pa kaya mas malala.

Noone is driving the plane now. The passengers are just the one finding solutions to live. Tulog din po ang Kongreso at senaso halos lahat kaayado ng inutil!!!

Dear Rodrigo Duterte,

Binoto ka ng 16M na Pilipino. You have a Constitutional responsibility to be present at all times. If you can't do that, #LetLeniLead already.

You can't be half-in, half-out.

We hired you to be a full-time public servant—not to be a full-time INUTIL.

I pray for Digong's life be longer, for him to rot in jail. Although the rot part is kinda apparent na naman ngayon.  

He also slammed his critics, including Sen. De Lima, whom he said wants him to die early.

The supposed to be "talk to the people" became rant to the people by Duterte who is the only "president" in the planet who has a scheduled weekly rantings on national TV. 

This week's highlight is Sen. Leila De Lima. Who is illegally detained, and A WOMAN.

Duterte can't spew at Leni rin because she's doing a better job in handling the pandemic than him, so he chose to fire at De Lima who's in prison because of fabricated allegations. 

He fears empowered women so much, no? Same to his whole administration. On rotation yata yung mga pinupuna nyang babae. Baka next week, si VP ulit. He's a waste of time.

Duterte continues to be irked by De Lima no? Imagine someone already in jail can still crush the President’s sensitive ego. lol.

Hmmm... meron kaya lalabas na court decision kaya ganyan sya kay de Lima? Last time na binastos niya si De Lima, isa sa kaso drop ng korte.

Bumabalik na talaga sa pagkabata yung presidente, andaling mapikon. Inadmit naman nyang para siyang bata, lol!

He just admitted na utak 8yrs old siya at gusto nuliya mag golf at 2am. 

Sayang oras grabeee! De lima at kapikunan ang nginangawngaw. Napakaaaaaaa di ko na alam ang tamang words to describe this demon!

Duterte is basically telling us Leila de Lima is living in his mind rent-free.

"Maawa ka naman sa taumbayan. Namamatay na [ang] mga mahal nila sa buhay, ako pa rin ang problema mo?”

Senator Leila de Lima fires back at President Rodrigo Duterte’s latest tirades against her during his address on Monday, April 12. 

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