Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Tatak Maligno: Provoking the public for clout

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The DeDeEs especially the propagandists including Sarifvck and Maligno shall be held responsible for the COVID deaths with their copy paste propaganda and their lies and deception against the People. They will pay for this.

A video of a Maligno attacking medical frontliners is circulating. She knows what she's doing. We know for a fact that she's part of this incompetent government's way of distracting us from what's really happening. As I always say, let's not give her that power. Push her to oblivion!

Maligno really said na ang kakapal ng mukha ng mga medical frontliners na manguna sa bakuna eh wala naman daw ambag. 

Instead na ambag, why not enough salary and hazzard pay ang hanapin nya? kung sa ambag lang sobra sobra na sila, pero sa sahod? 

Saan kumukuha ng kapal ng mukha 'tong panget na 'to??? Bakit feel na feel niya maganda siya mukha siyang tipaklong no offense to grasshoppers ha.

Bwisit siya. Try niya kaya magsuot ng PPE ng ilang oras? Walang kain, walang CR breaks. Dapat lang na sila unahin for all that they do. Siya, chaka na nga itsura, chaka pa lumalabas sa bunganga.

If there's anything the Maligno wants to do, it is to gaslight people. Let us all learn to ignore her prepubescent tantrums, and understand that this is just another aspect of the government's desperate form of diversion. Clearly, she is misinformed and I feel nothing but pity.

Wala na ba si Mo/cha as poster girl ng demonyo kaya si Ja/Maligno na? Jusko, I won't even compare her to Lilith because it's going to be an insult to the First Wife.

That maligno girl must be getting paid a lot for her to parade her lunacy. Imagine your hustle is so effortlessly simple- be an utter idiot to the public?? That or she's fucking Mang Kanor. Now they share the same impudence.

Sobrang kupal ng babae na ‘to. Attention seeker. Lumiit na ng lumiit ang utak. Does she remember the ‘Medical frontliners’ na namatay with this pandemic just to serve our country. Sana kunin na nila si Maligno. Puñeta.

The worst thing about J/am Maligno is the fact that she’s using the implemented government programs card like as if it’s a gift from the authorities.

Hindi po namin utang na loob sa gobyerno yang bakuna, security, healthcare and quality health facilities. responsibilidad nila yan.

Jam "Maligno" Magno has the audacity to call it clout! when creators sharing their bad experiences for the awareness. Those creators who speak up got molested by their managers and u telling us na for clout yon? Putcha sana ayos ka pa, kasi kawawa yung anak mo sa iyo.

At this point, 100% sure sinasadya na lang nung maligno maging bobo at tanga sa tiktok, to spew hate and to distract people from the real things that matter: 15B philhealth funds, turtle’s health, utang ng PH, vaccines, ayuda, and so much more. Don’t give her the platform!

How much more out-of-touch can this maligno woman get?? While she sits in front of her camera filming trash tiktok contents, HCWs are getting exhausted from doing their jobs. You don't deserve a decent internet connection, honey.

Let's not give the Maligno the attention, traction and reach. She's a vitriol of a human being. Not worth of any energy. Not worth of any amount of air if you ask me.

Dapat kasi di na dinadala sa Twitter yung mga content niya. Pinapasikat pa eh. Iwanan na lang sa Tiktok yung video. Report and block na lang. ALWAYS.

Bakit kasi binalik pa ang TikTok account niya. Lol. Sana mawalan na siya ng platform at wala naman siya naiaambag. Lol!

Personally, kahit may videos siya, hindi ko na pinapanood kasi alam kong BS lang mga sasabihin niya.

Let’s not share/retweet any Maligno content please. Don’t give her the attention she wants para maliit lang sahod nya sa akinse.

Sometimes you gotta stop and think is she really serious like no one can be THAT arrogant and then you realise some people are just like that....

Or she's being paid to do it and is really being used for distraction. I mean, its too obvious. Lumalabas mga videos niya kapag may importanteng issue against the gov't. EVERY TIME. So, di ako sure why people are giving her attention in all honesty.
Again, let us ignore the maligno (and the trolls) and be aware of their tactics: trigger the public as they act as distraction.

Jam Magno is the very reason why people become more problematic with how they view the current situation. Her audacity to cause chaos isn't a worthy cause to spend your energy with. She isn't relevant and she has no good things to say. Don't mind her. Just don't.

Pero in a sense, kung makakausap nang maayos more on educating dapat tayo kasi pahina na nang pahina ang kalaban kaya ganon na sila ka-desperado to use state-funded influncers like her!

This is just f*cking disgusting! Imagine frontliners' are at every part of the Philippines carrying out their duties in fighting the damn pandemic, then this maligno would just spew bullshit.

FYI, the vaccine is a right and not a gift from the government. You don't owe the government for being vaccinated. 

Do not let the bitch and the evil cohorts win.

She provokes the public for clout. Tatak Maligno.

In some religions, the more you speak of the Devil's name the more they get powerful.

It's a good lesson on the topic of state-funded influencers. Learn to disengage, block, and uphold our democratic right to protest!

Blocking Jam Maligno is not enough. Report the account. Parang ginawa natin kay Mocha before. Come on let's finish this night with a smile. Not a Duterte can ruin our night and again don't forget to Pray Harder naway kunin na siya.

You're gonna have a special place reserved just for you in hell, Ms. Maligno.

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