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#ArmyOfTheDead: Zack Snyder's vision gets full freedom

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

I'm pleased the zombie purists seem to be dying out. The genre needs variety and I'm excited to see how the zombies in #ArmyOfTheDead behave. So far they seem pretty terrifying. I'll always trust #ZackSnyder to deliver a kick ass zombie flick.

First full trailer for Zack Snyder's #ArmyOfTheDead takes zombies to a new level.

An isolated Las Vegas, a hungry horde of the undead, and the last chance to get $200 mil. 

This is #ArmyOfTheDead. In select theaters May and on Netflix May 21. 

#ZackSnyder is coming to rule the internet and streaming chart yet again with #ArmyOfTheDead 

Who would have thought that #ZackSnyder could make an even crazier zombie movie than Dawn of the Dead......but here we are.

I'm so fascinated by the zombie heirarchy, and think this could be the first time in a while zombies are actually scary.

I am SO here for an organized zombie horde. There is a ton of room for stories with that, and I can't WAIT.

The trailer was so great. I am happy to see him return back to Zombies and also change up his color pallette. The cinematography looked great. I think this will be a really unique step forward.

Trailer was awesome. Looks like this could be the best Snyder movie since Watchmen.

A far different movie than I had been expecting, with evolved zombies that look awesome and remind of George Romero's smart zombies. And it looks like animals aren't immune in this world!

#ArmyOfTheDead Trailer was Absolutely Insane. The idea of Zombie's developing an animalistic tribe mentality is absolutely Bonkers!!!!

What we know so far about the zombies from Zack Snyder's ARMY OF THE DEAD:

- According to the cast, they're unlike anything we've seen before
- They're fast and agile
- Rumored to be intelligent
- and the virus origins are tied to AREA 51!

#ArmyOfTheDead is expanding zombie lore by adding a new type called "Alphas" with a level of consciousness.

"I want the audience to get a chance at having sympathy"- @ZackSnyder 

I’ve liked less than half of Snyder’s movies, but one of the ones I liked was not only one of the best remakes ever, but one of the best zombie films ever. I’m guessing this will be more eye candy fun with gore than serious horror, but I’m down either way.

Fun isn't his preference, it'll be balls to the wall insane. There’s a cartoon zombie tiger. I genuinely hope that’s just meant to be fun.

I can’t believe it has taken this long for Snyder to return back to his horror roots!! Very excited to see what he does with this.

Snyder on working with Netflix: There are no other cuts of the movie. I didn't have to fight them. It was the opposite. #ArmyoftheDead 

"You don't have to see the bastardized version." You get to just see the awesome version first.

Amazing that we sense relief for a talented filmmaker being treated as such. That's the depths of Warner Bros and how they operate.

Zack is getting so much love and respect from Netflix. They never doubted him unlike the other studio. Truly powerful! 

As it should be Zack. As it should be. Happy for you Mr Snyder. Trust in the directors vision. Executive's aren't hired to do a director's job.

Because they believe in his vision and doesn’t doubt or question him. Warner Bros sabotaged Zack starting with Batman VS Superman. So much for being a “director-driven” studio.

So awesome there are studios that give artists full creative freedom.. what a concept.

Legendary moment. He may be controversial but I have loved zack snyder as a director. Love how Zack is subtly dissing WB and Joss Whedon without naming names. That is some serious shade thrown at Warner Bros. 

And I loved reading. 

Zack is key to the success of DC movies. It’s time to get rid of the old guard of execs, who won’t let creativity and imagination thrive...leading to less $$$ for them. Army of the Dead could have easily been theirs.

Yet a portion of the fanbase wants him to remain at Warner Bros, a studio that doesn't want to continue his vision, so he keeps being screwed. 

Fighting for more Snyder DC films is not worth it because he will have to deal with the same studio that butchered Justice League back in 2017.

I love when zombies have personality, which is something George Romero was so good at. One zombie from the trailer of #ArmyoftheDead looks to be a sort of Queen-like leader, a true Vegas Zombie ruling over the wasteland. Interesting to see Snyder picking up the "smart zombies" baton from Romero. 

Athena Perample plays the zombie queen in #ArmyOfTheDead and it is so on brand and not at all surprising that, the second she popped up in the trailer, I knew she'd be my favorite character... 

Richard Cetrone (@300StuntMan) who you probably know as Ben Affleck's Batman stunt double, is playing Zeus in Army Of The Dead.

Can we also take a moment to appreciate how flawless Tig Notaro's addition to ARMY OF THE DEAD is?

Tig Notaro was brought in to replace Chris D'Elia, however due to the pandemic, they filmed all her work on green screen. She never actually interacted with the cast.

This is just a reminder, the way Netflix is promoting and hyping up #ArmyOfTheDead is pretty normal. The way @WarnerMedia is handling the #SnyderCut is the very strange psychotic like behavior.

It’s so ridiculous that when you tell someone out of this circle they won’t even believe you lmfao.

Well we are still trying to make sense out of it and we have a good understanding of their bullshit politics.

#ArmyOfTheDead, which reportedly sat in development hell at WB for 10 years before Netflix bought it, has a $90 million budget, just $20 million more than what was spent to finish ZSJL, 3 years after spending $300 million on the 2017 disaster.

You can't make this stuff up. 

One of life's small pleasures is how WB manages to look dumber with every passing day.

We will always keep fighting to #RestoreTheSnyderVerse but if WB never work with Zack again, that's their loss. Im just so happy Zack has found a home at @netflix where he can roam creatively free. He has fought too many battles with WB. Long live the #ArmyOfTheDead 

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